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9th Amendment - Rights Shall Not Diminish

U.S. Constitution Amendment IX: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

The rights we have may not be taken away.  Such as the right to a Trail By Jury where the jury determines both the law and fact (Amend 5, 6 & 7); the right to bear arms (Amend 2 - any weapon of any description); the right to practice religion (Amend 1 - including in public schools); the right to due process and common law's 'innocent until proven guilty' construct (Amend 4-8).

These rights were established for explicit reasons.  The right to bear arms was to ensure that 'we the people' could not be overpowered by 'they the government'.  The government has absolutely no authority whatsoever to limit what sort of weapon you own and carry (see the right to bear arms).  In California the founding fathers designated roads as "rights of way" so that the government could not take away your right to move about freely.  In California you do not need a license to travel on a right of way.  Driving is not a 'privilege' it is a 'right'.  Other States have the same protections.  The police have not right to arrest someone without the indictment of a Grand Jury or witnessing the person commit a felony in their presence where there is substantial proof of such.  The government may not prosecute people on drug charges or any charge where their is not Intent + Act + Damage. A judge has absolutely no right to exclude evidence from a Trial By Jury, as this then ceases to be a trial by jury but a trial by the judge who determines the outcome by controlling the evidence (see Trial By Jury).

Over and over we see our government completely ignoring our rights and blatantly violating the most fundamental law of the land.  Should we respect our government if they have absolutely no respect for the law and act lawlessly?  (see note for Christian's on this issue Obeying Authority)

The 9th Amendment effectively voids the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and most so-called new laws our non-representative government passes.


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