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New World Dis-Order
Why the Federalist & Central World Governance Will Not Work

Host centric systems where a central authority controls the masses through hierarchical layers of administrative infrastructure do not work.

Decentralized autonomous and independent infrastructure is the only way one can build governance that scales.

Centralized, massive governments have proven over and over to only become completely corrupt.

Internet is a classic example of the success of building massively scalar infrastructure that works. The TCP/IP protocol that forms the underlying building blocks of Internet operates as an autonomous distributed and independent management and control infrastructure. Each of the many thousands of routers (management decision points) on Internet independently make management decisions without having to establish any interactive communication with a central authority. Other protocols that employed Federalist or Central Management such as SNA, were unable to scale or operate as efficiently as TCP/IP. Internet is not the only lesson on how to build massively scalar systems that work. Nature provides one of the best examples.

In nature, when a cell grows too large it splits into two independent autonomous cells. Everything in nature is self managing. There is no central governance in nature. Everything in nature is distributed. However, the most important thing to recognize with respect to nature is that it has worked for a long, long time, successfully.

Imagine if you had to get permission from the Pope if you wanted to have a baby. Imagine the United Nations dictating what your home looks like or where you can or cannot travel "show me your papers". Or imagine a central government deciding how much money they can take out of your pocket in taxes to pay themselves and their friends.

When one realizes that most, if not all, the large central government projects and communist plots have originated from devious planning instituted by a small minority of extraordinarily wealth bankers we call "banksters", the real truth behind world governance emerges. When one can trace the origin / initiation and funding of all the major wars in the last century to this same small group of dimwitted fools who erroneously believe that they are the illuminated ones, the bare truth of the nature of central governance emerges.  This is not intelligent design, this is not illuminated thinking, it is simply raw evil greed.

The bottom line is that we need to keep government small and under the control of “we the people”. Large government creates oligarchies, it installs the beast that cannot be controlled. The very beast these fools seek to construct, will in the end also consume them and their families.


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