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Many leaders make the mistake of focusing on the short term and thereby loose sight of the road ahead.  Such behavior invariably results in spinning out of the corner ahead, a corner that will come. 

U.S. International and much of the National policy reflects gross short sightedness.  To 'protect' American 'interests', the U.S. government repeatedly takes the approach of sponsoring the quick and dirty solution.  In the past this has generally involved underhanded sponsoring and even direct involvement with individuals who feign support for the US, or who at the time may even adamantly oppose the US’s interests.  However, it is usually these peoples personal desire for power that motivates them.  To get such an individual into power generally requires force, to keep such an individual in power requires a dictatorship.

For the purpose of identification, we refer to such individuals or groups who the US pushes into power as "3rd Party Dictators" - that is, a dictatorship that is put into power and or kept in power by a 3rd party such as the US.

Unfortunately, there are far too many well known 3rd Party Dictators who have been put into power or kept in power by the direct and significant aid from the US, Russia, Britain, France.  Most superpowers are guilty of this mistake.  Examples of 3rd Party Dictators the US created or maintained are: Sadam Hussein of Iraq, Manuel Noriega or Panama; Pinoche of Chile; xxx of Saudi Arabia, ….XXXX etc.  These individuals and the governments they ran have over time proven to be disasters to not only the US, but mostly to their own countries.  They exhibited such extreme manic behavior that those who put them into power, by association, bear some of he guilt for crimes they committed against humanity.

Pinoche, a former leader of Chile, as brought into power by a CIA supported coup, violently overthrowing a peaceful democratically elected president.  Pinoche is said to have murdered around 200,000 of his own people.  Sadam Husein is responsible for murdering around XXXXX people…XXX….

The guilt of the US’s support of 3rd Party Dictators brought on the conviction of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers.  In other words, when the U.S. supports dictators around the world, people who are assaulted by these dictators, blame the U.S.

“Terrorism is bread out of bad policy” – SOC

No nation cannot be conquered by force alone.  The mind of a nation is what ultimately determines it’s destiny.  The minds and hearts of the people must be won.  The events of the short term are merely oscillations in the frequency of life, it is the overall direction of the frequency that counts, the overall direction of life.

To conquer a nation, one has to win the minds and hearts of the people.  A mind can be oppressed by force, it cannot be won through force.  The mid has to be won through love.

Throughout history, it can be argued that individuals like Alexander The Great and the Romans, conquered their neighboring nations by force, however, it was the improvements these conquerors brought to their neighbors that kept the conqueror in power.  As soon as the conqueror failed to bring any benefit, the future ability of the conqueror to hold onto power diminishes until the conqueror is thrown out.  The will of a nation eventually throws out any conqueror.

As surely as the U.S. will be thrown out of Iraq as the U.S. was thrown out of Vietnam, particularly with the aggressive “Operation Just Cause / Operation Iraqi Freedom” or as others call it “Operation Iraqi Liberation” – “OIL”.

The greatest fault of politicians is to ignore the power of the mind.  While most politicians focus on the elements of influencing the minds of their constituents, politicians tend to focus on controlling and limiting peoples thoughts.   By improving a persons abilities, who say uses 10% of their brains cognitive capabilities,

By teaching a person, who uses say 10 % of the cognitive abilities of their brain, to use another 2% of their brains cognitive abilities, that persons lot in life is generally significantly improved. 

Giving someone knowledge, buys them freedom to create for themselves.  By creating for ourselves we create excess that can benefit others.  Knowledge costs little if anything to give.  Knowledge can however be used for either good or evil.  Without setting the course for the use of knowledge, we cannot ensure the good of the future.

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