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Identity Documents

When comparing the interaction between people in a city to that of a small town, one realizes that people are generally much more polite to each other in small towns. That is because the people know they will see each other again.  In a small town if you flip someone off at the traffic light, there is a good chance you will bump into them later at the supermarket or in church or at someone's party.  Consequentially, people generally treat each other better in small towns, or at least they respect each other more.  Small town are places 'where everyone knows your name'.

The question we ask is whether Identity Documents actually provide any 'small town benefit".  While Identity Documents expose your name, they also eliminate your privacy.  It is relatively easy to forge ID documents, so criminals and spies generally have ways to get around the ID issue, negating it's benefit there.  Ironically arguments made by governments relating to the need for Identity Documents generally go along the line of the need to police and control the populous.  Identity Documentation is generally enforced by regimes who are at war. The predominant use of ID documents by the government is to mug the public with petty fines.  More interesting uses of ID documents and centralized databases is reflected by our founders experience:

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