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Security Exchange Act

The Securities Act of 1933 was established for the express purpose of eliminating competitors to the private bank that paid for Woodrow’s Presidential Campaign on the condition that he make their bank the central bank for the U.S. (See Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913/4 - Fed 1, Fed 2). The Securities Act of 1933’s definition of a security starts by defining a security as a ‘note’, i.e. the same as the Federal Reserve Note/U.S. Dollar. The definition goes on to include everything under the sun as a security.

What one must realize is that the Securities Act of 1933 is utterly frivolous other than to establish an agency and means to prevent competitors to the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. There never was any need to pass new laws regarding fraud or racketeering, these laws were already fully enforceable. Any company who fraudulently misrepresented a security could already be fully prosecuted under Fraud/Decrepit and many other criminal torts by any investor.  These laws have existed since the inception of the U.S. Constitution. Therefore obviously, by definition, the irrefutable fact is that The Securities Act of 1933 is itself Fraud, Decrepit and an act of blatant treason.

What is astonishing is how gullible and easily fooled we can be. The most blatantly treasonous acts get away with a smoke screen of false honor and integrity, wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Abraham Lincoln’s unlawful acts that ravaged the Union leaving more U.S. citizens dead than all the other wars combined are never challenged in classrooms or churches for what they were, criminal acts of treason and treachery.

After the privately held Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) allowed the Great Depression to occur by simply preventing their Notes getting to banks when there was a run on the banks, a fact well established and concurred to by leading economists.  In 1933 Franklin Delaware Roosevelt (FDR) treasonously initiated Socialism and Fascism in the U.S. FDR not only stole the people's only legal tender, gold, he also implemented the IRS, Social Security and the SEC.  An entire package rapping up the control of the U.S. by the bankers who owned the Federal Reserve Bank.  These unlawful agencies literally implement Communism within the U.S. with the Federal government as the oligarchy's head.  The owners of the FRB and FDR's feats are astonishing.  FDR’s acts of treason and treachery could not have been more blatant and obvious, as obvious as our current President, George Bush Junior’s acts of treason and treachery. It is astonishing that our government has literally put so-called laws on the books that literally allow them to secretly arrest anyone without that person even being able to question them or prove their innocence!  Bush has even established the U.S's Nazi stile secret police and stretched Federal control directly into the locally represented and now private police agencies across the U.S., Homeland Security. 

On a par with the treasonous Patriot Act, IRS, Social Security, Gold Theft and Homeland Security is another Act that was also passed with astonishing speed and without question is SOX.  The SEC site puts it most appropriately: “On July 30, 2002, President Bush signed into law the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which he characterized as "the most far reaching reforms of American business practices since the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt."” -
Indeed, the SEC is correct.  SOX extends the treasonous and frivolous control of the SEC beyond U.S. boundaries to the entire world.  Other nations have objected, however what power do they have against FRB's weapons of mass destruction?  The problem we have are people like Bush, Wilson & FDR, puppets willing to betray US all for personal profit.

"Corruption is like a virus.  There need not be any coordination or conspiracy between the criminals who often in unison work towards each of their individual goals which are one and the same, to line their personal pockets.
- To control nations and the world, one simply needs to point the virus in an intended direction to achieve the end goals." - SOC


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