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Liberty Slavery Freedom and Knowledge

Revolutions roam throughout societies, predominantly battling oppression and corruption.  The people rise up to overthrow the tyrant.

Corrupt Monopolies are common to all the major revolutions.  The French Revolution where the aristocracy kept the majority in poverty while living frivolous lifestyles off the backs of the people.  La Guillotine cut short the tyranny of the French Aristocracy.  In America, the imposition of the Stamp Act, followed by the Townsend Act, sought to impose taxes on the colonists.  In Boston when the British Crown sent troops to threaten the colonists into submission, a riot ensued, five civilians were killed.  When the British sent troops to confiscate weapons from the colonists, the people rose up and attacked the British troops and the War of Independence started.  Were it not for French support, the colonists most likely would not have stood up to the British forces and there might be no U.S.A. today.

In Russia, like France, the Aristocrats were violently ousted by the people they oppressed.  The common underlying factor in all these revolutions was the existence of a corrupt monopoly.

Monopolistic control of access to land is what kept the people in abject subservience. A form of Agrarian Slavery. Landowners enslaved peasants by forcing them to work the landowners fields for food to survive.

The industrial revolution however brought about a means for people to gain knowledge in skills that freed them from the cycle of Agrarian Slavery.  Farm machinery provided increased efficiency, raising agricultural output and the overall standards of society rose.  Everyone was better off, including the would be tyrants.

People properly express concern with respect to maintaining separation between church and State. Throughout history we have repeatedly seen underlying corruption in the church ganging up with State to form the most evil of empires. There should however, be a greater concern for separation of school and State since the ratio is one hour per week for church verses eight or more hours per day for school.

Knowledge and the Future of Free


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