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Yale Bones Club Question Censored

What question is so sensitive that they have to cut the mike, immediately arrest a student and repeatedly tazer him into silence?

The question posed to Kerry: “Were you in the same secret society as George Bush were you in Skull & Bones?”  The simple answer for Kerry is yes.

The original link we used was removed from internet the following video show the tazering but not the actual question:

The next video shows how a MSNBC reporter tries to cover up the actual question regarding the Yale Bones Club, and instead suggesting that the student is somehow to blame. The student can be seen in the video as calmly asking Kerry a question about the Yale Bones Club.  This video is an excellent example of how mainstream media effectively dilutes and diverts the real issue:

The full questions the student asked can be seen on this other students video of the event.  The Student is asking reasonable questions and properly premising them with proper pretext. Note how the security guards start harassing the student while he asks the extremely important questions:

What question is so sensitive that they have to cut the mike, immediately arrest a student and repeatedly tazer him into silence? The problem the authorities have with this is that there were simply too many videos recording the event to cover it up.  The MSNBC spin is a superb example of crafty reporting designed to cover the real and extraordinary serious issues.

The bottom line is THEY don’t want you to be asking any question about the Yale Bones Club because it is a member of the Satanic Occult and directly connected to Chapter 322 the religious and philosophical organization behind Hitler and these organizations are tied in to the upper levels of the Masons who also worship Satan.  Kerry claimed to want to answer his questions, however, clearly the questions were not answered, the student was violently taken off and falsely arrested.  Welcome to the worlds leading Fascist out of control Police State who's busy invading other nations and slaughtering millions in cold blood.  How soon are they going to be throwing students like this in their Concentration Camps?

Consequentially, these evil people strive to cause war and mass murder exactly in the form of what they carried out on 9/11 and more effectively in the Gulf War where they have slaughtered millions of innocent women, children and men in cold blood.

This is the nature of worshipers of Satan. The same nature that got the U.S. to blast more than two thousand tons of nuclear waist in the form of armor piercing rounds and bunker busters into the middle east, the equivalence of more than three trillion Hiroshima’s by weight of uranium. This is also the reason why more than 73 thousand Gulf War Vets are already dead and one and a half million of our soldiers are disabled.

This is the evil satanic nature of Bush/Cheney and of course the new nominee to the position of Attorney General, who also hales from Yale, Michael B. Mukasey. He’s the judge who rewarded the people who blew up the WTC billions of dollars and key cover-up guy when he worked as chief of the Attorney Generals Official Corruption Unit.  Do you find them murkier than Murkasey?

It is time we quit supporting Satan and have Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Gonzalez, Rumsveldt, Rice, and all these worshipers of Satan arrested and removed from government and put on trial for the heinous war crimes they are guilty of.  It's time we enforce the true 13th Amendment and add to that properly ratified amendment that no official may be a member of any secret society.

When we got rid of Hitler and Stalin, we never got rid of who was behind them. They own our Federal Reserve Bank and most banks and currencies around the world in addition to the companies that are building the weapons of mass destruction and our government.

The amount of money they got us to spend on developing nuclear bombs: Six Trillion Dollars. Enough to completely take care of every individual in the world, enough to build education systems that would completely change the world, enough to eliminate starvation and wars. Look how much Bush/Cheney are prepared to spend on Iraq and how little they spend on education in our own nation, Arnold Swartiznigger is no different.

No other force than that of Satan would be bent on leveling such horrific states of destruction as our current administration is currently delivering:
• Millions dead civilians and soldiers.
Massive uranium poisoning and extermination for the foreseeable future.
• The elimination of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
• Guilty without any right to prove innocence.
Concentration Camps across the world with 800 built right here in the U.S.
Martial Law ready to be implemented simply on Bush’s word.
More people in jail, prison and on probation in the U.S. than in all the other nations of the world combined.
• Etc.

Bush/Cheney are worse than Hitler – the illegal invasion of Iraq alone with the nuclear waste we used in bullets will continue killing indiscriminately for billions of years.

Forget watching regular media, the Feds and their Satanic buddies already own all the major channels.

It’s time to get active – start by not paying taxes until they can show you a law that says you must (The 16th Amendment was not ratified). Kick the judges off the bench, DA’s out of office and cops off the street who do not obey the constitution (99% of them today).  Arm yourself before the government takes you life too.  Form Grand Juries to indict criminals in government.

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