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War & Peace.  Monopolies, Education & Free Enterprise

2013 -a 100 years of war are over 1000 years of peace

A future built on education. The focus of creating a better world does not lie within a dominating and violent way, it lies in a gentle but firm guiding way. Teachers need to focus on building moral character, the science, math and technology we can provide through automated digital education. Building these programs, and ensuring that they meet high academic standards without compromising moral fiber is something that must be encouraged.

The world is an open place. Internet has proven that. Children, and self, need to be taught to master the open environment and ability to access both good and evil. Alcohol and drugs are a classic example. The more societies attempt to ban and control the access to vices such as these the more of a problems they seem to become. Alcohol has been readily available to most societies for most of history, yet the great majority of people are not mastered by alcohol. When individual understand that their access to something that will kill them is open, they tend to respect it more. When people think that their access to something like alcohol or drugs is limited, they often tend to grab it and consume it while they can.

Kids are a classic example. Offer a young child a beer or whiskey as no big deal and their taste buds will almost always turn it away in disgust, in so doing you arm that child with the ability to say no thanks to alcohol and drugs. The few in our society who are unfortunate enough to be mastered by drugs and alcohol serve as examples to the rest of us of the dangers of these vices. The violence of heroin, the incompetent vegetable state of pot, the relationship destroying characteristics of cocaine and violent paranoia or crack and the drunk stumbling headache of alcohol are so easy to show off. Children are not stupid when given the opportunity to think. The lessons are right here in front of us every day. All of us are teachers, all of us can help, all of us are capable of determining the difference between good and evil, all we have to do is see.

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