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InfoTelesys / CopperCards Bank

Two months after this CopperCards Press Release the government filed five false felonies against Clive, arrested him, stole his home and kidnapped his children.

InfoTelesys / CopperCards Bank Presentation - About the Bank That Could Solve The World's Problems

DATE: June 25, 20089

CONTACT: Clive Boustred

PHONE NUMBER: (831) 435-0971

ORGANIZATION: CopperCards, Ec.




Build CopperCards Bank - CC Banking Presentation - Fix The Fed -

SILICON VALLEY, California, U.S.A. Friday, June 13, 2008 – “Banks charging interest on money is over. A new day has dawned for commerce in America and around the world," said Clive Boustred, one of the foremost strategists and architects for banking technologies world-wide at a press conference today.

The event signaled the announcement of CopperCards Bank, a free-market-valued, asset-backed trading and banking system that is a viable replacement for today's money. CopperCards Bank Asset Exchange has, according to Boustred and others in the industry, significant advantages over current banking systems and money as we know it. They went on to explain that almost anything can be registered, appraised and turned into 'Coppers' the bank's trading currency. Second, every Copper issued is backed by real verified assets valued at real-time market value. Third, there are no interest charges or transaction fees to use the CopperCards Bank.

Users of CopperCards Bank and Asset Exchange will be able to turn assets into a means to buy the things that they need to run businesses or feed their families. The users’ don¹t have to go through the steps imposed upon them by the current banking system. Money, as we know it today, is eliminated. In no case will those using the system have to use the U. S. dollar or any other existing currency, although they can if they want to. Not having to convert to money offers tremendous advantages to all participants, according to Boustred.

Today's money is made out of noting and backed by noting, or otherwise known as "fiat" money. As most financial specialist already realize, the US dollar does not represent an ounce of gold, a piece of real estate or anything that could be appraised for a market price. Instead, its value hinges on imaginary and dangerous perception. If people loose faith in the U.S. the dollar plummets in value. If the Fed makes too much money, then demand reduces and the value of the money drops. The Fed has been printing so much money that in 2006 they stopped publishing the M3 money production report.

Almost all the world's banking is now based on imaginary value or fiat money.

If the United States corporate government collapsed, the money that they gave the Fed bank owners the exclusive franchise to make, would no longer be accepted to purchase anything, and it would assume the same value as Iraqi dinars. In the CopperCards Bank system, currency with value, such as gold coins, would be accepted as payment for anything even after any government no loner exists. Most major currencies in the world are fiat currencies due to flaws in the global banking scheme of central or reserve banks.

The global banking scheme was originated by a number of privately-owned banks who appear to be, but are not government agencies. They are mostly owned by the Rothschild’s family. Until recently, most Americans were unaware that the Federal Reserve Bank is in fact, private. This insight has sent tremors throughout markets and into the mainstream.

Most of these banks are owned by a small number of individuals who therefore control the overwhelming majority of the world's wealth. This includes the United States Federal Reserve Bank, which makes the money out of nothing then sells their money and charges interest on top of that to the United States government, other governments’ and the public. It is this fiat money made out of nothing and backed by nothing that in effect, eats the labor and lives of Americans.

Through the Federal Reserve, that same small group controls the flow of this fiat currency, charge interest and fees for the use of their money. They have made a fortune doing so. For example, when a buyer purchases a billion dollars of oil from Iraq, the buyer first has to purchase a billion dollars of US currency from the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank. The buyer has to give gold, oil or something of value in order to purchase the billion US dollars. This means that the FED owners receive real assets for money they made out of nothing.

The CopperCards Bank eliminates fiat money or the ability of the bank to make money out of nothing. The CopperCards Banking system and the Asset Exchange ensure that the Coppers currency represent actual value. A house, a piece of land, precious metals, gems, minerals, inventories of manufactured goods, raw materials, services , Dollars or Euros etc. can all be represented in Coppers. Coppers represent real value just as gold coins once did. However, Coppers have an important distinction, their value will not diminish unexpectedly because the Coppers currency trading exchange is designed so that it cannot fail. Accounts in the CopperCards Bank are insured to an unlimited value.

Clive Boustred, founder and architect of CopperCards and InfoTelesys, who provided the systems architecture to some of the world's largest and most successful banking systems, said, “The gold standard is based on the construct that anyone who can find shiny stuff is king, but at least the gold itself is worth something. The Federal Reserve Bank astonishingly literally makes money out of nothing and backs it with nothing and charges interest on top of that!” Clive went on to add “Whether money is printed on paper, metal or cotton, is not the issue, the issue is interest and asset backed currency. CopperCards Bank provides a true asset-backed interest-free currency that eliminates bankers, governments, or corporations' ability to manipulate markets, economies and money supply for their own interest.”

By utilizing innovation in the technological and communications fields, the CopperCards Bank is able to introduce a truly revolutionary banking architecture that eliminates what has been the root cause of a great deal of corruption, many if not most depressions and most major wars. What could be described as an integrated Stock Exchange, E-Bay, Craig’s List and Advanced next-generation Communications system, this CopperCards trading banking infrastructure can provide significant relief to troubled economies.



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