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Department Of Justice Report Places U.S.A. as Worlds Worst Prison State – Seven Million+ Sentenced. The U.S. Constitution Is Dead & U.S. Concentration Camps Ready.

The numbers are staggering, the facts chilling. According to official DOJ statistics, by 2004 the U.S. had already taken a leadership position as the Worlds Worst Prison State. DOJ reports more than seven million people in the U.S. were serving sentences by 2004, that’s ten times more than any other nation in the world and more than those jailed in all the other nations combined according to the International Centre for Prison Studies.

Source Data: and World Prison Population List (sixth edition), International Centre for Prison Studies: 

The detailed DOJ reports break down the number of people sentenced in the U.S. into the categories of jail, prison and probation which is not the case in the World Prison Population List (sixth edition) from the International Centre for Prison Studies at According to the report from the U.S. Department of Justice: "In 2004, nearly 7 million people were on probation, in jail or prison, or on parole at yearend 2004 -- 3.2% of all U.S. adult residents or 1 in every 31 adults." - 

On these numbers alone, every judge, police officer / sheriff and DA across the nation should be fired and our representatives put in the jails they built.

U.S. Courts for years now, have abandoned the laws of the U.S. Common Law, which forms the underlying law to the Constitution, requires that every charge filed against a person contain the three mandatory elements of a crime: Intent, Act and Damage. Also known for in their Latin names as: MENS REA - willful intent, actus reus - act or crime, CORPUS DELICTI - body of the crime, the actual damage. Today, judges all but ignore the law and they throw people in jail for so-called “pre-crime” crimes. There is no damage, no Corpus Delecti or intent, in 90% of the cases filed against citizens.

By law, the government also needs to have what is called a Verified Criminal Complaint for every charge. That is, a real person involved in the crime, and not the government, needs to file charges. The DA can’t simply make up charges and file them against a person. But that’s exactly what they are doing. Then they black-mail their victims with plea-bargain offers to drop most of the charges if the person admits guilt to some of the bogus allegations. In this way they have circumvent constitutionally mandated processes protecting citizens allowing the government to throw massive amounts of people who haven’t committed any crime in prison. The prison industry is now the fastest growing industry in the U.S. Check out a Liberty For Life Associated Co.

Worse, the Patriot Act takes so-called law to a step not even Hitler and Stalin tried to put in law: “Guilty without any right to prove innocence”. After telling us they needed the Patriot Act for fictitious foreign terrorists, the government quietly started applying it to U.S. citizens.

The U.S. can today be compared to Stalin’s era in Russia, or Hitler’s Nazi era in Germany. We are already conducting massive invasions of other nations. Are we also on the verge of mass extermination of U.S. citizens? Clearly everything is lined up to do just that:

As chilling is the fact that we have confirmation from Halliburton and many other sources that the government has already built concentration camps all across the U.S. (See the ICE project reported on the Halliburton’s Official Press Release at  or U.S. Concentration Camps on the site).

This massive build up of Concentration Camps inside the U.S. is further confirmed by Senators, the frightening Military Commissions Actand the “Civilian Inmate Labor Program” Army Regulation 210–35. Some of the camps such as the one in Marion County, Indianapolis, even contain advanced air tight gassing faculties and ovens! They are all sitting empty while the government spends millions of dollars upgrading and preparing the facilities for some imminent event:

Word from insiders, is that Bush/Cheney are preparing for their next False Flag / 911 event in which they will detonate an atomic device and blame Iran (Read about mainstream media’s quiet censorship of the missing U.S. nukes). The next 9/11 will be followed up with an Iraqi like invasion of Iran and the declaration of Martial Law in the U.S.. Just as frightening, the government has already lined up laws that completely eliminate the U.S. Constitution:

In 2006, our government put the final steps on laws (H.R.5122 ), to eliminate the U.S. Constitution when they eliminated a key protection for U.S. citizens, the Posse Comitatus Act. Since 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act abolished the use of the U.S. military against our own citizens. This Act which protected citizens through WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Korean War and the Great Depression, is considered by the current administration as unnecessary and a hindrance to the government's ability to prosecute inside the U.S. Judicially Appointed President Bush can right now, at the drop of a hat, declare Martial Law in the U.S. and abolish the Constitution.

As early as 1982, in a FEMA memo by John Brinkerhoff to FEMA agency director Louis Giuffrida, Brinkerhoff noted that Martial Law "suspends all prior existing laws, functions, systems, and programs of civil government, replacing them... with a military system." And that’s exactly what they now have. FEMA runs the Concentration Camps. Our great U.S. Constitution is already defunct.

Today, the situation in the U.S. is so extraordinarily out of control that if we wait for the next election it’s most likely going to be too late. Regardless, the vote count in the U.S. is completely rigged. Citizens need to act today.

Clearly one cannot rely on representatives in Washington, they are the problem. And the Attorney General is one of them. And Bush’s new nomination is even murkier than the last two. The government is not going to hold themselves accountable.

Those in our military and government who respect our Constitution need to go on a general strike. Citizen initiated Grand Juries need to be formed to indict judges, sheriffs and DA’s who do not follow the Constitution and the war criminals in Washington.

If the government files charges against you, and you accept a plea-bargain without demanding and going through your constitutionally guaranteed right to a trial by jury, you put ten other citizens in jail with you. You are worse than a snitch.

The root to may of our problems can be traced to the private ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank. Immediately after and as a consequence of it’s formation, we went into World War I and have been pulled through a hundred years of hell as a consequence.

We need to immediately arrest these criminals who have stolen our world and Nation and put them in the jails they built for us.

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