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Education Is The Key SurvivalGet iT Ed

After literally stealing his multi million dollar home, & kidnapping his children for the second time, in 2010, C was forced to flee the U.S. from ongoing persecution from filthy criminals in the U.S. government, like the criminal Judge Michael E. Barton, who sentenced C to 9 years in prison without a trail in retaliation for loosing the lawsuit C filed & prosecuted against him and his fellow criminal in the Santa Cruz and U.S. governments. C spent the next three years working on building next-generation education solutions. See

Get iT Ed made a number of innovations, including InfoTelesys' release of the worlds most advanced tablet computer, designed & developed by C. There are a number of white-papers and presentations on Get iT Ed's site written by C addressing the issues & solutions to educational issues.

The plan was to rise up & educate a generation who were smart enough to stand up to the utterly corrupt and out of control governments.

Ge iT EdGet iT Ed's strategy was/is simple, get every student their own computer & provide access to the massive volumes of incredible educational rich-media content. Also setting up the Universal Life University, C started assembling experts in different fields to source the best free content.

Working directly with the South African's Presidents office along with the leader of the digital education in the opposition party, C gave his time freely to education in South Africa, a nation which sadly has the worst standards of education in the world.

Ge iT EdThe resistance C received was and is interesting. The first resistance came from SARS, the private tax collection agency which is almost identical to the IRS, except for even greater powers in SARS also controls Customs. SARS not only illegally seized C's shipment of his the few personal effects he had shipped out from the U.S. (which includes the evidence of the lawsuits C filed against the U.S. and C's Custody Order), SARS started blocking the shipments of InfoTelesys tablet computers C was manufacturing for Get iT Ed's education projects. SARS efforts got so ridiculous that C had the bank write a letter stating that in all their experience in South Africa, they had never seen the types of demands SARS was making on InfoTelesys.

GeiTED.comWhat is eminently clear is that the South African government, like the U.S. government is set up to make sure the education in their countries is amongst the worst in the world. An intelligent advised populous will not put up with criminals in government and an international criminal banking cartel owning their central banks. The situation is so bad in both the U.S. and South Africa that the government is literally forcing vaccinations on children that have caused massive increases in autism. Both governments put neuro-toxins such as fluoride in the people's water supplies & bot governments allow Monsanto to spread its diseases food products to further impair the people.

C however, cam on another element of resistance, which he did not anticipate. Most teachers, and administrators in schools fear computers, and worse, they fear the children at their schools getting hold of computers and showing how retarded their teachers and administrators are. It is quite extraordinary, you can take a seven or nine year old child out of an impoverished shanty town, and in less than thirty minuets they were using InfoTelesys' iT Set tablet computers competently. Many would pick up the essence of a spread-sheet and start doing maths in half an hour.

What is more shocking is the state of so-called educated adults, clearly adults have been psychologically impaired by Cthe State controlled education systems and other physiological impairments, which are also clearly by design. It's as though most adults are in zombie like states of stupor. This retarded state is particularly evident when observing a parent who is incompetent with a computer observe their child having no problems utilizing the advanced technology. forms the principle site in regard to Education, the following articles provide some insight in this regard & were written before C developed Get iT Ed. The Universal Life University will also become significant along with the many tremendous content sites on the net see also GetiTEd partner page in regard to some of the free distal education content.





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