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"We The People" The Government

In as much as one cannot simply hire any mother or father to take care of families children, one cannot simply pay tax instead of putting our own personal time into government. 

A government is the parent of a nation.  We all must partake in government.  We all need to give our time and not just taxes.  In this way, the people know the government and the government is the people.  A government of the people by the people for the people.

If you pay 50% of what you earn to the government you are effectively working six months of the year for the government.  The average U.S. citizen pays around 60%  or more of their income into 33,000 different taxing organizations in the U.S. through a plethora of taxes from telephone tax, to sales tax, property tax, tire tax, gas tax, vehicle tax, license duties etc. etc.

The U.S. is not based on a socialist construct.  The U.S. is not a welfare state.  Welfare does not belong to the State, it belongs first to the family, second to the Church and lastly to the Community.  Just as the Church must not be the State, in the U.S. the State must not be Communist.

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