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The Conspiratorial Grooming of Supreme Court Appointee Sonia Sotomayor and
Hiding the principle political facts of life for over a hundred years

Judge Sotomayor, a New York native, ruled on a Second Circuit Appeals Court panel that the Second Amendment is not a fundamental right and does not apply to the states in the case of Maloney v. Cuomo. This ruling is TREASON and a blatant violation of the Constitution.  Clearly Sotomayor will work hard with the NWO to destroy the Constitution and citizens rights.  Her ruling was also in direct conflict with a Ninth Circuit Court ruling in the Nordyke v. King case in California, that the Second Amendment IS incorporated through the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Furthermore, Judge Sotomayor published a written opinion that declined to order the release of certain information under the Freedom of Information Act. In one case, according to SCOTUSblog, she wrote that the "unwarranted invasion of privacy" for individuals whose names would be release under an FOIA request outweighed the public interest. How convenient, Sotomayor will clearly run interference when it comes to the expose of criminal acts by public officials.  No wonder President Barry Soetoro (A.K.A. Barak (Jewish word for lighting) Saddam Hussein OBSama Bin Laden) wants to appoint her.

Intelligence Report

BY G. Richard Arnold

The mass media in 1911 was a monopoly. It was made up of newspapers. Political cartoonist Robert Minor was among the most respected. Surprisingly his cartoon (opposite) was to the point. There has been an organized major effort since that time to erase any reference to that point.

Today the Rush Limbaughs, John Hannitys, and networks and cable news have done everything they can to hide the top down connections of how the world works.

  In fact most of talk radio is scripted to conceal rather than reveal.  That is true across the political spectrum. 


The fact of political life recognized in 1911 has been stamped out by agents, idiots and the go along to get alongs.


Communism is not the people overthrowing the banking establishment ... Communism is an instrument designed by the banking establishment to enslave the people.


That is why Barack Obama is the "bankers boy". 


Communism is a manufactured product of Wall Street and by extension ... the Tax Exempt Foundations.


Dr. William Wirt headed the U.S. Office of Education. His secretary became a Communist 8 years after Minor's cartoon was published. Communist Alice Barrows predicted exactly how Communism would be implemented.


And that is exactly how the "bankers boy" Obama is accomplishing America's Communist coup.


Talk hosts like a giddy pre-ejaculating juveniles reach their intellectual peek by criticizing Nancy Pelosi's plastic surgery. All of the while ... pretending not to notice that 10.8 trillion dollars has been stolen from the American people by foreign bankers in a mere 8 months! 


These eunuchs still defend Republican (Skull & Bones) George Bush (who took an oath to the dark side using human remains in his ritual). Even a village idiot can see the Hitlerian apparatus is being visibly installed by Homeland Security (a term from Hitler's mouth) with the advise from the KGB and Stasi.<b>KGB</b>+Issues+Top+11&imgSize=11364&<b>Primakov</b>+at+a+...&imgSize=40181& 
Primakov (KGB) and Kissinger


Markus Wolf 
Markus Wolf "Stasi" East German Secret Police advisor to the Bush administration on how to control the American people.  

George Bush merely handed the tyranny baton to Obama (the Bankster's boy). 

Good lord ! This is a Punch and Judy Show. While you were merely watching and cheering one side or the other ... they picked your pocket. With everything you own. And you none the wiser are on your way home amused ... and they intend to kill you.


Back to Communist Alice Barrows:  She and several other government employees revealed to Dr. Wirt they were members of the Communist party. Wirt testified before an investing Congressional committee,
Government must operate business and commerce. By propaganda, they would destroy institutions making long term capital loans—and then push Uncle Sam into making these loans. Once Uncle Sam becomes our financier, he must also follow his money with control and management.

Wirt further testified they told him, we are ready to supplant him with a title=""> title=""> Stalin. We all think that Mr. Roosevelt is only the Kerensky of this revolution. We are on the inside. We can control the avenues of influence. We can make the President believe that he is making decisions for himself."[1]<b>Sonia</b>+<b>Sotomayor</b>:+Judge,+U.S.+Court+...&imgSize=19137&

Sonia Sotomayor   has long standing connections with the Brotherhood of Death. And just like Obama is a willing, groomed tool of the Banksters.

Sonia has been handled by the "banking establishment" from very early on . She is part of their World Government brothel.

Sonia admits to attracting the "international community's" attention by throwing herself into a racial front known as the Third World Center. ( Now called the Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding).

Carl Fields was a black dean for Princeton also controlled by the elite. Carl Fields received Ford Foundation fellowship.

The director of the Ford Foundation stated their purpose was to ... "so alter the U.S. that it could comfortable merge into the Soviet Union." Carl Field was an administrator of the NY Riverside Church (Rockefeller Jr.'s church). The church was run by Emerson Fosdick. Brother Raymond Fosdick ran the Rockefeller Foundation.

Carl Field was an associate of Communist Tutu's

Sonia Sotomayor learned how to please the New World Order elite and like a nymphomaniac won't stop.

 They funded her rise. Sonia PynePrize). The NWO need a black and Hispanic Judas goats for their planned culling of the population.<b>CREATURE</b>+<b>FROM</b>+<b>JEKYLL</b>+<b>ISLAND</b>&imgSize=66657&

Sonia is the Banker's "girl". The fact is Moses Taylor Pyne was the director of 4 banks, 8 railroads,  a gas and insurance company, 4 steel mills and president of the 1st national Bank of NY.  Robert Minor's 1911 cartoon displays the Wall Street welcome to Karl Marx and Communism.

Ist National City Bank's president Frank Vanderlip headed the most powerful bank at the time. It represented William Rockefeller who joined 6 other men representing one fourth of the world's wealth in a conspiracy to cheat the American people.

 This conspiracy set up the banker owned Federal Reserve.  by G. Edward Griffin. So the biggest fortune to the greatest scam on earth is also the source of the Pyne Prize given to traitor Sonia Sotomayor.

M. T. Pyne followed Vanderlip to the presidency of 1st National Bank.

Barack is the Banker's boy and Sonia is the Banker's girl.  These people are the Judas goats to hold down their fellow ethnics while the eugenicists follow the Club of Rome's agenda in preparation for genocide. T. Pyne accelerated the recruiting for the conspiracy by system of so called "eating clubs". was a conduit for the secret societies.

Moses Tyler Pyne was president of Ist  National Bank which is the owner of Federal Reserve stock.

   None of this is mentioned by the dopes (media) who fall for the Republican / Democrat ... Liberal / Conservative malaise palmed off daily as "the news". The media merely gets people to huddle in Hegelian fear as planned ... while the "elite" consolidates the world.  


    Communism is exactly where Barack and Sonia are going.


     SoniaYale school and was made editor of the Yale Law Journal. That is what happened to   Arlen Specter.  Yale is home to the Brotherhood of Death (Skull & Bones) and a gaggle of replicas to accommodate the wealthy families involved in the "killing game".


      Sotomayor was credentialed by the "insiders". Sonia was placed with Robert Morgenthau NY District Attorney. Robert went to the conspiracy's Ten School Organization ( Deerfield ) and to Yale.


Robert Morgenthau worked for NY Mayor Republican John Lindsey(St Paul's School), also Yale and belonged to the secret society Scroll and Key.  John Lindsey NY by (Council on Foreign Relations) Republican Rudy Giuliani.

 Robert Morgenthau's father was there at the beginning of the conspiracy under Wilson<b>Henry</b>+<b>Morgenthau</b>+<b>Jr</b>.+...&imgSize=42214&

  Henry Morgenthau Jr. was a supporter of Woodrow Wilson's Federal Reserve, and League of Nations. He went the Dwight school named after Brotherhood of Death (Skull & Bones) member Timothy Dwight who was a president of Yale.


   Henry Morgenthau Jr was treasurer of the United States.

    It was the Morgenthau Plan ... that stole money from the American taxpayers to please the bankers after


      WWII ."henry+morgenthau+jr&img=<b>Henry</b>+...&imgSize=35366&hostName=www.britannica.comEuropean Union.

The European Union is the result of the international private bankers using American money and the U.S. and British intelligence agencies'regional control of the UN.

 Sonia has been whoring for the wealthy banking establishment her whole life.<b>john</b>+<b>m</b>+<b>walker</b>+<b>jr</b>+judge+<b>john</b>+...&imgSize=27974&hostName=www.abovethelaw.comRepublican George H.W. Bush (Skull & Bones) appointed Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. district court of


    NY. Sonia replaced a cousin of George Bush (S&B) , John M. Walker Jr..


     John M. Walker Jr went to the Ten School Organization (Phillips Exeter Academy)... imagine that! 


      Walker is a professor at Yale law school and was a member of one of the secret societies (Wolf's Head) as exposed in the book America's Secret Establishment (free download"orin+hatch"&img=,+Senator+<b>Orin</b>+...&imgSize=26359&hostName=core-europe.orgRepublican Orin Hatch chairman of the Judiciary committee voted for communist Sonia

 Sotomayor.   Hatch is a member of the Ripon society.  Rush would rather keep people in the dark and mad than informed.  

  Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity are also tools of Skull and Bones. Rush never in his radio career told his listening audience of the Ripon Society. The Ripon society is a group of Republican that jump when Rockefeller says jump. They promote the NWO by promoting Council on Foreign Relations Republicans or those who will do their bidding.


   Rush said he had adopted William Buckley (Brotherhood of Death) as his second father. Buckley wrote in his autobiography  that if he had his life to live over again he would have been be a "Communist".


    "Communism" "CATO capitalism" promotes unbridled monopoly for the same forces and purpose. The "insiders" don't care about philosophy they demand control. The followers of the "left" and"right"are merely disposable useful idiots.<b>John</b>+<b>Roberts</b>+...&imgSize=40628&


     John Roberts is also groomed and in position to impose the planned death sentence for the U.S.A.

      Both John Roberts and Sonia Sotomayor were appointed by Skull and Bones members. The origins and the goals are the same.

The brain washed can't see the scam for the life of them. They simple mindedly cheer for the "left" or the "right". People react emotionally and refuse to think.

 All the while a slow motion communist coup d etfront of their eyes.

  And the people are deliberately confused because of the culprits and dopes in the media.<b>In</b>+the+face+...&imgSize=391585& and think they have done their homework.<b>Ostrich</b>+<b>head</b>+-+careful,+they+bite&imgSize=30496&hostName=ralphlosey.wordpress.comTo rehash DRUDGE is such disservice to intelligent listeners.


Search you dial to avoid the repetitive fluff and propaganda from AP

Ostrich can be fearsome ...
once his head is out of the sand!Or he will be murdered by the powers that be.