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President Barry So-and-so The Banksters Boy
Barry Soetoro A.K.A. Barak (Jewish word for lighting) Saddam Hussein OBSama Bin Ladena born in Mombasa Kenya

Formerly Barry Soetoro a citizen of Indonesia, Barak Hussein OBama who according the certified birth certificate, was born in Mombasa Kenya, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate at the school Occidental College.

"Obama" is registered as an Indonesian citizen under the name Barry Soetoro by his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro. The school card lists Barry Soetoro as a Indonesian citizen, his birth certificate indicates he was born Aug. 4, 1961 in Mombasa Kenya.

After attending the Assisi Primary School, Obama later was enrolled at SDN Menteng 1, an Indonesian public school - shown in pictures below the videos.

Must Watch The Obama Deception:

Born In Kenya:

On Second Thought TV Producer William Wagener covers OBama's Mombasa Kenya Birth Certificate Federal Lawsuit:

Two thumbs up to On Second Thought TV producer William Wagener one of the few reporters in the USA who recognizes the real issues.  Clearly mainstream media which is owned by Obama's masters the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank run by foreigners and criminals, is absent from this landmark event.  What is also being illustrated here is a blatant disregard for the law by the Federal government.

Part 2:
William Wagener - On Second Thought TV: Sept. 9th, 2009, SANTA ANA, CA. -
Today, 9th Dist. Federal Judge David O. Carter, gave a boost the Lawsuit filed on behalf of many Plaintiffs, including Military personnel, that President Barack H. OBAMA, actually does NOT qualify to be President, because he actually was born in Kenya, Africa, as his father before him, and therefore does NOT meet the "Natural Born" requirement of the U.S.A. Constitution. Clearly, Federal Judge David Carter was taking this case very seriously, while displaying a sense of humor and judicial economy, tell Atty. Gary Grief to physically move his chair next to Dr. & Atty. Orly TAITZ, who is the Lead Attorney to oust legally Mr. Barack Obama from the White House, based on his failure to meet the "Natural Born" requirement.

Part 3:
He ordered them to 15 minutes recess with their key plaintiffs to try to resolve their approaches. Dr. Taitz made it clear that she believed Gary to be working more in the interest of Obama than the Plaintiff, Pastor Wiley Drake. Clearly the U.S. Attorneys had made an effort to file last Friday a motion to dismiss, based on Lack of Subject matter jurisdiction, two fold: 1) that fraud in eligibility was a "political matter", and 2) that Plaintiffs lacked "standing", and Judge Carter seemed to be hinting that those were very weak arguments, and that he had not yet seen the filing, so Judge Carter went ahead and set firm dates for discovery, motions and possible trial in December of 2009 stressing that it is NOT in the "best interests" of the People of the United States to not know one way or the other if Mr. Obama is a legitimate President, and he pushed the time table, suggesting that he was going on the assumption that Plaintiffs would trump the motions for Dismissal and he did NOT what to leave the country in a quandary. Dates were set, and he suggest that by Sept. 11,, Friday he would read the motion for dismissal.

Part 4:
Dr. & Atty Orly TAITZ pushed hard to have a witness, Mr. Smith , be allowed to present his Kenyan Birth Certificate, and testify under Oath, under penalty of PERJURY, that he, Mr. Smith had brought back from Mombasa, Kenya an authentic, original Kenyan Birth Certificate of the now declared usurper President, Barack Hussein Obama. Judge Carter tried to persuade the Gov. Atty.s that it could be to their advantage to cross -examine Mr. Smith and get a head start on the Discovery and be better prepared for the trial. U.S. Attorney's representing President Obama, clearly declined and urged Judge Carter to just read the Dismissal motion and DISMISS without regard to any evidence.

Clearly, they were worried. In interviews outside the Reagan Federal Courthouse Mr. Smith displayed and identical Kenyan Birth Certificate that confirmed that President Obama WAS indeed born in Mombasa, Provincial Hospital, and it can be seen in Part 2 and 3 of this video series. This issue of "service" of President Obama has now been "effectuated" and Judge Carter has granted Dr. Orly Taitz considerable credibility in this case. This now surpasses all other attempts to bring the birth certificate issue to Judicial scrutiny. In view of the Kenyan authentic- appearing Birth Certificate,
it would appear, Obama will, if Justice is allowed to happen, be removed from office. Dr. Taitz added that the mere fact that the many military officers who have decline to take ORDERS from President Obama and NOT been court-martialed, but had orders rescinded, is a clear indication that Obama does not relish a court challenge on this issue. It is even possible that Usurper Obama could move from the White House to the Big House in a Federal Prison, aka "Club Fed". - Visit On Second Though TV William Wagener You Tube Library

O"BS"ama's The Kenyan Birth Certificates

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