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Governments and Monopolistic Control

Governments are usually formed to coordinate and control people.  There are two primary forms of government Socialist or Capitalist while Governance is deployed in three primary fashions (and combinations of all):

  • Dictatorships.
    The people have no say in governance.

  • Democracies.
    The people have complete say in governance.

  • Republics.
    The people elect representatives for governance.

"It is not necessary monopolies that are the problem, but corrupt monopolies that are the problem.”SOC
“The larger an enterprise, the greater the chance of corruption within that enterprise.”SOC

Governments form basically to defend against or create monopolies that control the distribution of wealth and freedoms.   Corrupt monopolies form the underlying basis for almost every revolution.  Revolutions from the French Aristocracy; the British Crown, the Russian Tsar and the Chinese Boxer & Cultural Revolution all fought the monopolistic control of a detached government.

Communists, like the Republican Americans and the Socialist French all sought to replace corrupt monopolistic governments.  Unfortunately, history tends to show that one corrupt monopoly is often traded out for another.  Jefferson, one of the U.S. founding fathers, went as far as to suggested that a revolution every 20 years was necessary to prevent the government from getting out of control. 

In the United States, the Founding Fathers recognized many of the critical issues that caused corruption of government.  The U.S. Constitution attempted to eliminate or reduce the tendency of a government to become corrupt.  Some of the key tenants to the U.S. Constitution are:

  1. "We The People": Government by the people for the people.

  2. Minimalist federated government.

  3. No taxation without representation.

  4. No direct tax and no inter state tax.

  5. A dual path judicial system, one based on elected judges the other on a jury: A judicial system depending on a randomly selected jury of peers selected from the middle part of society that judged both the law and the facts (The concept of judges judging the admissibility of evidence in the U.S. Courts is utterly foreign to the construct of Trial By Jury under the Constitution.)

  6. Locally Elected and controlled police (Sheriff)
    - we the people are the police, not they the government.

  7. Locally Elected and controlled Prosecutor (District Attorney)

  8. Locally Elected and controlled Judges

  9. English Common Law.
    - A Codeless legal system where the laws are written on the hearts of the people founded on Biblical Law.

  10. A well armed people's militia and the right to bear arms.  And a government controlled army only in times of war and never to be formed for more than two years.
    - The construct for military was not based on a professional army, but rather a well armed public. California's constitution even abolishes any standing army in the state in times of peace: ARTICLE I. Declaration of Rights Sec. 12: "The military shall be subordinate to the civil power. No standing army shall be kept up by this State in time of peace; and in time of war no appropriation for a standing army shall be for a longer time than two years."
    - The 2nd Amendment grants "we the people" the right to bear arms. This implies that if the government has atomic weapons, then we the people also are entitled to atomic weapons. Consider how quickly our government would abolish atomic weapons under such a construct. The purpose of 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the government is never more powerful than "we the people".


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