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Useless Americans

"When Americans turn off their TV, stop attending State school and drinking sedative laced water, they will wake up and kick the banksters and criminals out of government, and the American people will grow up and be their own government and save the world. This is the meaning of Novus Ordo Seclorum."  - SOC

My dear friend Serg Skorokhodov, Editor-in-Chief for Russian TV Channel 2, while producing the program “Concentration Camps in America” was asked by one of our CopperCards team assisting him in Atlanta if there were not problems in Russia to make TV programs about, and why he was producing a documentary in America. Serg responded that of course there were problems in Russia, that if they don’t like you there they simply shoot you! However, Serg then said something that carried a huge impact, he said that in Russia they look to America and realize that if American’s can’t get it right, then there is no hope for them in Russia!

How right Serg is. All American’s have to do is get up off their fat asses, form Grand Juries and indict and prosecute any official who does not obey the Constitution. No guns are necessary, no great hardship and very little effort.

It appears that American’s, clueless from decades of 'State Fool', drugged into a stupor from fluoride and other sedatives in their water and hypnotized by the banksters TV stations simply can’t get their heads out of their asses!

Americans proclaim how important it is to separate church from state, which it is, however they rush their children to State Schools where in the most influential time of their useless lives they are indoctrinated with the state religion and made into utter fools.

Judge me. If you have the opinion that these words are too opinionated, then that is your opinion! However, answer this, for more than a hundred years, whatever has been written, whatever has been protested about, whatever has been done by Americans, has been totally ineffective!

America is screwed up beyond belief and the people don’t even know it. They dump eighteen million gallons of Agent Orange on Vietnam, two thousand tons of nuclear waste into Iraq and don’t think twice about it. Their government blows up the World Trade Center, blames so-called Saudi Arabian terrorists, then invades Iraq! That’s like blaming Germany and invading England!

Worse still, Americans work six to eight months of the year to pay illegal taxes and mortgages that are used to commit these crimes against civilization!

You can hear Americans exclaim how they live in the best nation in the world and have the greatest liberties, all while more Americans are in jail, prison and on probation than every other nation in the world combined!

American’s are so utterly clueless they believe that Abraham Lincoln was honest!  They talk about the two to five percent tea tax they challenged with the Boston Tea Party, however they have never even heard about the thirty seven percent Morrill Tax Lincoln imposed which caused the Un-Civil War (which they call a Civil War!)! Most American's don't even know that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank owned by foreigners who make US dollars out of noting and lends them back to Americans plus interest to destabilize and take control of the economy so they can steal the homes and assets of Americans!

With such a little effort Americans can turn their nation around in a matter of months: eliminate monetary fraud, secure their property back into Allodial Title, double their income by eliminating criminal and illegal taxes, invigorate the economy and education, and save the world instead of destroying it.  The CopperCards County Cleanup Program shows us how.

However, until Americans get up off their fat asses and realize that THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT banksters and their criminals in government will hold control.  Read the Constitution!  If you don't know it you don't have it! We the People ARE THE GOVERNMENT - YOU have authority to form Grand Juries to immediately remove criminals from office, the responsibility does not lie with 'the government' it lies with you - YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT. GET ACTIVE AMERICA!

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