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U.S. Government The World's Leading Drug Runners

The Iran-Contra affair irrefutably revealed that the CIA is the worlds leading drug running organization.  The question is not whether or not our government is running drugs, the only issue is the magnitude.

The Bush family, especially Sr. as head of CIA, have been intimately involved in international drug smuggling, so has Clinton.  Clinton was Governor of Arkansas when Bush's CIA was flying the Iran/Contra drugs into Arkansas.  It is well established that Clinton had to be intimately involved in the drug smuggling ring.  Is that how he got the presidency?

The reporter who broke through the government's secrecy and exposed the CIA's drug trade was murdered with two shotgun shots to the head. The Sacramento Sheriff wrote the murder off as a possible suicide.  How does someone commit suicide twice? 

After invading Afghanistan the U.S. helped overcome the Taliban's ban on poppy production for heroin

According to White House report released in November 2003, Poppy cultivation in Afghanistan doubled between 2002 and 2003 rising 3,600% higher than the last year of Taliban rule before the U.S. illegally invaded Afghanistan.  According to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy report, the area planted with poppies, used to make heroin and morphine, was 4,210 acres in 2001, 76,900 acres in 2002 and 152,000 acres in 2003.

The reason the U.S. invaded Afghanistan was because the Taliban refused Texas based Oil company proposals to purchase rights to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan linking the Caspian oil basin to the gulf.  After the Taliban signed a contract with Australian based Bridas Corporation to build the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline, the U.S. government invaded Afghanistan.

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