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Ideas on a new constructs of government...

Every citizens vote counts for each and every governmental issue as in a true Democracy.

Citizens may choose to assign their vote on a general or specific basis to a Vote Representative who shall cast the vote for the citizen.

A representative may be an individual or a corporation.

Each vote is compensated for.  Representatives are compensated for vote consolidation and representation.  Citizens votes compensation is deducted off taxes due.

Ethical compliance of Vote Representatives shall be strictly enforced.  All books, transactions, meetings and communications of a Vote Representative shall be open and public and readily accessible through Internet.



No Bill shall be passed without a 3/4 majority of citizens vote - of the entire populous.

Such a bill is likely to be vehemently opposed by typical Legislators who will claim that noting new will ever be passed.  However, it has been proven that voters will turn out for pressing matters (The recent recall of California's Governor).  If there is a need for legislation, then the people will vote.  If only a few people want the legislation, then they should not place their legislation on others.  Regional legislation will allow smaller communities to control their own affairs.



No government office or officer may reward themselves or in any way influence their reward.  Compensation for government offices and officials shall be entirely controlled by the public.  No taxes, tickets or fines shall be paid to the governmental body or officer who issues said tax, tickets or fines.

For Example:  Funds received for tickets must be put into an entirely separate banking account to those responsible for issuing, prosecuting or judging the ticket.



One often asks whether any matter of a State should be confidential.  Some would argue that during war time confidential communications are necessary to achieve surprise.  However, such surprise should not be the responsibility of the government, but rather that of the military.  Open policy on a State level itself acts as a strong deterrent and or mitigator of potential conflict.



For the People by the People.



- Administration and Records

General administration.

Registration and Recording - Primarily handled on a local cell basis.


- Legislative

Entirely driven by the citizen through the introduction of Bills requiring 3/4 of citizens vote.


- Judicial

Mediation;  Jury Selection and Management; Compensation, Penalty and Corrections.

Local Elected District Attorney - No power to file complaints, may only act on verified criminal complaints.



- Health

Basic Health Care:

Diet and Fitness Plans - Food for Destitute;

Colds & Flu; Checkups; Broken Bones; Emergency Care; Basic Dental


- Ethics

1. Media - Define Censorship Bar.

2. Education - Set Standards and National Tests (Interface with Records)

3. Business - Standards for ethical business practices

4. Trading - Standards for trading (Contract requirements & representation - addressing all trading, stock, real estate, stores)

5. Banking - Standards for 3rd parties holding assets.


- Police

Based on local elected sheriff, public bonded deputies & private bonded security guards.


- Military

Small professional specialist sector to maintain military preparedness and awareness.

Primary Public military duty, 6 month mandatory service, one day every 6 months meeting and training - service scaled according to relative threat.



- Transportation Infrastructure: Roads, Bridges, Rail, Airports and Harbors;

- Gov funded Communications: Post Office, Internet

- Police Services

- Ethics Enforcement:  Mediation; Inspections and Design;  Licenses

- Health Services.

- Sales Tax - Stores, telephone, gas, utilities.

- Employee Tax - Salaries, Income

- Corporate Tax - Corporate Profits.


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