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US Politics Now & The New Deal

A government that has slaughtered the first amendment in schools, media and government.  Literally banning prayer and religion in schools and now seeking the same in government.  Once they have cut out your tongue, they take your arms - the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment, specifically put in place to ensure that the people are not overrun by an out of control government or invasion.  Now the US government wants to be the only ones with weapons of mass destruction while all of us go about without tongues to criticize them or arms to fight them.

The US has slaughtered thirty three times more innocent civilians in Iraq than the Saudi Arabian terrorists slaughtered on 9/11 in the Twin Towers.  That is equivalent of bringing down the Twin Towers in Iraq, a nation with a small fraction of the population of the US, once a month for more than two and a half years.

Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the Terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, Benladin was Sadam's enemy and Bush's friends.  Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, only the US possesses and uses such.  The US put Sadam in power and provided Sadam the helicopters to gas the Kurds along with $500,000 that year and one billion dollars the year after Sadam committed genocide against the Kurds.

How is it that the Patriot Act, a 600 page complex legal act, was prepared and ready four days after the Twin Tower Attack?  How come the scramble jets, always on standby, were not on standby?  How come all the Benladin's were authorized to leave the US by Bush when he knew the attack was propagated by Benladin?  How come Bush simply sat listening to nursery rimes between the first and second Tower being hit?  How come Bush attacked Iraq and not his government friends in Saudi Arabia when the attackers were Saudi Arabians and not Iraqis?  Why did Saudi Arabian terrorists attack the Twin Towers?  Why is the US propping up an unpopular government in Saudi Arabia like they did in Iran and Iraq?  Why after key associates of the US administration sought unsuccessfully to negotiate with the Taliban to put an oil pipeline through Afghanistan, did the US attack Afghanistan.  After attacking Afghanistan, how come it took the US months to go into the area where our government said Osma Benladin was in Afghanistan?  What was the impact of the Clinton administration in the US launching missiles that wiped out a hospital?  What will the impact be of the US killing so many innocent civilians abroad be?  Does the US want an excuse for a war? Does the US government want to breed terrorists to create a threat that justifies enormous taxes and big government?

The economic depression we now suffer was not caused by the 9/11 Twin Tower attack or any international terrorists, but by our own US government when Greenspan the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank assaulted investors governed by the separate department of the Security Exchange Commission.

With "irrational exuberance", Greenspan raised the interest rates to kill startups in the most exciting information revolution ever.  Killing startups that were bringing prosperity to the people, startups who threatened the fat old corporations who control the US government.  Our own government betrayed US.

Now Greenspan plans to trash the dollar to benefit his benefactors who have put their funds in the Euro.

President Bush describes the New-New Deal: “The most far-reaching reforms of American business practices since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt." – George W. Bush Jr. July 31, 2002


NOTES TO EXPAND:under development more later...

The New Deal was imposed on the American people by a treasonous executive order by President Roosevelt and those backing Roosevelt.  The New Deal came not from a democratic nor even a republican vote.

President George Bush, King George, was voted into the republic by only 20% of the people.  This is no mandate of "We the people".  The great majority of those who voted for King George, our president, voted not because they support his war mandate of world domination and impunity, but because they opposed the mandates of his opponent.  The US voters simply chose "Charles Manson" over "Jeffery Dalmer" because there was no other decent option.

It is a flaw in our Constitution that republican representatives can enact new law and take the country to war when those representatives were voted into power by a mere 15% to 20% of the people.

The New Deal was thrust upon the US by treason.  The Old Deal is the only true lawful form of government in this nation established under the only true God.

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