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Extreme Censorship By U.S. Military

The U.S. military now resorts to false arrests and imprisonment of journalists so as to censor their atrocious criminal actions.

Bilal, 36, was arrested on 12 April 2006 by foreign forces Ramadi Iraq (110 km west of Baghdad) after invading U.S. forces entered his home in order to hijack his home and turn it into a temporary observation post. How would you the average U.S. citizen appreciate Iraqi soldiers turning their homes into “temporary observation posts”?

Bilal, who like many other Iraqi’s was unfortunate enough to have the same last name as the dictator the CIA placed in Iraq before the U.S. military illegally invaded the oil producing Nation. Our government has held Bilal for more than a year and a half without so much as even charging him with any crime. The U.S. government says however, that new evidence has emerged. Independent investigations into Bilal reveal that he was simply a good news photographer.

When the truth becomes so dangerous that our government must throw photographers in jail for recording it, how should one treat such a government?

Is a photographer who is simply taking pictures of what our government is doing out in the public committing a crime? Are pictures exposing the crimes committed by our government “convincing and irrefutable evidence” that a photographer “is a threat to stability and security of Iraq”? Bilal apparently took pictures of Iraqi freedom fighters and this got the invasion forces angry. What exactly is our government trying to hide? Are we the U.S.A. advocating the arrest and detention of people for years without any charges or trial? Is this not one of he reasons criminals in our government gave to justify invading the Nation of Iraq?

Should we the people of a nation that is meant to reflect liberty, freedom and justice for all put up with such outrageous behavior by our own government and military?

The overt and blatant disregard for the most elementary forms of justice and due process under the law by the U.S. government is astonishing. The censored reporting in the U.S. of this outrageous behavior by our government, would be equally as astonishing if we were not aware that five corporations control all the major media channels, all connected to the same oligarchy that controls our government from afar. How much longer however do we need to put up with this nonsense?

False arrests, without any probable cause, without evidence or proof of any wrongdoing other than documenting the truth are now common place in the U.S. governed Iraq. Perhaps, the only question remaining, is how soon these practices will be brought back to the U.S. by our out of control government for use on U.S. citizens?

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