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One of the problems of understanding & measuring radiation is that firstly there are different types of radiation from many different types of radioactive poisons called "isotopes", and secondly, the biological damage caused, varies based on the type & length of exposure to radioactive waste.
See also The Real Impact of Radiation

Nuclear Power Plant Fission: In nuclear fission, atoms are split generating enormous amounts of energy. When uranium-235 absorbs a neutron, fission occurs, as it blasts apart to produce two smaller nuclei isotopes along with several neutrons and a great amount of energy. As the neutrons fly out of the one atom, slamming into other atoms around it, the process is repeated, and a chain reaction is produced; fission continues and the neutrons emitted continue to bombard more uranium-235 nuclei & release more energy & neutrons. Heat from the reaction is used to boil water, which expands into steam and drives turbines, producing electricity.

nuclea power plantIsotopes of elements having atomic numbers greater than 80 are capable of undergoing fission, enriched Uranium-235, is typically used in Nuclear Power plants. For atomic bombs plutonium & other mixed elements are be used.

Nuclear Fusion: Fusion occurs in stars, such as the sun and in cold fusion, when two or more lighter atoms are fused into a larger one. The energy released by fusion is three to four times greater than the energy released by fission. As with all the other  free-energy technologies, cold fusion is eliminated & censored by the Freemason Gang & their criminal BAR Association Judges. Hydrogen bombs use a fission reaction to "trigger" a fusion reaction.

Atoms are not all stable: When the number of protons, neutrons & electrons in an atom are not balanced, the atom is unstable & releases energy. Excess energy contained in an unstable atom, is released as both energetic particles and waves or "rays". Called Alpha, Beta & Gama radiation, in addition to Neutron & neutrino radiation. The Alpha & Beta particle based radiation, causes significant & violent damage over short distances, while the Gama radiation rays are capable of crossing vast spaces of the universe, & causing damage across intra-stellar distances.radiation impact

The Sun emits an enormous amount of radiation, fortunately, the moisture in our atmosphere (water), blocks out the dangerous gamma rays from the sun.

The fission process in a nuclear reactor, when the nuclear fuel is burned, releases many of the different types of radiation & radioactive waste particles. Neutron radiation from the reaction impacts anything in the reactor & the surrounding walls of the reactor, or everything else, if they are not contained, and they cause other elements to become unstable radioactive isotopes.

Isotopes are atoms having the same number of protons (which defines the element), but a different number of neutrons, which makes them unstable and emit Ionizing radiation. It is also possible to knock protons out of an atomic element & literally change the element. Yes, you can turn mercury or lead into gold, alchemy is indeed possible (more on that later).

The ionizing radiation, has enough energy to remove electrons, neutrons & protons from atoms. It can also easily cause damage by breaking chemical bonds between atoms & molecules. Not all radiation is ionizing, light & radio waves are not ionizing, but they can also cause cellular damage on the molecular level, like sun burn.


Atomic number - The number of protons in the nucleus of the atom. 

Since the protons are positively charged, enough negatively charged electrons are collected around the nucleus, to neutralize or charge balance the atom. These protons and electrons give the atom its unique chemical nature. 

Atomic mass - The sum of the weights of both the neutrons and the protons in the atom. 

Electron - A small negatively charged particle that surrounds the nucleus, with a mass about 1/1800 that of the proton . Beta particles are energetic electrons ejected from a radioactive nucleus.

Element - the most basic physical substance, composed of all the same type of atoms. Each atom will have the same number of protons. The number of neutrons can differ.

Isotope - Atoms with the same number of protons, but differing in the number of neutrons present in the nucleus. 

Most elements have more than one isotope. An isotope is basically an unstable element, with varying degrees of "instability", giving off an extraordinary amount of "energy" which tends to destroy living things...

The morass of isotopes produced from Nuclear Power Plants is quite extraordinary. We don't understand the impact of many isotopes, other than the simple fact that they are extraordinarily harmful.

Idiots should be prevented from brewing a broth that messes up the world. To pollute your neighbors space is, simply not acceptable. The shocking reality of "Fuck-you-shima" is revealed when you realize the "President" of Japan ordered the Dia-atchi plant to stop spraying cooling sea water on the out of control Fukushima reactors. How the hell did this idiot know what to do? Did the imbecile of a President have any level of competence, or any engineering qualifications whatsoever to issue such an order? What was really going on, was obviously the moronic Masonic perspective of "Under"standing & obeying orders in their gang hierarchy. Blind obedience, without any clue whatsoever, as to what they are inflicting on every living organism on the planet.

The Freemason Illuminatzi are pushing the concept that Earth is over populated. Consequentially, these dimwitted fools are killing everything following the "orders" of manic Masonic morons. These indoctrinated idiots, who respect "secrets" they know nothing about, are not only destroying civilization, they are destroying life on the planet.

Neutron - An electrically neutral particle found in the nucleus with a mass almost that of the proton. In the fission process, neutrons are liberated (& mess up the planet).

Nucleus - The densely packed kernel of the atom containing protons and neutrons. The diameter of the nucleus is 100,000 to 200,000 times smaller than the whole atom.

Photon - The smallest unit of light. The photon is often described as a electromagnetic wave or wave packet. Light photons from red to blue in the visible spectrum have increasing energy. X-rays and gamma rays are energetic photons with thousands to millions of times the energy of light photons.

Proton - An electrically positive particle found in the nucleus of the atom. Each proton is balanced by the charge of an electron surrounding the nucleus. The electrically neutral atom has the same number of negative electrons as positive protons.

Types of ionizing radiation include: Alpha, Beta, Gama & Neutron Radiation:


The alpha particle is the heaviest radiation particle. It is produced when the heaviest elements decay. Alpha and beta rays are not waves. They are high-energy particles that are expelled from unstable nuclei.

Alpha particles consist of two protons and two neutrons bound together like a helium nucleus — these are large particles that can do lots of damage, but only over short distances.

In the case of alpha radiation, the energized helium-atom particles are violently expelled from the radioactive nucleus of an unstable atom at a speed of 16,000 kilometers per second, around a tenth the speed of light.

The alpha particles is relatively large and heavy, with kinetic energy of 5Mev and their mass is 4u=4*1.66*10^-27kg. Because of their relatively large size, alpha radiation does not penetrate deeply into matter, its energy is absorbed into the immediate surroundings. A sheet of paper or a 3-cm layer of air is sufficient to stop alpha particles. Its energy is transferred within a short distance to the surrounding materials.

However, the alpha particles short flight knocks about 450,000 electrons out of the surrounding atoms.

The alpha particle emitter will not penetrate the outer layer of our skin, but is dangerous if inhaled or swallowed. The delicate internal workings of the living cell forming the lining of the lungs or internal organs, most certainly will be changed (mutated) or killed outright by the energetic alpha particle as these particles pass through or lodge in our bodies.

The number of lung cancer cases among uranium miners from inhaled and ingested alpha sources, is much higher than those of the public at large. Radon, the gas produced by the decay of radium-226, also emits alpha particles, which poses a hazard to lungs and airways when inhaled. Homes built in areas with high ground radioactivity should be tested for radon buildup in enclosed basement spaces.


Beta radiation is made up of electrons, & much lighter than the Alpha energy particles. Beta rays can travel longer distances in air and tissue than alpha particles

The beta particle is an energetic electron given off by the nucleus of unstable atomic isotope to restore the energy balance in the isotope. They leave the nucleus at a speed of 270,000 kilometers per second.

Each encounter with a living cell, and there may be many billions, before the beta energy is dissipated from a radioactive isotope, is likely to damage some of the chemical links between the living molecules of a cell, or cause some permanent genetic change in the cell nucleus. If a persons genitals (ovaries or testicles), are damaged by beta radiation, the damage can pass on as horrific mutations to a child conceived during or after radiation exposure. The rapidly dividing cells of children are particularly vulnerable to radiation .

Beta radiation can be stopped by for example an aluminum sheet a few millimeters thick or by 3 meters of air. Beta particles are around 8,000 times smaller than the alpha particle, & capable of penetrating much deeper into living matter.


Gama rays ("X-rays") are electromagnetic radiation similar to light, however, they have far greater energy and one of the highest frequencies and smallest wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Gama rays are energetic photons similar to "light waves", however, they are orders of magnitude more harmful than sunlight or what a light-bulb produces. As a gamma ray passes through living cells, it transfers its energy into & damages the cells.

Depending on the distance from the radiation source, anywhere from five centimeters of lead or two and a half meters of concrete are necessary to stop gamma rays.

Faster than light: Gama rays have been observed being emitted from Galaxy IC 310 at five times the speed of light. On earth however, they are generally measured as traveling at the speed of light. As with the sometimes fast neutrinos observed being emitted with Beta radiation, the high-speed of gamma radiation coming out of IC 310, may well be caused by the vortex spin of a black hole/galaxy.

Our lack of understanding illustrates what appears to be a censored science we "Useless Eaters" are not "ready for" according to our "Useless Freemason & Jesuit Administrators". Freemasons are used to censor what they claim mankind is not ready for, while at the same time they are used to administer the stupidity in State curriculum, mind controlling drugs in our food, air and toothpaste and the typical Freemason owned mainstream media hypnosis & lies.


Neutron radiation, consists of free neutrons which are released during fission, but not usually through radioactive decay. The neutrons blast away at atoms knocking out more neutrons, protons & electrons from the atoms they hit.

Neutron radiation is capable of knocking out protons from the nucleolus of atoms, transmuting the atom into another element.

Gold From Mercury or Lead?Fukushima corum

Yes, you guessed it, alchemy is not a myth, it is indeed possible to make gold out of lead or mercury. Gold, as number 79 on the periodic table, proceeds number 80 which is mercury. The mercury atom has one more proton in its nucleus, and the corresponding electron in the outer F shell orbit. Blast a neutron through the eighty electron orbits, and electric field, that surrounds the mercury nucleus, & you transmute the mercury into gold.

The naturally occurring mercury isotope, Hg-196, which has 80 protons & 116 neutrons in its nucleus is ideal; the irradiated neutron is captured into the mercury nucleus, turning Hg-196 into unstable Hg-197, with 80 protons and 117 neutrons. In about 64 hours, the Hg-197 decays, an electron from a low-hanging orbital shell combines it with one of the protons, to make a neutron, and it emits a neutrino, leaving 79 protons & 118 neutrons, otherwise known as Ag-197, Gold. This is how elements in the universe are created, the work of stars & suns.

Way back in 1924 in an early experiment with nuclear reactions, Professor Hantaro Nagaoka of Tokyo Imperial University, directed 150,000 volts of electricity at a mercury isotope under a dialectic layer of paraffin oil for four hours & converted it to gold. The Physical-Technical State Institute of Berlin carried out a similar experiment, as have many other scientists with particle accelerators, which regularly transmute elements [*]. In 1972 a Soviet physicists at a nuclear research facility near Lake Baikal in Siberia found the lead lining in their nuclear reactor turned into gold. In the image above, you can see gold corum, the molten metal from the reactor flowing out of the Fukushima Reactor 3 on 3/11/11.

In 1980, Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Glenn Seaborg, transmuted lead into gold. Did you know Nobel, who set up the Nobel Prize, made his money from making dynamite? Alchemy, however, was punishable by death by the English Crown, so the science has naturally not received that much publicity. Admittedly, the amount of energy employed in a particle accelerator tends to make the gold, a wee bit expensive, especially at the costs the power companies charge for electricity.

Neutrino & Antineutrino

In nuclear decay during beta particle emissions, a neutron decays into a proton, electron, and neutrino / antineutrino. Neutrinos & Antineutrinos, part of the lepton family of particles, are considered as neutral particles produced in nuclear beta decay. There is still debate amongst some physicists as to whether the neutrinos & antineutrino are perhaps not the same particle, and as to whether or not they have any weight (showing off mankind's still much limited knowledge - recognize it was not far back when the atom was considered the smallest particle made up of only itself). There are three types, or "flavors", of neutrinos: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos. Each type is associated with an antiparticle, called an "antineutrino", which also has neutral electric charge and half-integer spin.

Antineutrinos created in a nuclear reactor through beta decay, react with protons to produce neutrons and positrons, and thus offer the possibility of cold fusion, verses violent hot fission in Nuclear Power Plants. However, this too has been Gag-Ordered by filthy Freemason BAR Association judges along with the Jesuits, as it would eliminate the great expense necessary to produce electricity through dangerous Nuclear Power Plants, and bring free-energy into the reach of the common man & eliminate the need for Useless Administrators who refer to us all as Useless Eaters.

It is important to understand that we are living through the dawn of a New Renaissance & Second Reformation just like the last Renaissance & Reformation. Printing-Press technology is what triggered the last Renaissance & Reformation in that it circumvented the Roman Catholic Church's Jesuits tight control & censorship on access to knowledge. Before the invention of the printing-press people had to rely on Jesuit controlled universities to gain knowledge. Reproducing knowledge through printing books at costs the average person could afford, changed history & who controlled the future. Internet & Computers are what is triggering this New Renaissance & Second Reformation in that they are circumventing the Freemason Gangs tight control on access to knowledge. The two-faces of the Janus God of War are represented by the Freemason & Jesuit criminal Gangs. It is as grave a mistake to not understand exactly what organizations & which individuals belong to these criminal gangs, when setting out to destroy the destroyers of civilization and to free mankind from perpetual slavery. Just as at one time many Jesuits & Roman Catholics thought they were "gods gift to mankind" and many even had good intent, so too are many of the dimwitted Freemasons lead to believe they are "helping" mankind.

Many a Freemasons & Jesuits are fine individuals with exemplary morals, who are literally led to believe they are saving mankind, they often hold the true ideals of Peopleisim. The lower levels of these gangs are specifically utilized to run charities, and these charities serve as facades to cover up the crimes committed by the leaders of these Illuminatzi gangs.

Another intriguing element of these beta particle emissions, is that physicists keep announcing the observation of neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light, causing great constipation amongst the "religious" beliefs of some indoctrinated Physicists and Freemasons. However, none we know of on earth, have yet mastered the right to publish a verifiable experiment proving their observation. Freemasons control almost all the universities today, just as Jesuits did in the last dark-ages.

It should be noted that Gama Rays have reliably been been observed traveling at five times the speed of light, however, the source of that "experiment" was somewhat larger than we humans can at this stage build in our laboratories, Galaxy IC 310, a massive "black hole".

Einsteins greatest regret apparently was that he insisted that C was a constant. E = M x C^2 - energy equals mass times a constant squared, and that constant in the universe, Einstein said, was numerically equivalent to the speed of light, which he said had a maximum speed which nothing else could go faster than. & presto, we had the calculation from which to calculate energy from mass and visa versa, however, it did not quite explain where the universe originated from. Just as Catholics believe they learn everything in Mass, Freemasons who promoted Einstein & oppressed people like Tesla, had their religious incentive, to promote & worship "Lucifer" their angel of light.

Now we know there are things faster than light, gamma rays for sure, & probably neutrinos too. We also know many of the other civilizations in the universe are able to travel across the universe at speeds many orders of magnitude faster than light. Even NASA admits they are working on a faster than light space ship.

So C is not a Constant. What makes C faster? Balance & spin, "love" perhaps? Should the universe's equation instead look like this, representing "love/god" in spin:

L = E = M  x  {*}^(+L/-E)   x  (-e x p x N x n) x VmF

...... where the "{}" brackets surrounding the atom "*", represent the spin of the elements of an atom.  Elements spinning in harmony/balance in an atom, represent a stable atom. When some element, external to the atom listed as "(+L/-E)" & "(-e x p x N x n) x VmF", impact the atom, they influence the spin or imbalance of elements in the atom. The spin of elements in the atom, impact whether the atom "veers off course" and "goes faster" or slower, based on the balance or imbalance of elements spinning in the atom. The atom itself, or particles/rays being emitted from the atom, will also either move faster or slower depending on the balance or imbalance. The spin/movement of the particles/atoms, generates energy (heat), & can also lead to over-unity. Over-unity represents getting more out of something than what previously existed. Over-unity is the only way to explain the existence & expansion of the universe. The velocity, mass & Frequency "VmF" of particles/rays of -e (electrons), p (protons), N (neutrons) and n (neutrinos) hitting the atom (& the accuracy of how they hit the atom), will impact the outcome of imbalance and the spin of elements in the atom and the atom itself.

The external elements impacting an atom can be other atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos and can include "thought/love/spirit". Where our science is still immature is the impact of "thought" on an atom, its elements & on life in general.

Those of you who have read C's "The Origin of Everything" thesis, will already know what the +L implies and what the -E implies in the equation. Scientists have demonstrated that thought alone can change the crystal structure of water or the pH value of water. Some people can even bend metal, or make things jump, or project 240 volts on the wall. Some can generate a flame, simply from thought, and others can physically remove tumors & heal people with their personal mind power. Furthermore, there is the influence of spirits who are not in the physical form or frequency we are in. Clearly as humans, our power of "thought", is relatively immature & consistently oppressed, hypnotized & drugged by the Freemason & Jesuit Gangs.

People from other planets, and some of those living in this planet, have vastly more developed "thought", or "mind control" over matter, to the extent of being able to significantly manipulate atoms & elements around them. Some can walk through walls like we walk through air or swim through water. Some can jump dimensions (recognize the physical dimension around us is merely the frequency of what we perceive or feel in the matter around us interacting with the matter our soul is temporarily housed in. And also naturally, there is interaction with the spirits around us, however, if they are not home to a physical form in the dimension we are in, naturally their functions are significantly limited & different).

The Origin of Everything:
The Origins of Life, Energy, Matter and the Universe.  Cosmological, Theological & Philosophical Belief:

"Love manifests life, which overcomes enthalpy and entropy, manifesting order and energy, which manifests matter in time and space."
             - CLive. Live, Love Oppose Evil. Dedicated to Richard & William.

"+L" - Love, for lack of a better word, however, Love is the best word, with six meanings in Latin and six in Greek, the concept of "caring" a "positive" movement. Love is a force, not a "god". You can not pray to love, you can be love. Neither time nor space is needed for love to exist. Love is consciousness & care of life.

"-E" - For lack of a better word, Evil, represents self consciousness, greed, to take away & destroy. War is Evil. Interest on money made out of nothing, is Evil. Killing is Evil. Eating meat you killed or had killed is Evil (note the harm done to the cow or chicken when you buy their meat in a supermarket is far greater than if you had killed the cow or chicken yourself). Acting unfairly in judgment, is Evil. Splitting atoms in an uncontrolled fission and releasing deadly poisons into the atmosphere, is extraordinarily Evil.

The fundamental element of "thought" or "mind control" in regard to +L "Love" or -E "Evil" is quite simple. Consider the impact of a person who seeks to blow up, kill or harm something, the net result is the destruction of order, the breaking down or "under unity". Whereas the person who loves, who cares, builds, they create, taking what is less and making it more establishes "over unity", and grows also their soul. This we can say is our "spirit" or "soul". Recognize that Love & Evil are both forces, not deities. You can choose either. And thus, "May the force be with you", actually takes on a quantum physics perspective. May it be love.

Some nuclear physics experiments are so sensitive that operators impact the outcome & the experiment have to be carried out without any humans taught influence.

Just as there are individual atoms & molecules there are individual spirits. However, the beauty of the spirit is self consciousness, to recognize the impact of ones own spirit. To see the result of love by our own actions, or worse, to see the result of hate/evil of our own actions, and to be conscious of this. What we do is what our spirit is. Recognition of the science of reincarnation helps dispel the idea that our individuality is not individual. However what we do impacts all the other individuals around us, and consequentially we all are effectively one universe. Speak to any wise man or woman on their death bed, & ask them how they would have improved their lives, & they will invariably tell you that they would have loved more. Fortunately the physical form which tends to age, is left behind when we die, all that remains is what we did, how much we added to our soul though love, or what we took from our soul by doing evil.

As we finally understand some of what the Orion Grey's in the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) are involved in, in attempting to enslave or add spirits to bodies, or capture and hold spirits, perhaps then we will be getting closer to understanding the quantum of both life, physics & the spirit.

Forgive me for not spending more time on The Origin of Everything & Physics. There are surely elements that need correction and improvement in this section. So much of my time is wasted by Freemasons who endlessly persecute me, especially the BAR Association Judges & prosecutors, our governments "public servants". These criminals who serve their Lord Lucifer, the king of the Old World Order, that calls itself "New", are however finally being exposed for what they are.

The spinning vortex of a black hole, like IC 310, from which the 5x faster than light gamma rays are expelled, influences the speed & energy, and this is quite separate from the individual "ray", or is it? Just as mankind can influence the outcome of individual atoms. We physicists are playing "god". Either we love, or we are evil, we create or we destroy. The danger of radioactive Isotopes is however extreme & needs to be governed.

And the criminals, who we believe intentionally caused & have prolonged the Fukushima "accident", are destroying the planet. The Bilderberger Group Members and Illuminatzi who built the Georgia Guide Stones have made it quite clear, in writing that they intend to put a "Limit on Humanity" of 500 million. They are made up of Freemasons & Jesuits, who are controlled by a small band of psychotic Zionists loosely called the Illuminati, or as we prefer Illuminatzi.

From Benjamin Fulford's report: "Local news reports place the Chikyu drilling into the seabed off-shore from Sendai in the months before the March 11, 2011 Tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. Furthermore, multiple witnesses have come forth to testify that the Prime Minister Naoto Kan was seen inside the Japan Freemason headquarters building near Tokyo tower on the day before the 311 attack. He was being shown a map of Japan missing the Tohoku region where the tsunami it. The Israeli company Magna BSP was in charge of security at the Fukushima nuclear plant at the time. A Miyagi prefectural government official says employees of this company loaded plutonium into the plant against his will in the months before 311." source 1 - 1 -  2

We have a serious problem with leadership & governance on this planet. The planet is not over populated with humans. Simply fly from one major city to another & the swaths of open space are immediately evident. Earth is overpopulated with dimwitted ignorant Useless Administrators and greedy gangs of Freemasons & Jesuits who force the use of fossil & nuclear fuel. The State Curriculum, School, Licensing & Private Fiat-Money Banking systems & Secret Societies are a death knoll to entire Earth.

Governance needs to be balanced {}. There needs to be knowledge on all sides of the governmental equation. To have a government where one individual is President or King, ensures disaster. Put a professional politician in as President and you have disaster, put an accountant in as President and you have disaster, put a Freemason in as President and you have double disaster, put a preacher in as President and you have disaster. If you put an engineer or physicist in as President, who does not understand the need for finance, banking & care of society, you also have a disaster. The issue is that there never should be an individual as President, a King or any "atom" in charge of everything. Decisions need to be distributed amongst the competent. They need to be Democracy.

However, recognizing that the decision made by the masses, are generally simply "mediocrity", & not likely to advance civilization, but are simply likely to maintain the status quo. Intelligent decisions are made with love by people in the know, educated people. In other words, to make it work efficiently you need a Republican form of government, where the masses choose qualified leaders from amongst them to make the decision on their behalf. The masses choice of their spokesperson must however be as dynamic as possible. A four year, or even one year, election cycle, guarantees utter disaster. The representatives get voted in on lies, and it takes a whole four years to get the criminal out. Voting for representatives must be in real time - i.e. there must be the ability for the voter to immediately withdraw their vote at any time, & when the representative looses their majority, they no longer have any right to speak on behalf of voters they do not represent. Peopleisim provides yet another surety, when more than a quarter of the people vote on an issue, then the matter must be decided not by representatives, but by a majority vote of the people, true democracy.

You can not make an intelligent decision about an engineering issue, if you are not an engineer, and likewise in most domains. However, take note that our Freemason created curriculum, are designed to dumb down, to indoctrinate, to make a zombie like slave who undergoes initiation after initiation until the dimwit does whatever is demanded by the "higher order", a hierarchy that leads straight to hell. In other words many of the doctors of different disciplines are frankly indoctrinated, they are too close minded to be put in decision making positions.

They say "Ignorance is bliss", that is until the train hits you, or you step off the cliff, or you partner betrays you....

Forgive me for putting this political spin in a scientific document, however, we need to recognize that politics and physics represent different sides of the brackets in the origin of everything equation. Unless they are balanced we spin out of control.

Solar Fusion

Our Sun is effectively a massive nuclear fusion fireball (we assume). Fusion is the joining of two light nuclei to produce a heavier one. Mass is lost and a tremendous amount of energy is released (even more than the energy released in nuclear fission). Solar energy is a form of fusion energy. When two isotopes of hydrogen combine at very high temperatures, fusion occurs. The hydrogen protons are joined or stuck together in the “proton-proton fusion” of hydrogen into helium. To achieve fusion, it is necessary for protons to cross the barrier of the repulsive electric force between protons.

Every feature of the Sun as we observe it, tends to defy both the gravitational assumptions and the standard gas laws relating to pressure, density, temperature and relative motions of gases. The deepest observable surface of the Sun yields a temperature of about 6,000 degrees Kelvin. As we peer into the darker interior of sunspots we see cooler regions, not hotter.  At the bottom of the corona on the surface of the sun, the temperature jumps to almost 2 million degrees. Thus, the superheated shell of the Sun’s corona reverses the expected temperature gradient predicted by models of internal heating.

Sun's radiation does not even “respect” gravity, as the mass of charged particles expelled by the Sun's solar wind continues to accelerate beyond Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Solar prominences and coronal mass ejections do not obey gravity either. Nor does sunspot migration. Nor does the movement of the atmosphere on the sun, since the upper layers rotate faster than the lower, reversing the situation predicted by theory, while the equatorial atmosphere completes its rotation more rapidly than the atmosphere at higher latitudes, another reversal of predicted motions. If the Sun’s atmosphere were subject only to gravity and the hot surface, it should be only a few thousand kilometers thick instead of the hundred thousand kilometers or more than what we can measure.

More articles on cold-fusion will be found in the upcoming Free-Energy section on Liberty For Life.


Understanding big numbers. Around five million to a trillion atoms can fit in the head of a pin, depending on the type of atoms. The range of frequency in radiation effectively goes from zero to infinity, while the intensity of energy is as variable. Furthermore the "life" of a radioactive isotope ranges from a few seconds to billions of years. So we have to deal with large ranges of numbers. Understanding the unit representations is the first thing to grasp:

Multiples, Prefixes and their meanings used in conjunction with SI units:
Multiple Prefix Symbol
1012 tera T
109 giga G
106 mega M
103 kilo k
10-2 centi c
10-3 milli m
10-6 micro µ
10-9 nano n

Radiation Measurements

  Radioactivity Absorbed Dose Dose Equivalent Exposure
Common Units curie (Ci) rad rem roentgen (R)
SI Units becquerel (Bq) gray (Gy) sievert (Sv) coulomb/kilogram (C/kg)

Useful Conversion Factors:

1 curie = 3.7 x 10^10 (37 billion) disintegrations per second        
1 becquerel = 1 disintegration per second

1 millicurie (mCi)     =     37 megabecquerels (MBq)
1 rad     =     0.01 gray (Gy)
1 rem     =     0.01 sievert (Sv)
1 roentgen (R)     =     0.000258 coulomb/kilogram (C/kg)

1 megabecquerel (MBq)     =     0.027 millicuries (mCi)
1 gray (Gy)     =     100 rad
1 sievert (Sv)     =     100 rem
1 coulomb/kilogram (C/kg)     =     3,880 roentgens

Curie (Ci) 1Ci = 37 billion cps

1 mrem = 0.001 rem
1 mSv = 0.001 Sv
1 mSv = 1,000 µSv

All radiation is not the same. Equal absorbed doses of different kinds of radiation are not equally biologically dangerous. For example 1 rad of alpha radiation is as dangerous as 10 rad of X ray or gamma radiation when the alpha emitting isotope is internally absorbed into the body. And then there is the issue of exactly where the radioactive waste lands up in the body, whether in bone, fat, thyroid, stomach or brain, etc.

1 Sievert = 100 rems HOWEVER:
For gamma and beta radiation: 1 rad = 1 rem = 0.01 Sv
For alpha radiation: 1 rad = 20 rems = 0.2 Sv

Dose Equivalent measures the effectiveness of radiation
The U.S. uses rem and the International community uses Sievert (Sv)
Also referred to as the Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) of the radiation
  1 Sievert = 100 rems

A "rem" is the dose of radiation having the same biological effect as 1 rad of X-radiation.
rem = rad x RBE

Absorbed Dose measures the amount of energy deposited per unit mass of material
The U.S. uses rad and the international community uses Gray
  1 Gray = 100 rads

Sievert (Sv) 1Sv = 1Gray x QF, where QF is a "quality factor" based on the type of particle. 
I.e. particles which emit heavier doses & have long lives have a larger QF number.

The Changing "Official" Maximum Acceptable Radiation Dosages

In 1929 the National Council on Radiation Protection, who originally set the maximum doses allowed, was organized. They have constantly changed the "official" dosages maximums allowed, often to appease the Nuclear Industry. During this Fukushima attack on humanity, the maximum doses were simply ignored while the governments also simply turned off measurements or simply lied or did not report the measurements. Recognize that these radioactive particles emitted from Nuclear Power Plants & Atomic Weapons are NOT NATURAL and that NO dose is acceptable. Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs are UTTERLY unnecessary as are Nuclear Power Plants. The ONLY reason we have this never ending poisonous curse on earth is because the fucking Freemason Gang, their BAR Association Judges & the Illuminatzi governments & secret-societies refuse to allow mankind access to any of the many free-energy technologies.
Nominal background radiation absorbed dose of 100 mrad/year = 1 mGy/yr.
Nominal background radiation dose biological equivalent of 100mrem/year = 1mSv/yr.
Occupational whole body limit is 5 rem/yr = 50 mSv/yr. ( Recently proposed that levels be reduced to 2 rem/yr.)
2.5 mrem/hr or 25 uSv/hr is maximum average working level in industry.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Site Release and Dose Standards: 
Site release is based on some primary dose criterion. The primary dose criterion used by most nationalities and organizations is 100 mrem/yr (1 mSv/yr) from all practices (as recommended by ICRP Publication 60).

Radionuclide-specific activity concentrations are derived based on certain future use of the site (e.g., residential, industrial, recreational, controlled access) that correspond to the dose criterion.

The dose criterion used for exclusion and exemption is generally 1 mrem/yr (10 micro Sv/yr). Screening level activity concentrations are developed for exclusion or exemption (see for example ANSI/HPS N13.12-1999 and IAEA Safety Guide RS-G-1.7)

Deadly Radiation

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Calculation Methods

IAEA states "There is a lot of uncertainty in risk coefficients and dose-to-risk conversion factors."

Calculating Radiation Exposure For Inhalation and Ingestion [*]

Dose = Intake × Dose Conversion Factor (DCF)

Intake = Amount of radionuclide inhaled or ingested (Ci or Bq)

• For Inhalation:

Intake = (Concentration of radionuclide in air in Ci/ft3 or Bq/m3) × (breathing rate in ft3/s or m3/s) × (exposure duration in seconds)Dose Estimates for Inhalation\

Concentration of Radionuclide 1 in air = 10^5 Bq/m3
Breathing rate = 8,400 m3/yr = 2.7 × 10^-3 m3/s
Exposure duration = 2 hr = 7,200 s
Intake = (10^6 Bq/m3) × (2.7 × 10^-3 m3/s) × (7,200 s)  = 1.9 × 10^6 Bq
DCF for inhalation = 1 × 10^-10 Sv/Bq
Inhalation dose from Radionuclide 1 = (1.9 × 10^6 Bq) × (1 × 10^-10 Sv/Bq) = 1.9 × 10^-4 Sv

• For Ingestion:
Intake = (concentration of radionuclide in food or water in Ci/lb or Bq/kg) × (consumption rate of water or food in lb/day or kg/day) × (exposure duration in day)

Dose Estimates for Ingestion
Concentration of Radionuclide 2 in tomatoes = 10^3 Bq/kg
Consumption rate = 0.5 kg tomatoes/day
Exposure duration = 10 days
Intake = (10^3 Bq/kg) × (0.5 kg/d)*10 d = 5 × 10^3 Bq
DCF for ingestion = 5 × 10^-9 Sv/Bq
Ingestion dose from Radionuclide 2 = (5 × 10^3 Bq) × (5 × 10^-9 Sv/Bq) = 2.5 × 10^-5 Sv

Units are rem/Ci or Sv/Bq

DCF is obtained from literature (e.g., ICRP 26/30 or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Federal Guidance Report (FGR) No. 11) - DCFs can be organ-specific (e.g., lung, red bone marrow, bone surfaces, thyroid, gonads, breast) or whole body.

Calculating Radiation Exposure For External Exposure [*]

Average person breathes around 8 to 12 liters a per minute. During exercise it can rise to 150 liters/min with men & 120 l/m with women; top sportsmen breathe up to 240 liters/min. Around 14,000 liters if we are inactive, to around 25,000 liters per day with one hour's exercise. source

With 1,000 liters in a cubic meter, we breathe roughly between 15 m3 and 25 m3 per day, a median of 20 m3 per day.
Take the 15 m3 to 25 m3 and multiply it by the pCi in question for an estimate for potential exposure at each of the measured locations

Dose = Concentration × DCFe × exposure duration

Concentration = Concentration of radionuclide in exposed media
• Air: Ci/ft3 or Bq/m3
• Water: Ci/ft3 or Bq/m3
• Ground Surface: Ci/ft2 or Bq/m2
• Soil: Ci/ft3 or Bq/m3

Estimating External Exposure
Concentration of Radionuclide 1 on ground surface = 10^6 Bq/m2
Exposure duration = 10^5s
DCF = 1 × 10^-17 Sv/Bq s per m2
Dose from external exposure to Radionuclide 1 = (10^6 Bq/m2) × (10^5s) × (1 × 10^-17 Sv/Bq s m^-2) = 10^-6 Sv

Total Dose assuming the same individual is exposed to Radionuclide 1 through inhalation and external exposure and Radionuclide 2 through ingestion
Total Dose = 1.9 × 10^-4 Sv + 2.5 × 10^-5 Sv + 10^-6 Sv  = 2.16 × 10^-4 Sv

DCFe is obtained from literature (e.g., ICRP 26/30 or FGR No.12)  in units of
• Air: rem per Ci sec per ft3 or Sv per Bq s per m3
• Water: rem per Ci sec per ft3 or Sv per Bq s per m3
• Ground Surface: rem per Ci sec per ft2 or Sv per Bq s per m2
• Soil: rem per Ci sec per ft3 or Sv per Bq s per m3

1Bq/km3= Becquerels per cubic km of air * representing the concentration of radioactive material in air)
1 micro curie = 1 uCi = 37,000 Bq = 37,000 cps.
1 micro curie = 2.22 x 10E6 disintegrations / minute = 2,220,000 cpm.
1 nanocurie = 1 billionth of a curie = 2,220 disintegrations / minute.
1 picocurie = 2.2 disintegrations / min.


Common Units - SI - International Standard

Note: These are the common units used throughout the world in health physics.

Sievert (Sv) 1Sv = 1Gray x QF, where QF is a "quality factor" based on the type of particle. The sievert is a unit used to derive a quantity called equivalent dose. This relates the absorbed dose in human tissue to the effective biological damage of the radiation. Not all radiation has the same biological effect, even for the same amount of absorbed dose. Equivalent dose is often expressed in terms of millionths of a sievert, or micro-sievert. To determine equivalent dose (Sv), you multiply absorbed dose (Gy) by a quality factor (Q) that is unique to the type of incident radiation. One sievert is equivalent to 100 rem. For electrons, positrons, and xrays = 1 QF = 3 to 10 for neutrons, protons dependent upon the energy transferred by these heavier particles. QF = 20 for alpha particles and fission fragments.

Radiation workers may receive 0.1 Sv over 5 years.

As noted earlier in this article, before Fukushima the radiation worker exposure limit for emergency situations was 100 micro Sv, the government raised it to 250 micro Sv just after the accident. Some TEPCO employees received more than 600 micro Sv

1 Sv/h death in 4 hours.
5 Sv/h is instant death.
8 Sv/h is a 100% instant death.

Gray (Gy) - Gray (Gy) = 1 Joule/kg. The gray is a unit used to measure a quantity called absorbed dose. This relates to the amount of energy actually absorbed in some material, and is used for any type of radiation and any material. One gray is equal to one joule of energy deposited in one kg of a material. The unit gray can be used for any type of radiation, but it does not describe the biological effects of the different radiations. Absorbed dose is often expressed in terms of hundredths of a gray, or centi-grays. One gray is equivalent to 100 rads.

Becquerel (Bq) - 1Bq = 1 count per second = 1 event per second. The Becquerel is a unit used to measure a radioactivity. One Becquerel is that quantity of a radioactive material that will have 1 transformations in one second. Often radioactivity is expressed in larger units like: thousands (kBq), one millions (MBq) or even billions (GBq) of a becquerels. As a result of having one Becquerel being equal to one transformation per second, there are 3.7 x 1010 Bq in one curie.

Roentgen (R) The roentgen is a unit used to measure a quantity called exposure. The roentgen measures the energy produced by gamma radiation in a cubic centimeter of air. This can only be used to describe an amount of gamma and X-rays, and only in air. One roentgen is equal to depositing in dry air enough energy to cause 2.58E-4 coulombs per kg. It is a measure of the ionizations of the molecules in a mass of air. The main advantage of this unit is that it is easy to measure directly, but it is limited because it is only for deposition in air, and only for gamma and x rays.Rad (Radiation Absorbed Dose) Different materials that receive the same exposure may not absorb the same amount of energy. The rad is a unit used to measure a quantity called absorbed dose. This translates to the amount of energy actually absorbed in some material, and is used for any type of radiation and any material. One rad is defined as the absorption of 100 ergs per gram of material. One roentgen of gamma radiation exposure results in about one rad of absorbed dose. The unit rad can be used for any type of radiation, but it does not describe the biological effects of the different radiations.

Rem (Roentgen Equivalent Man) The rem is a unit used to derive a quantity called equivalent dose. This relates the absorbed dose in human tissue to the effective biological damage of the radiation. Not all radiation has the same biological effect, even for the same amount of absorbed dose. Equivalent dose is often expressed in terms of thousandths of a rem, or mrem. To determine equivalent dose (rem), you multiply absorbed dose (rad) by a quality factor (Q) that is unique to the type of incident radiation. For gamma rays and beta particles, 1 rad of exposure results in 1 rem of dose.

Curie (Ci) - 1Ci = 37 billion cps The curie is a unit used to measure a radioactivity. One curie is the number of particles per second from 1 gram of Radium = 3.7 x 10 E10 counts/second = 37 billion cps. = 37 billion Becquerel. Often radioactivity is expressed in smaller units like: thousandths (mCi), one millionths (uCi) or even billionths (nCi) of a curie. The relationship between becquerels and curies is: 3.7 x 1010 Bq in one curie.

1 micro curie = 1 uCi = 37,000 Bq = 37,000 cps.

1 micro curie = 2.22 x 10E6 disintegrations / minute = 2,220,000 cpm.

1 nanocurie = 1 billionth of a curie = 2,220 disintegrations / minute.

1 picocurie = 2.2 disintegrations / min.

Converting older units:

1 rad = 1 centigray = 10 milligrays ( 1 rad = 1cGy = 10 mGy )
1 rem = 1 centisievert = 10 millisieverts ( 1 rem = 1cSv = 10 mSv )
1 mrad = 10 uGy

Exposure rate from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM); an empirically derived conversion factor for Ra-226 decay series: 1.82 microR/ hour = 1 picoCurie/gram.

This article on Radiation, like most on Liberty For Life, is by C who happens to be a physicist, however C has some personal experience in regard to "Radiation in the U.S.":

On a personal note, at the first hearing for my second lawsuit filed against the U.S., Californian & Santa Cruz Governments for my forth false arrest, while waiting for the U.S. District Court to open I was chatting to one of the Deputy Attorney Generals (a lawyer). As I normally dress up in a business suit when prosecuting cases in court, the AG assumed I was also a lawyer & we were chatting about the merits of the legal system in the U.S. A person who was obviously a typical engineer approached us and started talking to the AG. It immediately became apparent that the engineer had filed a case against the State to force the Nuclear Regulatory Body to issue a ruling on Depleted Uranium used in weapons which they quietly remain silent on. See the Liberty For Life articles relating to the use of Depleted Uranium by the U.S. & NATO terrorists & insurgents when invading other nations. As a physicist who specialized in metallurgical engineering, I offered my assistance. However the Court opened and we were all called in before we could progress any further. The case filed against the State to force a public statement on Depleted Uranium came up immediately before my one on the court roll. The Judge however, immediately stated that he had no jurisdiction over the matter and dismissed the case, claiming that the engineer did not represent the public. The engineer however was obviously a member of the public and thus represented the public. Naturally the dismissal was complete BS in regard to how the courts even typically operate, however considering that all BAR Association Courts and Judges are utterly corrupt it should have been expected.

When my case came up immediately afterwards, I pointed out that the Judge did not have jurisdiction since my case was filed against the State and the 11th Amendment precluded any Judicial power. The judge however, in my case ignored the 11th Amendment and continued to hear the case. What happened next, was quite amusing from a dark humor perspective. Will finish the story when I have more time.


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