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If You Are Employed By the Government

On The Front Line

"If you're in the military or law enforcement, remember, you swore an oath to defend the American Constitution.  You did not swear an oath to promote world government.  Honor your oath." - Aaron Russo, America, From Freedom to Fascism

The Constitution is the highest law of the land, it overrules all other laws, Acts and Statutes.  The 9th Amendment dictates that rights shall not diminish.  The Constitution makes the Patriot Act void, it makes the Military Commissions Act void, it makes most of the Code void along with every Executive Order ever issued.  When the true enemy of state is the State, it's time to act without fear.  It also makes it your duty to arrest and punish these criminals who so blatantly commit treason in the name of we the people.  Arrest Bush, Cheney and their co-conspirators in the Federal Reserve Bank now.

If you are employed by the government in any function please understand that you are working towards the goals of the owners of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and their colleagues who have taken control of the military, media and major corporate industrial complex through repeated market crashes and by perpetrating war, including WWI & II, The Great Depression, Vietnam, Gulf War, etc.

The worst warnings of Orwell and President Dwight Eisenhower have come to pass.

Corporations in themselves are not bad, it's who owns them and what they do - like Halliburton building concentration camps across the U.S.  Those who funded Hitler and Stalin now direct you, look into the rise of the Communists and Nazi governments and realize these people have already taken the U.S. down that same path.  The Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Fascist Executive Orders and Homeland Security perfect Hitler's Mein Kamph.

Don't quit, force your colleagues and bosses to follow the Constitution: The 9th Amendment voids the Patriot Act and other absurd laws. The war in Iraq is utterly illegal, no U.S. soldier is legally required to invade other Nation. The IRS and local tax collector have no authority to collect their taxes as the 16th Amendment was not ratified.  But realize you are being paid with stolen funds, there is no legal basis to collect your pension.

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