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Bush Appoints 9/11 Insider as Next Attorney General

With Judicially appointed President Bush's Attorney General's continued resignations as they repeatedly are caught committing serious treason, Bush moved to appoint a 9/11 insider to the position of Attorney General.

Bush's Next Attorney General: Murky Michael B. Murkasey Chief of the Official Corruption Unit of the Attorney General's office and likely Yale Bones Club Satan worshiper who gave billions of dollars to the people who blew up the World Trade Center.

Bush who clearly fears being prosecuted for outrageous war crimes appointed Michael Mukasey, 66, a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School and likely a member of the secret Satanic Yale Bones Club sect to the position of Attorney General.  This is similar to Bush appointing Hennery Kissinger as head of the sham 9/11 Commission.  Kissinger had to quickly step down when it was revealed that one of his primary clients were the Binladins.

Mukasey ensured Larry Silverstein the owner of the World Trade Center and key figure in blowing up the WTC buildings collected $4.6 billion dollars from insurance companies when as the judge he secured the outcome of that sham trial.

Mukasey was chief of the Official Corruption Unit of the Attorney General and clearly a key cover-up player and insider to the extreme government corruption.

To his discredit, Mukasey won the approval of Congress when he apparently condemned the use of torture by U.S. forces.  He also stated that he knows no lawful right of a President to authorize torture.  However in a following interview Senator Sheldon Whitehouse asked Murkasey whether waterboarding was constitutional Murkasey replied:  “I don’t know what is involved in the technique, If waterboarding is torture, torture is not constitutional.”  Clearly Murkasey is a liar.  There is categorically no way a nominee for Attorney General replacing a fired an Attorney General who was fired for approving waterboarding would not know what is involved in the technique.

Key Mason-men have opposed their clan in the past, however, when they do the are quickly terminated see: the murderous history of the Federal Reserve Bank.  Mukasey's involvement as chief of the Official Corruption Unit of the Attorney General's office during a time of extreme government corruption, however, suggests that he too is a spin artist playing for public opinion by employing deception so as to obtain a public post.

After 15 yrs of conservative reporting Dean Loren is resigning over fear that Michael Mukasey would be appointed Attorney General.  "I'm dropping out of business because the gangsters [Murkasey] are coming into power"

Well respected Dean Loren can be seen testifying that Michael Murkesey is a serious mobster engaged in multiple crimes and linked to key mobsters, including the cover up of $200 Million Medicade fraud amongst other serious crimes:

Dean Loren had direct interaction with lawsuits put before Murkesey, in other words Loren's testimony is not hearsay.  Loren exposes that Murkesey as a key pin in the 2nd circuit crime ring controlling international crime rings.  Murkesey apparently resigned because of Blake v. Wells which Loren was involved in.  Loren also exposes judges fixing divorce cases such as the Kimba case and the Loren v. Levy which involved Murkesey and Judge David Chin, these judicial criminals originated from the Corruption Unit of the Attorney Generals office.  In his last investigative news show, Loren stated "I'm quitting while I am still alive." Dean Loren said, "It's been 15 years of hard investigative reporting. I would like to say goodbye while I am still breathing."

One should also ask how long former Attorney General Gonzales will be sentenced for the crimes he was caught committing?  Gonzales simply declared himself above the law. He probably wont even be prosecuted and if he is, Bush will simply liberate him from the law like he did Libby. 

Government officials today claim that they are our sovereigns, our kings and queens, who cannot be prosecuted for crimes.  Is it not time to put these criminals into the massive jail complexes they built?

Clearly it is time for "We the People" to form our own Grand Juries by simply randomly selecting 24 individuals from our communities to issue indictments for Bush, Gonzales, Cheney, Murkasey and the rest of the treasonous government officials and throw them in the jails they built for us.

Our government is not only a sham, it is a bunch of criminals.  If low life's like this can obtain office without question, is there any hope for our Nation?  With new technology and the Internet there is.  Education and information is exploding out of Internet faster than they can control it.  With knowledge we can succeed.


Could the U.S. be any more absurdly out of control? How amassing it is that citizens of this aggressive nation, like the citizens of Nazi Germany, remain silent as they reap the benefits of their Nations violence.  They not only remain silent they often aggressively defend the crimes committed by their government and Nation.

If we allow the President to elect his own Attorney General,  who's going to hold the President accountable for treason and international war crimes?

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