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The Construct of Live & Origin of Everything - Soulisim


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The Construct of Governments

"Large piles of money attract criminals.  In governments both can be found."SOC

New Introduction: Liberty For Life's founder never had time to really finish this section while being persecuted in the US by criminals in the government there. After feeding the US in 2010, in asylum C developed what is arguably THE best solution for the planet by restructuring government. The Earth Plan implements a new form and construct of government called Peopleisim. Visit or to learn more. A brief introduction to what Peopleisim offer can be found HERE>.

Old Introduction: For millennium there has been a struggle between people and government.  The battle to control, to take what others work for.  Theft in it's simplest form has plagued government's of almost every form and nature.  It appears that invariably that which was built out of the noblest construct, in time, turns on itself.  Enthalpy and Entropy in pure form.  This site is in development, the goal is to build a solid basis learning from experiences of governments around the world and to fix our systems so as to reverse and prevent decay.

Construct of Government


The Earth Plan's Peopleisim  is THE Solution to the Worlds Problems do IT!
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