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Nibiru Evidence Page

At one point Nibiru's tail was visible in Google Sky:

Here's the information we have got on this object so far:

  1. It is suspiciously located in the Virgo constellation (watch the Vergo "Is Nibiru's Approach Planet Hidden tin the Avebury Crop Circle?" by YouTube user NoStarPanel
  2. The object is very visible in the infrared spectrum (brown dwarf?)

  3. The infrared spectrum shows us this object has radiation emission patterns consistent with the ones of a brown dwarf.

  4. The object has large mass, very much like a brown dwarf

  5. It has at least two visible satellites (moons?)

  6. It glows red, characteristic of brown dwarfs and consistent with Nibiru information.

  7. The object has a wing-like tail, consistent with Nibiru information.  This could be a gail of devris, which occurs in brown dwarfs.


NoStarPanel On YouTube Writes:




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