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Bush Above The Law - Gives the Senate Judiciary Committee the Up Yours!

Judicially Appointed President George W. Bush ordered his White House chief of staff Josh Bolten and former White House aide Karl Rove to ignore Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenas regarding the Bush administrations selective firing of nine Federal Prosecutors who did not tow the Bush line.  Clearly Bush does not want any evidence regarding his fixing Federal Prosecution to his personal liking and bias to get out in the open.  Bush, after all, clearly believes he is above the law.

Claiming that he has "Executive Privileges", the international War Criminal, George W. Bush, claimed that neither he nor his staff need respond to any investigation of crimes committed by his Excellency or any of his henchmen.  The Senate Judiciary Committee moved to file Contempt charges against the henchmen who refused the lawful subpoena.  However, even the Committee's votes to issue the contempt charges were largely spread along partisan lines, with only two Republican's conforming with the law and demanding the contemptuous behavior of the Executive Office be brought in line with the law.

White House, spokeswoman Dana Perino scoffed at the Committee's action, calling it "a futile effort."  Which is probably what it is, since the proceedings will take so long to go through the courts that the criminals will be out of office before it is heard some time in 2009 or later.

However, on the upside, Bolten and Rove could be convicted when their emperor has no clothes and is out of office.  What if the newly appointed resident of the White House does not give them a Libby pardon, they may even have to go to jail.  But, that's wishful thinking, the jails are for everyone but political criminals.

- For more visit December 13, 2007

With almost twice as many signing statements as all previous presidents put together, more than 1,100 signatures, Bush has reached new heights a Emperor Sovereign.  Many of these signatures sought to completely reverse Constitutional law.  It is indeed interesting to observe how the man gets away with it, or will he.  Bush's boldness in breaking the law has however not stopped him setting up a Bush Bolt Hole alongside his buddies from Nazi Germany.