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U.S. Eye Openers

According to the Information Security Oversight Office, in 2006, there were 20.5 million decisions to classify government secrets.

President Bush's 2001 Order Granting Himself Secrecy At Risk.

On March 14, 2007, with a veto busting margin of 333 to 93, the House of Representatives passed a Bill to overturn a 2001 Bush Order giving himself and former Presidents authority to keep their documents secret indefinitely.  The question we need to ask is how on earth Bush was allowed to pass such a law in the first place, does not only the Legislature have authority to legislate? And the other question we need to ask is why the 93 House members who did not overturn this criminal act by Bush are not facing indictment for treason.  Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archives at George Washington University, said the average time to release presidential documents has grown to 78 months from 18 months since the Bush order, which he said directly contributed to one year of the lag.  Recently many classified documents are reaching the public and utterly exposing the horrendous criminal acts of previous U.S. Presidents.


Illegitimacy of Federal Agencies & Pseudo Agencies

Federal Reserve Bank's Murderous History - Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank

Federal Communications Commission

Security Exchange Act

IRS - See 16th Never Ratified

War Power - Military & Authority to declare war in the U.S.A & War; U.S. National Security; Combating Terrorism

The Office of Homeland Security

George W. Bush on October 8, 2001 created the Office of Homeland Security and the Homeland Security Council "to develop and coordinate the implementation of a comprehensive national strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats or attacks.".  However, the Executive Office has no authority in this area which is the exclusive responsibility of Congress (see Executive Branch and Presidential Powers in The U.S.A.).  Article I, Section 1 of the United States Constitution: "Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States".  No member of Congress voted to create the Office of Homeland Security.

Police & The Sheriff

Right to bear arms

Rights of Way and Drivers Licenses in California

President Unelect, Bush Makes New Law Declaring His Actions, Crimes & Records Secret:
In blatant violation of the Constitution which Bush says is "just a piece of paper", President Un-eclect Bush unlawfully issued Executive Order 13233 which restricts access to the records of the President and former President it they so choose. The order was drafted by Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales while he was White House council.  The order was issued on November 1, 2001, just before the National Archives was due to release records revealing the President's father, George H. W. Bush's involvement in the Iran-Contra CIA drug ring scandal.  Recent records released by the National Archives have been causing the U.S. government significant embarrassment as extreme and extraordinary corrupt acts by former U.S. Presidents are being unclassified.  Documents showing President L.B. Johnson lied and made up false attacks on the U.S. so as to incite public support to enter the Vietnam War. Similarly documents proving President F. D.  Roosevelt setup and sacrificed U.S. troops at Pearl Harbor to incite the U.S. public to enter World War II are now becoming public. see 9/11 & Pearl Harbor

Donald H. Rumsfeld's Personally Profits From Bird Flu
Gilead Sciences the manufacturer of Tamiflu the bird flu drug of choice in the world market profited extraordinarily from this epidemic which for the first time in history spread not from west to east, but from east to west.   Donald H. Rumsfeld was Chairman of the Board of Gilead until early 2001 when he became Secretary of Preemptive War.

Neurotoxins Approved by Rumsfeld:  In 1981 Donald Rumsfeld forced the approval of Aspartame.  New Zealand researches have found asparame, the most common sweetener found in 6,000 US food products and 2,000 medications including children's vitamins and cold medicines, metabolizes as a methanol formaldehyde brain tumor causing agent, Diketopiperazine.

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