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Running Engines On Water, Stolen Gold & Freemason Traitors. What's the Essence of Mankind?

GasolineSo, what does running an engine on water imply? & What's Liberty For Life C got to do with water powered engines, stolen gold & Freemason traitors?

Firstly a quick physics lesson is necessary. Oil / Petrol / Diesel / Gasoline etc. are Hydro – Carbon fuels, that is they are made up of Hydrogen & Carbon atoms. The atoms form molecules which link together in various chains & structures. These fuels consist primarily of two atoms of Hydrogen connected to a single Carbon atom via covalent bonds, these H2C molecules, in turn are connected to other H2C molecules forming chains & branches. Oil based fuels are in effect H2C.

H2OThe one substance almost everyone knows the atomic structure of is water, H2O. Two atoms of Hydrogen connected to a single Oxygen atom via covalent bonds. Like H2C, water also assembles in chains of H2O molecules.

H2CSo what's the difference between H2O & H2C? Obviously Oxygen verses Carbon. So which is better in combustion? If you pour Carbon (like the lead in your pencil) on a fire what happens? The Carbon puts the fire out. If you blow Oxygen on a fire what happens? The Oxygen feeds the fire & it grows larger. So obviously, as a fuel, H2O is vastly superior than H2C.

So, the next question, how does a petrol engine work? The electric spark from the spark plug cracks the covalent bonds between the Hydrogen & Carbon atoms, causing an explosion which releases energy & drives the piston down, moving your car.

So how does a diesel engine work? The pressure as the piston compresses the air / diesel mixture in the piston chamber compresses the bond angles of the Hydrogen – Carbon molecules, causing the covalent bonds between the Hydrogen & Carbon atoms to crack, causing an explosion which releases energy & drives the piston down, moving your car.

So why can you not do the same with H2O? Well, you can. It is quite simple and many engineers over time have demonstrated engines running on water, one of the most well known was Stan Meyer, however, you can find engineers all over the planet demonstrating their water fueled engines. You simply need a higher voltage in the spark plug, or greater pressure in the piston chamber, or a combination of both, to crack the covalent bonds & release the energy to drive the piston down. Magnetic currents can also be used to modify the bond angle of the H2O, to make the covalent bonds crack easier. There are a plethora of inventions making it possible, including ones which utilize resonant frequency to excite the atoms & release energy.

So why don't we have engines & cars that run on water? The answer to that is also quite simple. Because it would give mankind independence from the Illuminatzi government that keeps us all as slaves.

How do the Illuminatzi pricks stop anyone producing & developing free energy technology? That's also a simple answer: Fucking Filthy Freemasons & Jesuits Gangs, the two secret-societies whose members go through multiple levels of initiation that indoctrinates them to the point where these shits brains are completely “baked”. They obey their Gangs hierarchy with blood-oath blind obedience.

Freemason BAR Association Judges slap Gag-Orders on engineers who file patents on their free-energy inventions. If the inventor continues working on or even mentions their invention, they get thrown in prison for 20 years. Freemason Thugs are simply sent to murder anyone who starts producing free technology, like they did to Stan Meyer. It's no different to the Renaissance & Reformation where Jesuits were sent to burn anyone at the stake who challenged their Illuminatzi Roman Catholic Church domination. The two-faced Gangs of Freemasons & Jesuits have been used through the millennium to enslave mankind by limiting access to knowledge and by dividing mankind to make war. They command these Gangs out of the Three Illuminatzi City-States. Jesuits out of the Vatican, Freemasons out of the City State of London & both gangs together out of Washington D.C.
City-States of Power

Water Powered EngineThe picture opposite is a simple 18 horse power Brigs & Stratton generator that has been converted to run on water instead of gasoline/petrol. Liberty For Life's founder, C, assisted Jim Bilbrey who lives in Lake Elsanore below Los-Angeles in California to put together business plans to raise funds to promote this water powered generator. However, when Jim Bilbrey realized who C was, & that C adamantly opposed the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank's criminals, he set out to have C kidnapped & even hired some Mexican thugs to do it. You see Bilbrey, who was a hot air balloon instructor, had been training some top-brass in Taiwan to fly hot air balloons. He was taken into their confidence & shown a warehouse full of what Bilbrey said were silk ten million dollar U.S. Federal Reserve Bank notes.  No doubt these U.S. Federal Bank Dollar notes were exchanged in 1934 for the gold Chiang Kai-shek stole from China.

It turns out Mr. Bilbrey betrayed his Taiwanese confidant and approached Timothy Geithner who was the United States Secretary of the Treasury and former President of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of NY. Bilbrey "tipped off" Geithner with the information & location of the secret warehouse in Taiwan, on condition of a payment of $100 million for his "contribution".

No doubt the criminals in the U.S. Government simply planned to make a raid and steal the notes, although it would likely not be a full on invasion like they did to rob Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya. It would be carried out under a covert criminal act, which in effect makes up the essence of the U.S. Government. Geithner, of German decent, has an “interest'ing” track record, which delves into the banksters trillions of dollars in bailouts, the AIG scam & he was even a Senior Fellow of the Counsel on Foreign Relations in 2001, the very year the CFR assisted the Bush Administration in planning & carrying out 9/11. He also worked for the Kissinger Associates.... need we say more?Chinas stolen gold

Bilbrey naturally felt highly uncomfortable when he learned the man helping him put together business plans for the water fueled engine, was a vehement opponent of the criminals in the U.S. Government & U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. C was fortunately tipped off, and quickly left Lake Elsinore before he could be mugged. What is ironic is that C, with his experience in regard to InfoTelesys setting out to build an honest a nex-gen banking system, would by chance, land in the middle of a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank note heist of what was stolen from China.

At least those U.S. Federal Reserve Bank notes were backed by gold the Fed allegedly “is still taking care of”. The information Bilbrey gave C was that the notes were ten million dollar notes, not the one hundred million dollar notes that Arthur Heinrich Stern reported were presented to him in Europe, perhaps Bilbrey was mistaken, however a warehouse full of these notes? [ 1 - 2 ].

When you read the ancient Sumerian Texts & how they talk about humans being engineered to be slave gold miners, more questions are raised. The big question, is how much of the gold that the Fed “acquired” is still in Fort Knox, & where the gold is now? Specifically, which planet the gold the Illuminatzies stole, has landed up on. There is more in this regard than meets the dim-witted censorship eye of the Illuminatzi.

Behavioral patterns of humans however, is what appears to be the real problem. Opposite is yet another engine, it was ordered by C to replace an engine in C's car which he wanted to give to his son (hoping he could recover his sons). However, the engine supplier Hennie Swanepoel, from Sparesfinder, sent the wrong engine & then refused to take the engine back. He claimed his supplier sent him the wrong engine & then Sparesfinder disappeared off web & Hennie now refuses to respond to the issue. This is just one more of so many examples of the nature of mankind, which is sadly utterly untrustworthy.

When people learn you are under attack from criminals in government, some strange characteristic inside them tends to lead them to betray you, to steal from you, instead of helping. Stanley Milgrams experiments on human behavior, most succinctly illustrate the underlying characteristics & traits of the human species. 60% of the people he studied were literally prepared to shock a fellow human to death, because they were told to, in the interests of a “test”. The subjects were given the assurance that they would not be held accountable for their acts against the people they were put in charge of. Milgrams study was a fascinating study of human behavioral patterns. The study was so intriguing that was repeated in different forms. 

Stanford University, for example, carried out a similar study with a random batch of students. The students were put in a prisoner / prison guard environment, randomly divided into prisoners & prison guards. The experiment had to be shut down when the prison guards became too violent against their fellow students who were assigned the prisoners role. US Terrorists In IraqThe Abu Graib U.S. Military prison in Iraq illustrated the exact same behavior. The U.S. Military Insurgents & terrorists who were running the prison, abused the prisoners in such astonishingly evil fashion, it is surprising the U.S. Military is accepted in any country. Or is it surprising?US Terrorists in Iraq

Is this evil behavior the true essence of mankind? Or has mankind been bred & engineered to be that way? Without dividing mankind against each other, it is unlikely the Illuminatzi would be able to keep mankind enslaved.

What is it that makes people so utterly untrustworthy? We have all the technology readily available & now even a plan how to run government & society, The Earth Plan, so why on earth can people simply not be honest? What makes a Freemason or Jesuit a betrayer of humankind? Why are government employees generally so obnoxious, especially the criminals who collect tax or prosecute non-crimes? How can family betray family? Perhaps it's a whole combination of greed, religion & drugs, along with Illuminatzi State education systems that are designed to produce drones & a hive-like mentality, not individual thought & responsibility. Or perhaps it is the sacrificial religions which teach people they can do whatever they want, & all they need to do to clear their guilt and conscience, is to wash themselves with blood from an innocent sacrificial victim.

You realize how utterly castrated mankind is when you see what filthy criminals get away with when they take the position of President, Judge, Prosecutor, Policeman or Politician. & you can thank the Filthy Freemason Gang for that. It is not much different to what Christianity & the Roman Catholic Church did during the first Renaissance & Reformation, Freemasons are the Jesuits of this New Renaissance. The NWO Illuminati leaders even engage in child sacrifice & cannibalism the "Judicial" & "Prison" system makes up an important part of these sacrifices.

Connecting the dots with facts we now know about these criminal conspiracies, is a “hell” of an interesting subject, that exposes the “above” and “below” for what they really are.


If you enjoyed this read, you can look forward to Liberty For Life's upcoming articles exposing the Extraterrestrial deception. It turns out the devil is in the details, literally. That is if some greedy Freemason drone employed by the State, or some religious nut, or greedy individual, does not take out C before then.


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