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The Reality of Being On The Front Line

Fire fighters and police sent into the World Trade Center by Mayor Rudi Giuliani were crushed along with the faulty radios Giuliani had issued them.  Giuliani was recorded by reporters before the WTC collapse stating that the buildings would come down.  Never in the history of sky scrapers have fires or aircraft ever caused a steel sky scraper to collapse.  The WTC was engineered to withstand multiple similarly sized aircraft impacts, yet only one plane hit each tower.  So how did Giuliani know the towers were coming down?  Why did Giuliani send police and fire fighters into the building when he knew it would be blow up?

By August 2007, three and a half million U.S. troops who partook in the Gulf War which started in 1990 are dead and disabled according to the official Department of Veterans Affairs Gulf war Information Systems Report.  The numbers are too high for Americans to accept, most shrug them off and say they must be wrong.  Why?  The Department of Veterans Affairs is responsible for tracking Veterans, their numbers can't be wrong - read the official report inked from the Liberty For Life page linked opposite  read more

Those working for the government are the first to suffer.  And when they are injured, the treatment they receive, as evidenced from how Veterans are treated, is nothing short of abusive.  But who are you really working for if you have a government job?

We all know that Iraq had absolutely nothing what so ever to do with 9/11, obviously the government knew this too.  After all it was the CIA who put Hussein in power and it was the CIA who funded and trained Bin Laden, they knew Hussein and Bin Laden were enemies.

If by now you don't know that people inside and associated with the government blew up the THREE World Trade Center skyscrapers, it's time you got a clue.  47 story steel sky scrapers don't just collapse all by themselves, no plane hit WTC building Seven which was well away from the towers and behind buildings that did not collapse, however WTC 7 which housed government corruption evidence such as the ENRON scandal in the CIA and FBI offices in the building, well, the WTC 7 collapsed all by itself.

So how come so many U.S. soldiers are dead and disabled?  It turns out Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq, after the U.S. attacked and used WMD's!  Two thousand tones of nuclear waste in the form of armor piercing rounds were blasted into Iraq by the invading U.S. forces.  These nuclear dirty bombs don't discriminate between friend or foe, they kill both sides.  Now the 2.3 million dead U.S. troops reported by the Dept. Veterans affairs does include those who died from natural causes, however, a soldier on active duty in 1990 is not dead from old age by 2007!

Turns out that if you work for the government you are the MOST LIKELY to die.  So who are you really working for when you take your oath to uphold the Constitution?  Follow the money.

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?  Who makes the U.S. Dollar? Who owns the U.S. Dollar?  Time you got a clue again, the Federal Reserve Bank is as Federal and as Government as Federal Express.  You will find these two private companies listed side by side in the white pages.  The largest share holders of the private bank that holds the exclusive franchise to make U.S. Dollar's out of nothing are the Rothschild's.  That's the same family that funded Hitler, Lenin and Stalin!

If by now your stomach is churning and this article is making you nauseated, it's time you got a clue, you may just be making the situation far worse, you may be actually working for the Rothschild's!

Think twice before you prosecute or arrest your fellow Americans or any other poor sole around the world.  If you think you have lawful authority to do what you are ordered think again and it would not be a bad idea to read that document you took an oath to uphold.  The Constitution states in black and white that the Militia is responsible for enforcing the laws of the Union (Article 1, Section 9).  So what the heck is the CIA, FBI, CPS, APS and Homeland Security?  Turns out these are inventions of the Executive Office, their responsibility and exclusive domain is the Executive Office, they have no authority what so ever over we the people, that's the exclusive responsibility of the Militia and the Legislature and laid out in black and white in Article I Section 9 of the very Constitution people working for these organizations swore to uphold.  And if any of the never took an oath to uphold the Constitution then they don't hold any authority what so ever in the first place.

So what's going on?  Follow history, and the money.

Following Lincoln's War in which the Southern States lawfully secede from the Union to avoid the 37% Morrill Tariff Lincoln and the Fed's wanted to impose on them, the bankers shot Lincoln to destroy Lincoln's Green Backs blood money and turn the war debt into their own.  Bankers had learned that conflict induces change, change from your pocket to theirs.  War and depressions are their modus operandi.  Making money out of nothing then lending it to fools who want to go to war makes bankers more than wealthy.  When Lincoln's Morrill Tax War debt was paid off 70 years later, the banksters paid for Woodrow Wilson's Presidential Campaign and got Wilson to quietly pass the Federal Reserve Banking Act during Christmas Recess in 1913.

Gaining control of the U.S. Dollar, the owners of the Fed cold not wait, the very next year they funded World War One.  Their factories manufactured armaments for both sides, what a killing!  Next they caused the Great Depression.  At least the current Chairman of the Fed, Ben S. Bernanke, admits publically that the Fed caused the Great Depression, as we all knew.  Bernanke said they would not do it again, as though you can trust the Fed.  The Fed is directly responsible for the current depression after they killed the Internet boom.  Looks like they want to make it a big one too.

And the only people hiring are the police and military.  What's wrong with this picture?  Who do you work for?

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