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Waking Up Americans

Members of the Masons and US government believe they are on a sacred mission.  They are mistaken.

I had once believed the New World Order was Novus Ordo Seclorum.  It is not.  On discovery of the 1871 letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini, my perspective changed. If you are not aware of this letter please read  My good friend Anthony J. Hilder knew a man who had Pike's letter in his hands in 1910. The fact that the letter was available before the three World Wars drives home the plan.

Pike's Jesuit ties are particularly interesting. Mazzini as head of the Mafia in Italy was also no doubt well connected to the Pope. You are correct in regard to the Satanic links: 

My hypothesis regarding the lunacy of Lucifarian worshipers is however, simpler in construct. Follow the money. To control society, the money masters imitate secret societies where the initiates are put through ludicrous ceremonies to determine which ones of them are crazy enough to obey insane orders or ludicrous ideas.

If you can get a man to jack off in a coffin while a satanic ritual is performed around them (Yale Bones Club Initiation), then you can pretty much get them to do anything (Both George Bush's). If you can get these moron's to believe they are following instructions from their 'god' Lucifer, they will do pretty much anything for you, the banker...

As for the all seeing eye, it simply means all see. When all see, as is about to be the case because of the great printing press of Internet and Computers have revealed the truth, the people will rise up and eliminate these destroyers of civilization the owners of the banking systems. The Founder of the USA understood these deep issues and established a Constitution that brought liberty to mankind.

The following article explains more: 

The Old World Order represented in the Pope always intended to destroy the USA. They sent Albert Pike as an agenteur to destroy the USA and use the USA to take control of the world – hence Pike’s three World Wars…..

Read the articles and understand the issues. We need to explain these issues to those who have been mislead into believing that the New World Order (NWO) represents Novus Ordo Seclorum (NOA). The NWO is the opposite of NOA. The NWO is the Old World Order who always intended to destroy NOA.

Read this article for further info: 

The pyramid is about to be caped as all see and realize who has been behind the destruction of civilization. All we need are fore Americans to stop watching the Neural Linguistic Programming being broadcast on the banksters owned TV stations, to stop drinking the water laced with sedatives, to stop breathing fumes from the banksters oil and to shoot down the Chemtrail planes and the game is over.

Americans simply need to form Grand Juries and indict officials who do not obey the constitution. Once citizens take back control in their local Counties the banksters and their NWO can do nothing to OWN everything, including our lives.

All are about to see.

Kindest regards, C

Clive Boustred, Chairman Liberty For Life Association
If it’s Nibiru they have been hiding, then no problem, as American’s we can work together and save all. MenuVert

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