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Liberty For Life Research on Extraterrestrial Civilizations

A new section will list the extraordinary findings on Extraterrestrial Civilizations.


The universe is teaming with life, just like earth.

It is obvious why the Catholic Church, Masons & Illuminatzi have been desperate to censor the extraordinary exciting information on Extraterrestrial Civilizations. When the evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations is revealed, the control / slavery structures imposed by the Church & secret societies like the Masons, collapses. These organizations have been desperate to censor the fact that the Universe is teaming with life & civilizations vastly more advanced than mankind, because their control and domination depends on keeping mankind in a state of stupor. Coupled with the consistent and intense drugging of humans and hypnosis through media & education, the dim-witted idiots are able to maintain power and crush civilization.

Understand that any individual who vhemintely steps forward to "debunk" what they know nothing about, represents an agenda to decieve for some dark & evil alterior purpose. Fair enough carefully consider and wiegh up all the signtings & the credibility of the evidence. However, to state that "you don't beleive" in aliens is as rediculous as stating that you believe blood from a sacrificial lam or Jesus will somehow gain you a ticket to a nirvana called heaven where you will live happily eaver after, after you die. Religious belief in bullshit, myths and fantacy are the greates threat to the truth.

"The Disclosure Project", along with mountains of evidence, completely anhilate any "belief that aliens do not exist". We are already aware of over 57 different advanced extraterrestrial & innerterrestrial civilizations along with US government projects cooperating with aliens. The issue is no longer do they exist, it is who the hell does any of our "public servants" think they are to censor ANY inforation about aliens, & why we are not hanging these traitors by their neck from the closest treason tree. The issue is who are these other civilizations, where do they come from, what are their characteristics & goals, and how may we cooperate and work in harmony with them, and particularily, how we can avoid conflict and opression either way.

While many humans are terrified at even the thought of more advanced beings, humans sadly do not consider how they treat less intelligent beings on this planet. Humans eat almost every other being that lives here on earth, reflecting a callous and horrific side to humans that requires immediate correction. If you are not a vegetarian, you are a dumb idiot who is threat to all beings, including humans. All the intelligent thinkers amongst mankind were vegeterians.

The old section on Nibiru is still linked, however, we have much more information which provides a more comprehensive understanding of life & the Universe, which we will publish.

"Fantasy is coming from reality, not the other way around." 



Great care must be taken to preserve the decrutiy of any location where Extraterrestrial Technology might be retrievable for scientific study. Extreme measures must be taken to protect and preserve any material or craft from discovery, ecamination, or removal by civilian agencies or indifiduyals of the general public. It is therefore recommended that a total press blacout be initiated whenever possibel. If this course of action should not prover feasible, the following cover stories are suggested fro release to the press....

The cover-up involves secret organizations within our government such as MJ-12, PI-40, MAJI, Delta, the Jason Scholars, & known intelligence organizations such as Naval Intelligence, Air Force Office of Special Investigation, the Defense Investigative Service, the CIA, NSA, and more! It involves THINK TANKS such as RAND, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, & Brookings Institute. It involves corporations such as Bechtel, GE, ITT, Amoco, Northrup, Lockheed, & many others. It involves SECRET SOCIETIES who may be the hidden bosses of the orchestrated events [i.e. economic collapse, wars, assassinations, conspiracies to manipulate & control humans & thereby to exercise enormous power over the destiny of the human race] - the Illuminati, Masons, Knights of Malta, etc. The individual players are too numerous to list. The whole of this conspiracy forms an INTERLOCKING NEXUS. The goal is said to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT [Dictatorship]!

"'The Underground Nation' - The RAND symposium held on Deep Underground Construction indicated that plans were hatched during the 50's to build underground bases, laboratories, & city-complexes linked by a stupendous network of tunnels to preserve & protect the ongoing secret interests of the secret societies. These secret societies made a pact with alien entities in order to further motives of domination..."

Actually, as it turns out, THEY [the secret societies] are now being 'dominated' by the 'aliens'.  source

I can understand the concept of the government running into an alien technology and making a deal to buy time in order to try and deal with a perceived threat; at what point did they become 'monsters' who run drugs and guns to finance their actions, abuse children and suppress technical developments that would help us overcome a lot of grief?

We 'abductees' are the human sacrifice of our times. This would probably be acceptable to the vast majority of us if we could believe that it was for the good of the whole... Our blood has bought you nothing [like medical, technological and other scientific advancements] and it has not saved you or your children from the aliens. It has served only to line the pockets of the select few in the central power group, be they government, financial, religious and/or alien leaders...

Cloaking technology now common knowledge:

Faster than light vehicles:

ET Life lecture:

 'areas' where collaboration and interaction between the alien infiltrators AND the human collaborators are taking place... for instance areas such as the underground 'joint-interaction' bases of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica; Pine Gap, Australia; Alsace-Lorraine Mts. area of France-Germany; and of course and probably by far the worst of all, the underground mega-complex below DULCE, NEW MEXICO where the worst life-forms this universe has to offer seemingly congregate, conceive and carry out their atrocities against their victims

Greys had a base under the Groom Mountains. This is the one we believe is called DREAMLAND. One of my sources [a leak] says DREAM is an acronym that stands for Data Repository Establishment And Maintenance. - "I learned that there were a few technical people who worked at Sandia Labs in Albuquerque who were interested in alien activity. One man I talked to, C.R., knew a mysterious Colonel Ronald Blackburn, who was reputed to have said that there were 600 aliens at the Groom Lake facility in Nevada. C.R. had investigated a UFO crash near Gallup, N.M. in 1983. This one was also investigated by Tommy Roy Blann. I heard of Colonel Edwards at Albuquerque who knew the AFOSI agent Richard Doty (BOTH of whom worked with Paul Bennewitz in his investigations of the alien activity taking place at the Dulce Base.) source

 Also, there are accounts suggesting that the reptiloids and greys ARE IN FACT breeding profusely and reproducing themselves via deep subterranean polyembryony, cloning and incubation facilities below Dulce and elsewhere and are not as 'over-extended' as they might have us to believe. Some estimate that at the very least 20 million grays are now actively operating under the surface of planet earth within bases or within natural cavern systems. According to still others, 20 million is a conservative estimate.

It has been fairly well established that the Dulce, New Mexico network is the largest and most significant alien [Reptiloid/Gray] base network in North America. However according to one source there is also another 'nest' near Deep Springs, California. This [Dulce-connected?] base -- because of its proximity -- may pose an even greater threat to the humanoid residents of the 'subterranean network' who have major city-complexes below California: Mt. Shasta, Panamint Mountains, 29 Palms area, etc. These colonies are reportedly being contested by 'Draconian' vanguard positions near Lakeport-Hopland, Mt. Lassen and Deep Springs, California. On the other hand, some of the non-interventionists 'Nordic' cultures reportedly have their own forward positions near the Four Corners or Colorado Plateau region where the Reptiloids/Greys have their major center of activity. Then there are other areas BETWEEN the two sectors [between the Andro-Pleiadean bases centered under Death Valley and the Draco-Orion bases centered under Archuleta Mesa] where the 'collaborators' meet.

There are basically three alien networks at work on earth: The Anti-Grey Nordic [Federation] factions, the Anti-Nordic Grey [Empire] factions and the Nordic-Grey collaborators, which would also include those Terran intelligence agencies and occult lodges who are involved in the collaboration for whatever motive. Even within the collaboration, there is a great deal of struggle over whether the humanoid or reptiloid agendas should have the upper hand. Within the collaboration itself 'speciesism' [akin to racism] exists at certain levels, so in spite of the species prejudices the collaboration continues nevertheless because of a 'marriage of convenience'. In other words the Greys want to take over the planet and impose a slave society to ultimately serve their empire, but the need the Illuminati's international economic connections to do so; and the Illuminati wants the same thing but they realize that they need the alien mind-control and abduction technology to accomplish their goals.

So then, it is more of a love-hate relationship. They collaborate in order to set up a planetary government, however both the humanoids and reptiloids are constantly plotting for the time when the world government arrives so that once it is established they can move-in and take full control and expel the necessary collaborators -- the humans doing away with the Greys or the Greys doing away with the humans or whatever the case may be. For instance the Illuminati might negotiate with the Greys while at the same time develop SDI weapons to potentially use against them. On the other hand the Greys may continue negotiating with the humans while at the same time implanting micro-electronic mind-control devices in the human agents with whom they negotiate in order to ensure that they remain under ALIEN control once the planet succumbs to the New World Order. So a one world government will NOT bring peace to the planet, it will merely be a matter of fighting for control of one super-government rather than for many smaller ones.

Human Traitors

There are three major trator elements on earth: "the Bavarian Lodges, the CIA-NSA-Rockefeller agencies, and the 'Nazi' forces within the "New Berlin - 211" base network beneath the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica. Agents of the Bavarian Lodges AND the German-immigrant Rockefellers DO work together within the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], NSA [National Security Agency], UNO [United Nations Organization], and NWO [New World Order] agendas.... There seems to be a "serpent cult" at work at the very highest levels of these three groupings composed of humanoids and reptiloids operating as part of a marriage of convenience, in that the Reptiloids/Grays need the political-economic-social[ist]-military-industrial connections of the humanoids to gain footholds within human society and the humanoids need the implant/spacecraft/mind control technology to implement their "New World Order""
In America there are fifth-column 'saboteurs' within the Patriot-Militia movements who are the supporters of "White Supremacy Americanism". Whether knowingly or unknowingly these agents work for something called "The Order" [of the Fourth Reich]. Part of their mission is to divert attention from the Draconian-Orion-Ashtarian and Bavarian-NSA-Antarctican "New World Order" agenda and to an over-emphasized 'Zionist' threat based on the forged 'revelations' within the PROTOCOLS--OF ZION document, which was in fact created by the Russian Secret Police for this very diversionary purpose. There are indications that the Bavarian occult lodges, the CIA-NSA agencies, and even the Antarctican factions have fed the Patriot network with RACIST and therefore anti-American ideologies meant to fragment and discredit the Militias and make them out to be neo-Nazi fanatics. In this manner several of the patriotism-based militia groups have been 'corrupted' and have defeated their very purpose, that is to defend a Constitutional republic wherein "all men are created equal"

While Branton is correct in critiquing the Grey's debase characteristics of eating humans & other untrustworthy characteristices: "[Greys] can NEVER be allowed to work and operate on an equal basis with other humans, but must EVER remain subservient and I would personally suggest prevented from reproducing after their kind, since they do not possess the integral 'conscience' necessary, of their own initiative, to overcome their base animal or predatory instincts or drives". It is worth pointing out the general characteristic of many, if not most humans is as disgusting, or even more so than the Greys, in that Humans have the belief they can eat an other beings they choose, humans conduct & carry out the most shocking and barbaric treatment of other beings ever imaginable. Furthermore, humans have this absurd belief that only humans have souls. Humans are the ones who need to be tamed!

"Therefore, in ELIMINATING this threat, we most certainly cannot be called the 'aggressor', because we HAVE literally been invaded." - How long have the Greys & other beings lived on planet Earth under the ground to avoid the extremely agressive human species, which from DNA analysis suggests we humans are only 200,000 yars old. Is it only "men" who are created equal, or are some species & femails more, or less, equal than others?

"Mt. Shasta is a major site of Alien - Elder Race - Reptilian Race - Human meetings. Beginning Cleveland, Grover every president in U.S. history have visited Telos City. Truman was supposed to have visited the Lower Realms as a High Archon on Earth. He was supposed to have met the King of the World there, and gave him the "Keys to the U.S.A." " source

There are apparently two 'nations' occupying the United States, the traditional grass-roots 'America' established by the founding fathers and led by the 'Electorate' government, and the fascist Bavarian-lodge-backed 'underground nation' led by the 'Corporate' government which is contesting the original 'America' on its own soil. Some predict an inevitable civil [?] war between the Electorate/Constitutional/Surface government of the U.S., and the joint humanoid-reptiloid Corporate/National-Global Socialist/Underground New World Order government, which incidentally was bought and paid for by American taxpayers and other unsavory money-making projects.source

"We should never forget however that the NWO corporate elite and their draconian masters intend to 'depopulate' the surface of this planet AND the underground systems as well." source

"According to one Navy intelligence source the 33-plus Masons [there are allegedly several degrees above the 33rd degree which interact directly with the draconians and are part of the interplanetary initiatory lodges] intend to set the left-wing caverns and the right-wing caverns against each other in order to depopulate the underground realms so that they can impose absolute Bavarian-Draconian global control of 'both' worlds. The 33+ and higher degrees according to this source intend to ride out the inferno in super-secret fortified caverns while the 33rd and lower degree masons and their respective left-wing and right-wing armies will be left to die in the surface and subsurface wars. It may be that some of the 33+ Masons intend to ride-out the holocaust in their Alternative-3 bases on the Moon and Mars, IF those bases are still active." source

NOTE: This Divide & Conquer strategy of Lucifer/Enki/Masonic & Jesuit Elite is purely for the purpose of protecting themselves. Were us Human, Grey & Reptilian "slaves" recognize the self-serving aims of the elite & the abundance on this planet, we would not fight each other, we would turn our weapons on our leaders & eliminat the Freemason Gang, The Jesuit Gang & the Draconian Gang. A true New Order of the Ages can be established on Earth, not simply a continuance of the Old World Order that calls itself "New". The Earth Plan's Peopleisim provides such, the Grey's, Reptilians, Humans a other all beings, including Dolphin, etc. are most certainly people.

In addition to the above, unless their existence is being threatened by radioactive dangers or some other threat, a sub-surface culture should not interfere with the activities of surface cultures: they should not steal resources, release radioactive poisons into surface environments, or biological diseases, or mutilate animals, or abduct people against their will, or use focused electronic beams to invade the privacy of those on the surface, or interfere with the minds of surface dwellers in any way, or engage in ANY FORM OF INVASION OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY OR THE SOVEREIGNTY OF ANY OTHER NON-SURFACE COMMUNITY.

Naevity sadly prevails in all our misconception: "- that is to make a full-scale military assault on the base, conquer the aliens whether they be genetic creations or true aliens or both, and bring all activities there under full Congressional oversight. I'm sure that there will be no lack of potential military recruits for this type of assault, after all tens of thousands of young American men have in the past been sent off to die to protect CIA drug-running operations in the Golden Triangle, to give their lives for the United Nations' "New World Order", or in wars that were never meant to be won. I should however in all fairness state that in the Korean and Vietnamese wars there was a very real threat in the form of Communism, and many young men bravely fought and died in the defense of freedom. However their patriotism and hopes of victory were often sabotaged by Communist sympathizing Socialist U.N. officials or by covert drug operations or other hidden agendas." - source
Congress is owned by the bankers, the wars, including those against the "Communists" were palnned and initiated by Washington D.C. the Vatican & The Crown.... we are set against each other to divide & conquer...  "millions of American Christian Patriots who would no doubt be willing and ready to wage a HOLY WAR against the entrenched Draconian COLLECTIVIST forces on earth... the next military assault on the DULCE BASE will not be so one-sided.".... Realize the Greys most likely gave mankind Christianity, for the express purpose of dividing & conquring.

"While all this confusion is going on, the Grays are gradually changing you over. The inner core of the CIA is deeply controlled by the Grays. The CIA see the Grays as a path to greater scientific achievement, as a way of overpowering the Soviet enemy. Surprisingly enough, the obtuse collective mentality type that makes up the bulk of the CIA also makes up the bulk of the more fanatical Star People, those who babble and mush and gush so endlessly. All those who have to cleave to or be fused with some form of group mentality (most notably, the 'Ashtar' collective, much of which according to contactee Israel Norkin has been infiltrated and taken over by the "Unholy Six" star systems of Orion - Branton) leave themselves wide open. They have already been taken over. There is a large and ever-growing cult of contactees who think of the Grays as liberators, sincerely believing them to be heavenly Star Brothers who have come to help humanity. source

The impoverished will become even more impoverished, and more filled to overflowing with explosively righteous anger. The wealthy will cling even more greedily to the wealth that they already have, creating a social atmosphere of sheer desperation and complete confusion. To add to that, there will be series after series of 'natural' disasters, some genuinely natural, some human-induced through aberrant scientific activities such as underground nuclear testing, others deliberately induced by the Grays through the (Scaler-type? - Branton) technology they are in possession of. When approximately three-quarters of the planet's population has been eliminated in this fashion, the Grays can then make an overt appearance as saviors from the skies, distributing food and medicine to the survivors. As the survivors line up to recieve their guotas of food and medicine, implants will be inserted, supposedly to aid in further food distribution, actually to guarantee complete Gray control with no possibility of rebellion. source

Traitors in Government

he United States [Executive branch, not the Congressional branch of government] made one or more agreements with a species described as the tall Grays, and has agreed not to interfere with alien operational plans in trade for technology. Agreements made in 1934, [1954], 1964, and 1972...

The Dulce Base is run by a Board: The Chairman of the Board is John Herrington; Jim Baker of Tennessee is the NSA/CIA link to Dulce; House speaker Jim Wright of Dallas Texas, the Nation's third highest office, is the Treasurer at Dulce.

There is currently a power struggle going on, as Rep. William Thomas, R-California, put it, "Part of Jim Wright's problem is he fails to understand what's equitable and fair. It's the arrogance of power." Even among his fellow Democrats, many find Wright to be uncomfortable, Wright's operating style leaves him vulnerable.

Most meetings of the Dulce Boards are held in Denver, Colorado and Taos, New Mexico. Former New Mexico Senator Harrison -- publicly known as "Last Man on the Moon" -- Schmitt has full knowledge of Dulce. He was one of seven astronauts to tour the base. In 1979, he held an "Animal Mutilation" conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was used to locate researchers and determine what they had learned about the links between the 'Mute' operations and the Alien/Government deals.

Senator Brian of Nevada knows about the "Ultra Secrets at Dreamland" and Dulce. So do many others in the Government, "This is what the UFO researchers are up against," SO BE CAREFUL! They have killed to keep this information secret, and by reading this document, you now know more than they want you to know!... After all, a FASCIST group, within this country, had John Kennedy assassinated and got away with it. source

The abilities of the United States Government (although many would argue that it is the Executive-Industrial 'government' rather than the Congressional-Electorate 'government' that is involved - Branton) have been advanced enough [and this has been confirmed by witnesses] to instigate the same clandestine impregnation of human females in order to achieve 3-month hybrid fetuses, which are grown further in labs under alien technology. In other words, the Greys are NOT the only ones doing this to the population of the United States. The hybrids thus generated are products of DNA manipulation. Implants that function as brain transceivers are also installed, and are controlled through RF transmission [regular radio frequencies]. The network of hybrids was apparently put together by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] and include R.H.I.C. [Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control] and E.D.O.M. [Electronic Dissolution of Memory] type controls, which were developed in the latter half of the CIA/NSA mind control programs of MKULTRA and MKDELTA...  source

Terrestrial humans are also treated with various mind control techniques, such as the Orion method of hypnosis [techno-hypnosis + drugs-chemicals + stress-repetition] and used to spread disinformation or distort information that will lead others astray.

Human Idiots

The majority of humans exhibit extreme fear and loathing of almost any extraterrestrial civilization topic. Whenver the issue of humans being eaten by more advanced species, humans balk in horror. However, ~90% of the human populous will without any thought whatsoever eat other people from a less advanced species. The calousness of mankind should shock the concience, however, most people have so much calcium around their pineal gland, they are devoid of conciousness. One has to recognize that it is the leaders on the planet, expecially the Roman Catholic Jesuits & Freemasons who are directing education & crurriculum, while at the same time drugging and hypnotizing humans into states of utter stupor.

Our leadership however, shows levels of irresponsability which even in this time space continuim, is hard to comprehend, consider the following report: "(c) Also in the early 1970's, this same Air Force officer was stationed at a secret base in Wyoming. The base security was so high that entry to areas was by photo and voice print analysis. An experiment was done there that probably counts as one of the most totally irresponsible acts performed by the U.S. government. Experiments were being done again on time-shifted magnetic fields. Remember that they have been working with this and elements of alien technology for decades. The experiment involved the actual detonation of a nuclear device inside a time-shifted magnetic field to see if any of the energy escaped the field. None did. In other words, these people deliberately sent the entire force of a nuclear explosion into time. No one knows where it went. One can imagine the potential damage that was created on the other side. It is possible that this act attracted other alien species wishing to understand who would have done such a thing, and this act might have been responsible for the premeditated disruption of other beings." source

GROOM wars of 1975 and the DULCE wars of 1979


"First, there are the Low, High and Very High cultural levels. In the Low levels of the culture there are sharply defined levels, which extend from slave level on up. There is no freedom there -- no one crosses these lines within -- cross it and you are dead. Everything is watched with optical equipment and monitored by computers and individuals called 'Keepers'.

"Spheres of many sizes float throughout their environment, monitoring audio, visual and thought frequencies (these have also been observed by workers in underground facilities reaching miles below Edwards Air Force Base and the Tahachapi mountains of California. - Branton). These units, which have a highly mirrored finish, can be talked to. They can cloak themselves so that they are totally invisible. Their control signal can be broken down into varying AM and FM components. There is no trust in this type of society. Everything is watched and monitored.

"The command structure is near totally unbelievable.

"The ruling levels wear robes of appropriate colors. The alien government involved with this group is totalitarian. They appear not to observe social and moral principles. Their credo appears to be total control or kill.

"In the North -- at the river -- the 'Orange' Insignia -- or at the Diamond as the alien calls the base. The method of rule is a monarchy. The 'king' wears purple. The high colors of social level wear green, yellow, and white. The lower levels wore brown.

"Their body metabolism is very high, estimated at 110 to 115 degrees. Elimination is through osmosis. Skin color of the ruling echelon varies from a jaundiced yellow to white. No hair of any kind. The arms are long -- near to knee level. They have very long hands and fingers. All of them look underfed. They have big heads and eyes. The humanoid types are generally light green. When in need of formula or dead they turn GREY. Many in this culture walk with a limp or shuffle their feet...

"There is a council in the North called THE NINE. ALL of them seem to be cut from the same pattern. All appear to be highly vindictive and ego-oriented. Their 'god' is called 'TA'."  - source

Created Man & Jesus?

Grays have knowingly and blatantly lied to abductees and attacked traditional spiritual belief systems by making such claims as the following: "We genetically created the human race" [the result, we must acknowledge them as our 'gods']; or, "We created Jesus Christ" source
(Note: It is interesting that this three-level triangle is inverted, when we consider that some 'Nordic' groups use an UPRIGHT triangle with three horizontal lines through it as their emblem. Some 'Christian' sources have reported 'visions' of the 'New Jerusalem' city mentioned in the book of Revelation, as being a vast city of LIGHT and of pyramidal shape and in three levels. This 'city of light' has been reportedly observed -- using super-powerful telescopes -- to be emerging from the 'nebula' far beyond the Orion cluster, and it is said to be on a direct course to earth. This is reportedly the supreme headquarters of the angelic forces and the Triune Godhead under whom they serve, according to these Christian sources. This description would coincide with the Nordic emblem of an upright three-level triangle or pyramid, in that these humanoids would no doubt be aware of this Divine center of angelic activity IF our elite scientists are, and the fact that an INVERTED or upside-down three-level triangle is associated with the Dulce base might denote a direct Luciferian connection. This is especially interesting if the reports are true which state that the Dulce base has its counterparts within the 4th and 5th densities or dimensions of that particular point in time-space. - Branton)

Nazi forces whose elite leaders maintained a treaty with the Ashtarian "Komogul-II" or "Gizeh" empire, a joint humanoid-reptiloid collective operating from beneath the deserts of Egypt. source


Another group, calling themselves in the Computer language, the 'Orange' -- their base is on the west slope of Mt. Archuleta -- directly west of the south end of the U.S. base and near NW of the apparent main landing area they call, in the Computer language, "The Diamond". This, because from a distance, it looks diamond shaped in the photographs when looking somewhat south west past the observation tower toward the ridged peak SE of Mt. Archuleta.

"This is but a limited inventory of what was there on Sept. 8, 1978 -- included only as evidential matter for your perusal and confirmation. The road, which incidentally the natives, the tribal chief, reservation police and highway patrolman know nothing about, comes in off of a trail from the north. Starting at the trail, line of sight to the large plateau area and the alloy dome, the road, in the middle of nowhere on the Jiccarilla Reservation, is precisely 12,888 ft. long airline distance. The total alien basing area, which apparently contains SEVERAL cultures [now all under the designation 'UNITY' in the Computer language] is approximately three (3) Km wide by eight (8) Km long [multi-leveled]. A conservative guess based upon the number of ships presently over this area and the number on the ground in the CIR photographs, the total alien population at this point is AT LEAST two thousand and most likely MORE. The alien indicates MORE are coming or on the way.


This "backup team", you might say, consists of a number of so-called 'hybrids' or 'hu-brids' who have broken free from the draconian collective and established their own resistance movement based mainly within the underground systems of this planet -- at least in the case of those 'family members' or 'relatives' of mine 'beyond' this world who have inspired me with this work. Although they dwell within the cavernous recesses of this planet, they nevertheless interact with other worlds within the 'Federation' who oppose the activities of the Draconian-Orion-Reticulan 'collectivists'. They are constantly working to establish freedom and truth here on [and under] planet earth.
We are the children of your 'seed', and although our DNA has been altered we nevertheless possess souls, and this makes us just as 'human' as you..... But those of us who have developed free-agency and have broken free from the 'Hive' HAVE developed human individuality. It is a long and difficult process to 'wean' ourselves entirely from the collectivist mindset that many of us were born into. We maintain a limited degree of collectivity, however have established what you might refer to as a 'firewall' between our society and that of the draconian 'hive' itself. This is largely for the sake of other Hubrids who are joining us from time to time, and is necessary for the process of 'deprogramming' them from a mentality of collectivism and the continual development of their individuality.
We cannot say that it is the 'individual' Greys and Reptiloids who are the source of the 'evils' which are committed against humans throughout the universe by the 'Draconian collective'... for as we have stated, there are no 'individuals' within the collective itself, save for the malevolent beings who are its ultimate masters. Those supernatural beings who control the draconian collective ARE the sources of the evils -- the Greys and Reptiloids are merely the 'tools'. This is true in most cases except in the context that many of the rebel beings who you call 'fallen angels' have been incarnating through the soulless reptilian races since very ancient times.
Could it be that these intelligence's within the collective saw that the 'logical' thing to do would be for the Greys and their collective to work in harmony with the universe rather than against it? For the sake of their own survival? After all, they ARE 'logical' beings, and many of the directives that have come down from the central command of the collective have contradicted 'logic' and contributed to a kind of pervasive confusion and even self-contradicting schizophrenia if not insanity within the collective.
Being that these intelligence's did not have the power to develop individual consciousness of their own initiative in the face of the overwhelming tide of the collective and its twisted leaders, they understood that if they did succeed in breeding offspring that possessed natural individuality and emotionalism then these offspring might in turn break free from the collective, and once having broken free, help others of their kind who do not possess the self-motivation to do so. source

The U.S. Military is not the only force that has become involved with the 'war' against the Grays. One of the major underground human forces who are VERY upset at the Grays -- over their violation of territorial agreements and abuses and atrocities that have been committed against various intra-planetary human colonies -- include certain segments of the Telosian-Agharti alliance, as well as some of their Sirian allies who are against the Greys. The following information was sent to a Utah researcher by Juliette Sweet, a personal friend of Sharula Dux who is reportedly an Aghartian 'princess' from Telos, the city-complex below Mt. Shasta. The central metroplex of Telos is said to consist of a multi-leveled complex over 5 miles deep and at least 20 miles in circumference, which extends outward to suburban colonial systems beyond. According to Sharula, Telos has subterranean connections via tube-shuttles to at least 100 other subterranean cities below North America as well as cities below South America, such as the allied city of POSID below the Matto Grosso region of Brazil. Many of these cities are maintained by ancient 'native' North, South and Central Americans. The following letter was dated 2/7/93:
Note: During one lecture, Sharula was asked what the Telosians were doing about the problem with the Grays. Sharula stated that the Telosian-Agharti Silver Fleets had confronted the Grays and told them to cease their abusive activities on this planet, to which the Grays responded that they have the right to continue their activities since the "U.S. Government" has authorized their activities on earth and in America. Are the Grays referring to the Nazi-backed CIA-NSA "secret government" which has infiltrated America through murder and manipulation, and established the "alien interaction" projects WITHOUT Congressional consent? source

The Swedes

The humanoids that have been nick-named 'Swedes' are on the average between six and six and a half feet tall. They [some] are from a solar system that revolves around Procyon, a binary yellow-white and yellow star system that rises before Sirius in Canis Minoris [in the body of the Lesser Dog], about 11.4 light years from Earth. They are from the fourth planet in orbit around the Procyon double star system. The tall blond humanoids from Procyon and the short gray humanoids from Rigel have been enemies for thousands of years.
The tall Blonds from Procyon have a benign attitude toward humanity, except for their strong disapproval of our inhumanity to each other. This strong disapproval is further intensified by our government having made a secret alliance with their hereditary enemies, in order to obtain even more destructive weapons systems than those already in existence. Our 'government' is not interested in negotiating with the Procyonians, as they would not provide us with weapon systems. source

The following words of one Procyonese star-traveler by the name of KHYLA, who revealed the following to an un-named earth woman with whom he had established contact: "...Tyrants have been defeated many times on many planets, in countless solar systems and galaxies. How strange it is that as soon as one tyrant of any species is thought to be banished forever another always, but ALWAYS, takes his place. The idealistic revolutionaries who defeated King George III in America went on to oppress the Indians and Blacks. Many of those who fought most courageously against the Axis powers of fascism later became fascists themselves, as is demonstrated by the present plight of the Palestinians, Afghans, Chileans and Nicaraguans. Yes, you must try to regain control of your government, but if so much as one individual involved in this process has not first gained control of his or her selfhood, it will be for naught. One can never defeat or gain control of anything but oneself. Those destined to ouste the Rigelians must always keep track of the state of their selfhood, and learn first to defeat within themselves the essence of that which is tyranny. Through this type of awareness, they will know when to and when not to act. Through understanding a hostile entity to be but one of the ineffable's countless facades, it loses its power over you. Through the ability to wisely perceive a hostile entity, you may gain control of it. In overcoming the Rigelians, one must take great precautions not to become oneself the enemy."  source

Area 51 - Blue Lake

The following is a transcript of parts of a speech presented by Mr. Hayakawa at the 11th 'LOS ANGELES WHOLE LIFE EXPO' held at The Los Angeles Airport Hilton Convention Center on November 16 and 17, 1991. The transcript from which we will quote is a revised and expanded version of the address or lecture written on June of 1992 and titled: 'UFO'S, THE GRAND DECEPTION AND THE COMING NEW WORLD ORDER':

"...AREA 51 is located in the northeastern corner of a vast, desolate stretch of land known as the Nevada Test Site [a large portion of which includes the Nellis Air Force Test Range] but has practically nothing to do with underground nuclear testing. It is located approximately 125 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas and consists of Groom Lake and the Papoose Lake Complexes. The presently expanding eastern portion of the latter complexes is known as the S-4 site.

"This entire area is under the strictest control of Airspace R-4808N [with unlimited 'ceiling'], prohibiting any entry therein of air traffic, civilian or military, unless special clearance for such entry is secured well in advance. By land, the area is meticulously patrolled 24-hours a day by several tiers of external security even though it is conveniently 'covered' by the... Jumbled Hills [...which cover north of the Papoose Lake area], making it virtually impossible for anyone to see the facilities without first climbing atop the hills of the rugged mountain range which became off-limits to the public since 1985.

"The main external perimeter security is now being handled by Wackenhut Special Securities Division, part of the operations of Wackenhut Corporation, a worldwide semi-private security firm based in Coral Gables, Florida which has an exclusive contract with the U.S. Department of Energy and handles not only the perimeter security at the Nevada Test Site but also at many other secret facilities and sensitive installations through-out the U.S. and U.S. interests worldwide, including ground-level perimeters for several large underground facilities in and around Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California.

"It is also important to mention that dozens of unmanned, miniature-sized remote-controlled automatic security vehicles constantly patrol the immediate perimeters of the S-4 Site, located around [and presently expanding particularly towards the eastern portion of] Papoose Lake. These automatic, miniature sized four-wheel vehicles have been produced by Sandia Laboratories of Albuquerque, New Mexico exclusively for the Department of Energy. 

"...The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory...seems to have a Parapsychology Research Unit that coordinates its research activities with DARPA [the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency]. It is my understanding that some of their activities conducted under the auspices of the Office of Naval Intelligence are being held at locations such as AREA 51.

"ELF [extremely low frequency] wave-emitting devices, scalar machines, electromagnetic beam weapons and highly-defined hologramic projections are just a few examples of the many new types of mind-control 'weaponry' that the government seems to have developed in the past three decades or so. Newest researches on special types of hallucinatory and memory-tampering drugs are part of a growing 'arsenal' that the U.S. Naval Intelligence boasts to have developed in its own Parapsychology - Mind Control Unit. 

"According to recent information provided to me by a highly reliable informant within a special operations group of the Department of the Navy [D.O.N.], two of the most widely used devices will be R.H.I.C. [Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control] and E.D.O.M. [Electronic Dissolution of Memory]. The first of the two, Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control, calls for the implantation of a very small, electronic, micro-radio receiver. It acts as a Stimulator which will stimulate a muscle or electronic brain response. This, in turn, can set off a 'Hypno-programmed' cue in the victim or subject, which would illicit a pre-conditioned behavior. The second one, Electronic Dissolution of Memory, calls for remotely-controlled production within the brain of Acetyl-Choline which blocks transmission of nerve impulses in the brain which results in a sort of Selective Amnesia. According to this source, in the hands of certain units within the intelligence community both of these methods are ALREADY BEGINNING TO BE USED!

"An amazing article appeared in the Los Angeles Times on May 12, 1992 announcing that Caltech scientists have recently discovered and confirmed the presence of 'tiny magnetic particles in the brains of humans, similar to those that have heretofore been found in other animals.' [L.A. TIMES, Section A, page 3]. According to the Caltech researchers, it is now an undeniable fact that every human brain contains a tiny natural magnetite particle, even from the time of conception. Could the government, particularly the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, have known this fact for a long time? The answer definitely seems to be in the affirmative! 

"We must bear in mind that the Dulce area is only 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos. Los Alamos National Laboratory is one of the top U.S. research laboratories specializing in the study of the human genome. Also it is a vital center of the government's SDI research and development programs. Just about a hundred miles southeast of Los Alamos is Albuquerque, New Mexico's largest city, and more significantly, a city where Kirtland Air Force Base is located right next to the sensitive Manzano Storage Facility, a top-secret underground military facility [where nuclear warheads are stored]. Sandia Corporation, one of the nations top-secret government contractors specializing in top military-industrial projects, is also located in Albuquerque. - source

Researcher Jim Bennett, in a letter to Jacques Vallee dated Jan. 15, 1992, made some startling disclosures in regards to the alien situation and the Dulce, N.M. base in particular. It is my belief that even if there is a fascist-CIA cabal trying to establish a world dictatorship using the 'threat' of an alien invasion to foment world government, that the 'threat' may be real all the same. It is also possible that the 'Bavarians' may be working with very REAL aliens in an end-game designed to establish a world government using this 'threat' as an excuse to do so, although when the world is under 'their' control the Illuminati may betray the human race by turning much of the global government control-system over to the Grey aliens [the Beast?]. The aliens may have been collaborating with the Bavarians for a very long time as part of their agenda to implement absolute electronic control over the inhabitants of planet earth. One source, an Area 51 worker -- and member of a secret Naval Intelligence group called COM-12 -- by the name of Michael Younger, stated that the Bavarian Black Nobility [secret societies] have agreed to turn over three-quarters of the planet to the Greys if they could retain 25 percent for themselves and have access to alien mind-control technology. The aliens would assist in the abduction, programming and implanting of people throughout the world in preparation for a New World Order -- which in turn would be annexed to the alien empire. Apparently some top-echelon Bavarians have agreed to this, since they realize that they NEED the alien mind-control and implant technology in order to carry out their plans for world domination. In his lengthy letter, Jim Bennett, director of the research organization 'PLANET-COM', writes:

"...1947 brought the passage of the National Security Act, the start of the NAZI GERMINATED CIA and NSA. The influx of at least a hundred Nazi scientists, engineers, etc., into the United States and Canada. (Note: Other sources claim that eventually over 3000 Nazi S.S. agents entered the U.S. in this manner. NOT former Nazi's but ACTIVE Nazi SS who still maintained the national socialist philosophy and agendas which they intended to carry through on to their planned conclusion. They were given refuge within the military-industrial complex with the help of members of the Bavarian-based black gnostic -- serpent worshipping -- lodges in America, such as the Jesuit-spawned Scottish Rite and related lodges who control the oil-military-industrial complex. The leaders of the Military-Industrial Complex or M.I.C. not only gave these fascists refuge following the war, but also had financed the Nazi war machine itself during the second world war. - Branton).  - source


Q -- Is there anything you can tell me about the moon - alien installations? Atmosphere? U.S. bases?

A -- There is not much I can tell you there. I wasn't in the Lunar Program. I heard there was a LOT of equipment sent to the moon between 1959-1964 under "Project Whiteout".

AIDS - Swine Flu?

Working under the instructions of the humanoids from Rigel, CIA and former NAZI scientists have developed and deployed malignant strains of bacteria and viruses, including AIDS. The rationale from the fascist point of view is to exterminate portions of the population considered to be undesirable. The rationale from the Rigelian point of view is to decimate the human population to such an extent that the survivors would accept [not resist] open control by the Rigelians. source


Other information contained in the BLUE PLANET PROJECT manuscript includes information on various secret government projects, including the following:

THE 'MAJI' [Majestic Agency for Joint Intelligence] PROJECTS:

SIGMA -- Initial project involved with attempts to establish communication with alien intelligence.

PLATO -- Responsible for establishing Diplomatic Relations with the Aliens. This project secured a formal treaty, illegal under the U.S. Constitution, with the alien Grays.

AQUARIUS -- Concerned with investigating the history of alien presence on earth and interaction with human beings. An outgrowth of this project is a huge Thesaurus-like document called the YELLOW BOOK describing aliens, their history in regards to humanity, and technology. (Some believe that the YELLOW BOOK is filled with alien propaganda meant to make government agents vulnerable to alien psychological manipulation... for instance this would include the deception that humanity is a genetic creation placed on this planet by the reptilians, and so on... and the potential results of such propaganda, for instance: that since they are our 'creators' we have absolutely no defense against them and might as well try to negotiate with them and attempt to appease our 'creators' by giving them what they want. - Branton)

GARNET -- A project responsible for control of all information and documents regarding the Alien subjects and accountability of their information and documents.

PLUTO -- A project responsible for evaluating all UFO and IAC [Identified Alien Craft] information pertaining to Space technology.

POUNCE -- A project that was formed to recover all downed and/or crashed craft and Aliens, and provide cover stories and operations to mask the true endeavors whenever necessary, i.e. such as cover stories of crashed 'experimental' Aircraft, Construction, Mining activities, etc.

NRO -- National Recon Organization, based at Fort Carson, Colorado. Responsible via DELTA FORCES for security on all Alien or Alien Spacecraft and underground base projects.

DELTA -- The special arm of the NRO which is especially trained and tasked with SECURITY of all MAJIC projects [MAJI or MAJIC oversee MJ-12]. Also code-named "MEN IN BLACK", the Delta Forces are trained to provide Alien tasked projects and LUNA base security.

BLUE TEAM -- The first project responsible for reaction and/or recovery of downed and/or crashed Alien craft and/or Aliens. This was a U.S. Air Force Material Command project. Also synonymous with ALPHA team crash/retrieval projects.

SIGN -- The second project responsible for collection of Intelligence and determining whether Alien presence constituted a threat to the U.S. National Security. SIGN absorbed the BLUE TEAM projects. This was a U.S. Air Force and CIA project.

REDLIGHT -- The project involving the test-flying and back-engineering of recovered Alien craft at AREA 51 - Groom Lake - Dreamland, Nevada. UFO sightings of craft accompanied by Black unmarked Helicopters are project Redlight assets.

SNOWBIRD -- Established as a cover for project Redlight. This project is activated from time to time when it is necessary to provide cover stories for Redlight operations, etc., by releasing information on advanced conventional military aircraft which are used to explain 'unexplained' UFO sightings.

BLUE BOOK -- A U.S. Air Force, UFO, and Alien Intelligence collection and disinformation project. This project was terminated and its collected information and duties were absorbed by Project AQUARIUS. A classified report named "GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK, REPORT No. 13" is the only significant information derived from the project and, other than information from second hand sources, is unavailable to the public. Reports No. 1-12 and No. 14 ARE available to the public. The Grudge/Blue Book Report No. 13 mentions that many military government personnel AND CIVILIANS have been terminated [murdered without due process of law] when they had attempted to reveal the alien interaction with the SECRET government. 


Defense Systems Against Aggressive Aliens


GABRIEL -- A project to develop HIGH Frequency pulsed sound generating weapons that would be effective against alien crafts and beam weapons. The project also involves working with high frequency microwaves.

JOSHUA -- The development of LOW Frequency pulsed sound generating weapons. This weapon was developed and assembled at Ling Tempco Vaught in Anaheim, California. It was described as being able to totally level any man-made structure from a distance of two miles. It was tested at the White Sands Proving Grounds, and developed between 1975 and 1978. It is a long horn-shaped device connected to a computer and amplifiers. The project also involves low frequency and microwave projection.

EXCALIBUR -- This is a weapon designed to destroy alien underground bases [developed and funded mostly by intelligence branches connected with the U.S. Navy and SDI projects who have rejected any further interaction with the Greys after they turned on 'us' during the Groom massacre and the Dulce wars. Some patriotic elements of MJ12 and the M.I.C.--Military-Industrial Complex--support this agenda of resistance, whereas other elements tied-in with the 'corporate imperialists' of the international banking community support continued collaboration for purposes of acquiring further mind-control technology for their 'New World Order']. Excalibur is a missile capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of Tufa/Hard packed soil, such as is found in New Mexico, with no operational damage resulting. The missile's apogee is not to exceed 30,000 feet Above Ground Level [AGL] and impact must not deviate in excess of 50 meters from designated target. The device carries a one to ten Megaton Nuclear Warhead. The secret for a self contained missile 'drill' [a vertical shaft over 1,000 meters deep] consists in an energosintetizer macrowave deflector in the "Missile Warhead". 


The Old Section: Findings on Nibiru / Planet X - No Solid Evidence.


The ongoing malicious prosecution of LFL Founder, Clive by Santa Cruz DA Bob Lee, and Judges Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack, Samuel S. Stevens and John Salazar who have literally kidnapped Clive's children and stolen Clive's home.  On November 11 Barton intends to give Clive another sham trial and send Clive to prison for a life sentence.  Consequentially, these Nibiru pages are not completed and reflect work in progress.

The theory is that there is a large comet/planet called Nibiru that follows a 3,600 year elliptical orbit around our sun.  If such a large mass were to pass the earth, the gravitational pull, like the moon's could cause massive tides that could flood the earth.  As deadly, the planet would also cause enormous solar flares from the sun which could bun up vegetation enormous storms and flooding, spelling death to animals and humans alike.

All the ancient texts refer to a great flood, archeological evidence provides ample evidence of such.  The Sumerian texts are perhaps the most interesting in regard to Nibiru - See the Religion section for a summary.

While many websites and individuals swear Nibiru exists, there is however a significant shortage of evidence from astrologers.  However, significant evidence exists of a what looks like a serous cover-up.  The claim is that the government is keeping Nibiru a secret so that they alone can prepare for the impending disaster.  If this is the case, when Nibiru appears on the horizon, would not public officials who kept the planet secret be sacrificed by the public to the Nibiru go?

What Liberty For Life Knows:

In 1983 NASA launched the IRIS satellite to find Nibiru which NASA calls Planet X. They announce they had found it, the news was published in at least six news papers, however, shortly afterwards NASA retracted their announcement. NASA however built the Hubble telescope which the Vatican paid for - they built two, the CIA had the one which probably worked.  NASA also built a telescope the size of a shopping mall on the South Pole

Nibiru is apparently going to be visible to the naked eye in the southern hemisphere as of may 15, 2009 and visible from the equator in 2010, and the whole world is supposed to see it by 2011. Saturn's tilt is purportedly tilted as a result of the influence of Nibiru.

Many people are taking pictures of the sun and claiming that the lens flares are Nibiru causing a huge amount of disinformation.

The following pictures apparently

Perhaps the most interesting evidence is the research carried out by Dr. P. K.; Harrington, extracts from some of the research:

Theoretical models of solar-system dynamics which predict the existence of a 10th planet (planet X) are surveyed and compared with recent observations. The history of the discoveries of Neptune and Pluto on the basis of discrepancies in the orbit of Uranus is recalled in detail, and the persistence of such discrepancies in 9-planet computations is considered. Particular attention is given to ongoing efforts to compute the current position of planet X, and to ground-based and space-based (IRAS and Pioneer) searches.

Groups at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington and at Teledyne-Brown Engineering in Huntsville, Alabama, are attempting to solve for the orbit and present locations of the plant

"Other considerations that are sometimes brought into the discussion of the possibility of a tenth planet including the rapid disappearance of the dinosaurs and the corresponding appearance in dated core samples of Iridium in excessive amounts. This is explained as being due to unusual comet showers which were caused by Plante X sisturbing the supply of comets in the inner Oort cloud (Whitmire and Matese (1985) and Matese and Whitmire (1986)).

UB313's elliptical orbit is show below.  Nibiru is apparently on such an orbit with a 3,600 period.

NASA Source Data

In 2005, a high ranking Jesuit Vatican insider released footage of Nibiru along with documentation from the highest secrecy of the Vatican in a project called Secretum Omega, which was a Top Secret venture with NASA in which a high powered infrared camera was secretly placed into orbit to monitor the elusive “10th planet”. The iSV insider stated:
"What I can say is that it was built in the 1990s with the object of studying all anomalous celestial bodies approaching Earth, similar to what the CIA did with one of its “secret eyes,” the twin to Hubble, called “SkyHole 12″ (a.k.a. Keyhole 12). Moreover, the S.I.V. was informed during the meetings (of the aliens) with Pope Pius XII of the approach of a celestial body to the solar system in which resides an advanced very warlike alien race. Very shortly, I knew that the material that I should have been receiving in Rome and then analyzing on a computer was very interesting and extremely secret. It was during the analysis of certain data and information from the Alaska radio telescope that we discovered that one remote deep space probe, part of a deep space exploration program called “SILOE”, which was started in 1990 had taken a photograph of a huge planet getting closer to the Solar System. The information was received in Alaska during October 1995, which is when my problems started. I discovered that I was not chosen to decode that particular transmission and a dangerous situation evolved. At that time, my contact revealed to me that, inside the Vatican, there were two factions struggle over possession and control of this information, which was classified far beyond “Top Secret.” For now, I can just tell you that this probe was created in Area 51, has an electromagnetic impulse motor, and it was put in orbit by a space plane, like type “Aurora.” The probe did not have any calculations or pre-indications of the trajectory or the precise location of “Nibiru,” because its purpose was to approach that planet, correcting its direction to avoid impact and to return to this Solar System to a position close enough to transmit the data and images to the secret radio telescope located in Alaska."

The Vatican owns some of the world’s most powerful telescopes. One has to ask “Why?” One particular telescope is called L.U.C.I.F.E.R. located at the Mount Graham Observatory and is an acronym for “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research”. Obviously this is no coincidence. The question on our minds in regard to the Vatican, which was built on the Temple of Janus, the two-faced God to worship the "Illumination in the sky"/Lucifer, is if the Vatican Jesuits & their fellow Lucifer worshiping Freemasons, are simply carrying out the will of the Annunaki?

An article published in the U.S. News on September 10th, 1984 stated: "Shrouded from the sun’s light, mysteriously tugging at the orbits of Uranus and Neptune, is an unseen force that astronomers suspect may be Planet X – a 10th resident of the Earth’s celestial neighborhood. Last year, the infrared astronomical satellite (IRAS), circling in a polar orbit 560 miles from the Earth, detected heat from an object about 50 billion miles away that is now the subject of intense speculation. “All I can say is that we don’t know what it is yet,” says Gerry Neugesbeuer, director of the Palomar Observatory for the California Institute of Technology. Scientists are hopeful that the one-way journeys of the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes may help to locate the nameless body."

A NASA Press Release in 1992 stated the following: “Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the Sun.”

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