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Federal Communications Commission

In the 1930's FDR moved the U.S. to a Fascist Socialist State.  The Communications Act of 1934 created the Federal Communications Commission and the basic laws governing electronic communications in the United States.

Adolf Hitler states in his MEIN KAMPF: "In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a ‘Great Power’ within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of education even in adult life. Generally, readers of the Press can be classified into three groups: First, those who believe everything they read; Second, those who no longer believe anything; Third, those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly. Nowadays when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor; the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous. … With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the Nation."

Under the Constitution the airwaves belong to the people not the government, it is categorically illegal to traffic in the sale of airwaves, however the FCC is the world's largest trafficker in the sale of frequency.  The government employs the SEC to censor and control who and what is broadcast.

To all intent and purposes the FCC appears to be the sameFascist exercise to gain governmental control of media that Hitler and Stalin implemented.  When one links the fact that FDR stole the people's gold and the SEC was established at the same time following Woodrow Wilson's betrayal of the U.S. in the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banking Act which placed the country under the control of private bankers who also funded Stalin and Hitler, the function of the FCC becomes more apparent.


In June 2003, the FCC proposed rules easing some of its longstanding regulations. Most controversially, under prodding from several federal court decisions, it raised the maximum national audience size a single television broadcaster would be allowed to reach from 35 percent to 45 percent, while liberalizing restrictions on common ownership of newspapers and TV stations in a single local market...

..."3-2 vote by the Federal Communications Commission to remove barriers to corporate consolidation of control over the media capped a process that ... bent the rules to serve the special interests. ... In addition to provoking passionate opposition ... this spring's debate over the six sweeping changes in media ownership regulations drew more scrutiny of the FCC than had ever before been seen. And that attention has revealed an agency where corporations that are supposed to be regulated enjoy extraordinary access to the regulators and the favorable treatment that extends from that access." The Nation online, June 2, 2003, By John Nichols is one of many journalists, critics, public interest activists and public officials participating in the first National Conference on Media Reform...

Associated Press, September 14, 2006: "A lawyer formerly with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission said agency officials ordered "every last piece" destroyed of a report linking greater concentration of media ownership to reduced news coverage. "The report, written in 2004, came to light during the Senate confirmation hearing for FCC Chairman Kevin Martin," reports John Dunbar. The report's findings include that "local ownership of television stations adds almost five and one-half minutes of total news to broadcasts and more than three minutes of 'on-location' news. The conclusion is at odds with FCC arguments made when it voted in 2003 to increase the number of television stations a company could own in a single market." Current FCC chair Martin and former chair Michael Powell say they knew nothing of the report. Senator Barbara Boxer, who publicly revealed the report, has asked Martin to investigate what happened and to determine if the report was "shelved because the outcome was not to the liking of some of the commissioners and/or any outside powerful interests,"
- The study contradicted one the FCC had used the year before to justify seeking an increase of the national ownership cap, which would allow network station groups to own more stations. Congress ultimately raised the cap in statute, though not as much as the Powell FCC had wanted.

"The Motion Picture Association of America is courting two Congressmen involved with deregulating the movie industry's corporate parents. Up for grabs is MPAA's $1.15 million lobbying job. Top candidates for the post are Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), who oversees the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the House and champions an FCC ruling loosening station ownership limits, and Sen. John Breaux (D-La.), who is on the record opposing efforts to roll back that FCC ruling in the Senate. "It's obscene for Tauzin and Breaux to be in the running for the MPAA, the fattest media lobbying job in Washington, while advocating in Congress on behalf of companies that control the MPAA," said Robert McChesney, Professor of Communications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "It tends to confirm what the vast majority of Americans have suspected - relaxed media ownership rules are an X-rated exercise in power and influence." Also of concern is that the top MPAA contenders have taken at least $217,500 in tobacco money. Tobocco control activists say, "Big Tobacco depends on smoking scenes in youth-rated movies to recruit more than half of all new young smokers."" - UCSF Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education Press Release, August 26, 2003

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