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Allodial Title

Allodial - "Free; not holden of any lord or superior; owned without obligation of vassalage or fealty; the opposite of feudal."

Allodial Title is the heart and sole of the construct of the United States of America.  This is how you hold title to your land, free and clear of any taxes or encumbrances.  The government cannot come onto your land, you are sovereign on your land.  Imagine owning land where you knew, if all went wrong, you could at least go and grow vegetables and survive - this is what the USA is meant to be.

Following the fraud of the Federal Reserve Banking Act and the owners of that bank causing World War One and the Great Depression and the bankruptcy of the USA, banksters deceptively eliminated Allodial title and the heart of the USA was torn out.

It comes as a shock when you realize that you do not own what you thought you owned.
Go to the Bureau of Land Management to find out who owns your land.

In the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary war, the American people were given their lands in "Allodial Title".  Citizens owned all the property free and clear.  At some point the U.S. government returned the country to the feudal system of property ownership, forcing an obligation to pay duties / tax.

The CopperCards County Cleanup Program could bring you back Allodial Title.


State of Nevada Allodial Title Program

Nevada has a formal program for the establishment of Allodial Title (we have been informed that Nevada may have now eliminated the process!).

Allodial Title was reinitiated into Nevad in 1997 when the legislature passed a bill that authorized the Allodial Title Program. The Allodial Title Program allowed payment of taxes on real property in advance and set up a situation where ultimately the property would not experience any tax debt. A fund would be created from the income.

Got to and search under the legislative branch

The Nevada Treasurer Lists the Allodial Program As Follows

NRS 361.905 Duties of state treasurer and county assessor upon issuance of certificate; payment of taxes; deficiencies.

1. Immediately upon the issuance of a certificate of allodial title, the state treasurer shall transmit a copy of the certificate to the county assessor of the county in which the property is located.

2. Upon receipt of such a certificate, the county assessor shall make a notation on the tax roll and collect no further taxes from the allodial titleholder for the property, unless the allodial title is relinquished by the homeowner or his heirs.

The Nevada program charges a $25 application fee and 5% of the value of the property for establishing and recording Allodial Title on personal single family residences.  While the program has some dubious principles for inheritance and transfer with automatic relinquishing of Allodial Title under certain inheritance or transfer events, the important factor is to recognize that at least one State is recognizing the fact of and right to Allodial Title.


4. If allodial title has been established and not relinquished, the exemption provided in subsection 1 extends to process to enforce the payment of obligations contracted for the purchase of the property, and for improvements made thereon, including any mechanic’s lien lawfully obtained, and for legal taxes levied by a state or local government, and for:

(a) Any mortgage or deed of trust thereon; and

(b) Any lien even if prior consent has been given through the acceptance of property subject to any recorded declaration of restrictions, deed restriction, restrictive covenant or equitable servitude, specifically including any lien in favor of an association pursuant to NRS 116.3116 or 117.070,

Ê unless a waiver for the specific obligation to which the judgment relates has been executed by all allodial titleholders of the property.

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