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Misnomers of Government

Government's like corporations are run by people, and people like to grow their lot in life.  Politicians talk about increasing revenue the same way corporations do.  Government officials would like you to believe that they are indispensable and that they should have the right to take most of what you work for.  However, is this really the truth are government jobs indispensable?

Self Regulating Government

Interactive medium such as the Internet have enabled the implementation of highly successful self-regulating infrastructures that have proven capable of supporting massive populous'. Classic examples are Ebay and Myspace. These same constructs of self regulating systems can and must be applied directly to government so as to not only improve services but to eliminate the unnecessary overhead and burden of government.

Ebay allows their public to openly comment on representatives who sell products.  Should we not have open databases on our public servants where the public can comment about those we pay to work for us?  Myspace allows us to choose our friends interactively, should we not have a similar ability to choose who can represent our interests in government. 

Must our choice of representatives in central government functions be limited to someone in our immediate vicinity?  Can we implement distributed autonomous decentralized government?


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