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Gestapo Stile Hit Squads Becoming Norm In U.S. & U.K.

U.S. Air Marshall's Gun Down Airline Passenger Rushing For Toilet
December 7, 2005,
44-year-old Rigoberto Alpizar, traveling with his wife, arrived in Miami from a missionary trip on a plane from Quito, Ecuador when we assume he desperately needed to go to the toilet, however, we will never know because as Rigoberto rushed off the plane he was gunned down in a hail of bullets by two air marshals.

After slaughtering Rigoberto, the U.S. air marshals claimed he shouted "I have a bomb in my bag", however, seven independent eye witnesses all testified that Rigoberto neither said nor indicated any such lunacy and no one else came forward suggesting Rigoberto ever claimed to have a bomb. 

After gunning down Rigoberto, police held the rest of the passengers on the plane at gunpoint until all luggage was cleared from the plane.  One of the passengers, Mr. McAlhany, said he had a shotgun pressed into his head by one officer while he hearing cries and screams from many passengers aboard the aircraft.  Naturally no bombs were ever found.

What is as astonishing as the violent murder of Rigoberto and the air marshal's lies, is the U.S. News media's complicity and callousness in covering-up the governments terrorism:

Censorship in the U.S. is extraordinary effective now that five companies control all the primary media outlets.  How those companies managed to acquire all the media channels is just as interesting.

British Special Forces Police Unity Assassinate Tube Passenger
November 2006, Jean Charles de Menezes a 27 year old electrician living in the U.K. was gunned down by a Special Forces police hit squad in England after he casually entered a tube station and boarded a train.  The police hit squad is reported to have fired as many as eleven rounds into Jean Charles' head while one of their colleagues held him pinned to the ground.

Following the assassination, the British police flat out lied, claiming that de Menezes was wearing a bulky jacket with bomb wires sticking out, that he ran into the station vaulting over the turnstiles.  When the image below of Jean's lifeless and half headless body was leaked to the media, the true story started to get out.  Jean never ran into the station or vaulted over any turnstile, he was wearing a tight denim jacket and casually picked up a news paper in the station after purchasing his ticket with a credit card.  The police claimed they thought he was a suspected terrorist, conveniently the police also claimed that the video surveillance in the station malfunctioned.

In his column, Craig Murray, a British Ambassador states: "I am not sure which scares me most – the way the police murdered Jean Charles de Menezes, or the lies they told about it afterwards."  he goes on to add: "The government are acutely aware of that precedent. That is why the lies about his bizarre behaviour were so quickly concocted, and assiduously spread. They did so with the help of a compliant media establishment that repeated these lies ad nauseam to an excited public. And of course, the liar in chief was Sir Ian Blair himself."

The British government offered the de Menzes family ₤15,000 to compensate for murdering Jean Charles.


November 2, 2006.  The same police hit men who were involved in the assassination of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes took part in an undercover operation in Kent this week in which another man was shot dead.  English newspapers reported "Last night, police would not last night go into detail about the incident, although the unnamed man, 42, reportedly opened fire first with a shotgun."
The mind boggles as to how an unarmed man opens fire.


March 10, 2003, Santa Cruz, California, the government's assassination attempt of Liberty For Life's Founder failed only because the Deputy Sheriff missed, despite the fact that he shot at Clive from a point blank range of only five to seven feet and the fact that the gunman was the Santa Cruz Sheriffs shooting instructor.  The hit-man's second shot was interrupted by the Sheriffs Sergeant in charge when she realized neighbors were watching.  The callousness of these assassinations is illustrated by the fact that the sheriffs had no qualms of attempting to blow Clive's head off in front of his children.  William aged three at the time was in the deputy's direct line of fire behind Clive, Richard ages seven was about two feet off the line of fire.  The "potential threat" Clive represented to the government was that he was building high speed internet capable of introducing new media channels, education and banking systems:


One needs to seriously question the act and intent of these governments when their actions in every appearance seem to be intent on terrorizing their own people.  As we learn more about the government we uncover more and more direct and indirect ties to Nazi Germany, the methodologies employed by our government are no different.  Now we discover that individuals and organizations behind the government are from the same families as the Nazi's.  See Bushes and Bush Bolt Hole

The five companies that control traditional media outlets certainly do a good job in terrorizing reporters into silence - see U.S. Censorship.  The privately held Federal Reserve Bank has certainly done an outstanding job in terrorizing and murdering politicians into silence.  The U.S.A. is now by orders of magnitude the worlds leading prison state Prison Population.


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