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LAW - Void Orders

An order made without any authority at law is a void order.  Neither a preponderance of time nor any Judicial ruling can make a void order or amendment lawful.  What is void is void on it's face, a nullity that will never have any lawful force or effect.

'A void judgment [or Order/Article/Amendment] is, in legal effect, no judgment. By it no rights are divested. From it no rights can be obtained. Being worthless in itself, all proceedings founded upon it are equally worthless. It neither binds nor bars any one.' [Citation.]" ( Bennett v. Wilson (1898) 122 Cal. 509, 513-514 [55 P. 390].) (Ibid)

The 9th Amendment, for example voids the Patriot Act.  The 9th is higher law and dictates that your rights may not diminish.  When the government tries to pass a law like the Patriot Act which literally takes the construct of "innocent until proven guilty" to "guilty without the right to prove innocence" their new law is no law at all since it diminishes your rights, and by the 9th it is void.  By enacting the Patriot Act and enforcing it the government commits high treason.

Similarly the 2nd Amendment prohibits the government for trying to prevent you from possessing/baring any type of weapon what so ever.  Read also the commentary on the 11th Amendment and the 16th Unratified Amendment which makes most of the 33,000 taxing bodies in the U.S. unlawful.

There is a large body of law which leaves no ambiguity regarding Void Judgments/Orders/Articles/Amendments having absolutely no authority or force, a collection is found here: Law of Voids

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