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InfoTelesys / CopperCards Bank

PRESS RELEASE: Bank of The Future   -  InfoTelesys / CopperCards Bank Presentation

Two months after public ally announcing the CopperCards Bank the government filed five false felonies against Clive, arrested him, stole his home and kidnapped his children.

The CopperCards Bank is a free-market-valued, asset-backed interest-free trading system and currency that has the potential of not only replacing the current banking infrastructure and fiat currencies, but has the potential of initiating local and international business booms.

BACKGROUND: CopperCards Bank is provided by InfoTelesys' Get IT Bank and IT-AT™ (InfoTelesys-Automated Trading system).  InfoTelesys, an advanced next generation communications company not only brings resolution to the worlds banking crisis and corruption, InfoTelesys also brings revolutionary educational tools, media and other exciting benefits to mankind.

CopperCards Bank was designed by people who have architect ed the systems infrastructure for some of the largest and most successful banking systems.

Get IT Bank/CopperCards Bank will charge no interest on Coppers and no transaction or banking fees it will be set up as a not-for-profit and a separate entity to

By integrating Wall Street, E-Bay and Craig's List like trading systems technology, the CopperCards Bank will provide consumers dynamic trading infrastructure that allows for macro and micro trading.

CopperCards Bank Currency is Called 'Coppers' and denoted simply by ‘C’.

There are no fees associated with utilizing the CopperCards Bank or trading system.  The CopperCards Bank is setup as a not for profit organization that is funded through limited use of Coppers for operations purposes.  This is no ordinary bank, the bank will have no investment portfolio, no profits, nor any ability to charge interest or manipulate markets.

Any asset may be traded through the CopperCards Bank, including other currencies, land, property, services, etc.

  "Our misunderstanding is the belief that money is a real asset, to the extent where we have allowed this deception to become reality. Money, cash, currency is only a tool, a 'Note' that represents real assets or services in a transaction.

The ability to manufacture money, whether the note is printed on metal, paper or digitally is something that must be in the free domain. Just as corporations are free to offer notes representing the ownership or stock of a corporation.

If we give any person or entity the exclusive right to control the representation or production of notes representing assets and services, we give that person complete control of everything, unless we specifically dictate that the note may bear no interest and the valuation of assets and services remain free and dynamic.

Our lack of understanding of money has resulted in centuries of servitude and the last hundred years of violent wars." - CLive Boustred, Chairman CopperCards & InfoTelesys.

The currency bears no interest making it in the interest of the owner of the currency to exchange their Coppers for real assets. This also prevents the bank from utilizing interest rates to manipulate the market and ensures the currency is utilized only for trading.

There will be no charge or fees for using the InfoTelesys IT-AT Get IT Bank/CopperCards Banking system and Coppers currency. The bank is prohibited from producing Coppers for any use other than customers trading and the bank's operational costs. The bank is also prohibited from being utilized for the purchase of military weapons, the funding of war or any criminal operations. 

Coppers unique identifiers allow transaction rollback in the event of an error or in the cases of theft providing CopperCards Bank customers an absolute guarantee of security.

The InfoTelesys Get IT Bank/CopperCards Bank and Copper currency are neutral and eliminate fiat currencies and the corruption caused by years of unscrupulous bankers, kings and greedy nations.   CopperCards Bank is the world's most significant development in banking.

Designed for Commerce

The Bank will also provide a limited credit/loan feature to significantly facilitate commerce (this feature alone can cause an industrial boom in commerce):

A person registers an asset with the bank, placing the asset in escrow with the bank in exchange for a loan of Coppers (registered value). The bank will conservatively estimate the value of the asset at a percentage below estimated market value based on the person’s credit worthiness1. (CopperCards Guardians will provide certain services in this regard).

Other currencies are registered with the bank as any other asset and held in escrow at or below the estimated market value. Other currencies bought or sold are listed on a first-in-first-out basis on the IT-AT trading exchange. The seller and buyer may also set fixed or auction pricing on currencies. Thus Coppers can be used to purchase and sell other currencies in a free market environment without the traditional overhead and fees banks normally charge.

The IT-AT trading exchange also provides for a listing and clearing house for the auction and sale of all types of assets, goods and services. Buyers can scope purchases and searches to their local region.

When the asset is sold, the buyer pays for the asset in Coppers and the asset is removed from escrow into the possession of the buyer.

When the asset is sold, the asset's real value is established, leaving a gain or loss in Coppers against the originally registered value. The difference between the registered value and sales price is balanced against the persons CopperCards Bank account.

Asset may be held in escrow by the bank in exchange for Coppers for a predetermined maximum period based on the type of asset and the typical sales cycles for that type of asset. If the asset is not sold within the maximum period, the Coppers loaned must be returned by the borrower and the asset is released from the bank’s escrow.

If the person does not have the Coppers to pay back the loan when an asset is released, the asset will be placed on auction by the bank over an average period of one year and cleared against the person's account as soon as the auction value reaches the registered value or at the auction value at the end of the clearance period. Any loss at the end of the clearance period will be charged against the person's account. Some high-end assets will have clearance periods over one year, some perishable assets will have clearance periods less than one year.

[1] A person’s credit worthiness is established by calculating the historical difference between their registered value of assets and their sale price, both in terms of volume and difference.

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