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The New "Terrorists"

Walter F. Murphy, a decorated Marine who served in the Korean War and in the reserves for 19 years and is currently the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Emeritus, at Princeton University, according to our Justice Department is a suspected Terrorist. 
The reason: In September, 2006, Professor Murphy gave a televised lecture criticizing George Bush for his many violations of the Constitution.

Professor Murphy discovered that he was put on the Terrorist Watch List when attempting to check his luggage at the curbside in Albuquerque before boarding a plane to Newark, New Jersey. "I was denied a boarding pass because I was on the Terrorist Watch list," he said.

When inquiring with a clerk why he was on the list the clerk stated that many people are placed on the Terrorist Watch List because they participate in peace marches.  Murphy was finally allowed to board the plane, but was warned that his luggage would be "ransacked." On his return trip, his luggage was lost.

Are not the real terrorists the illegal invaders of other nations and the destroyers of our Constitution?

Is the situation in the U.S. any different to Nazi Germany under Hitler?  There is little surprise to learn that the Bush family directly supported Hitler.  During the Second World War, President G.W. Bush's grandfather was charged with trading with the enemy, his idol, Hitler.

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