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BANKSTERS Revolutions:
The Price of Cheese and Custody of Your Kids

The Bolshevik revolution was initiated and funded by the Rothschild’s/New World Order crew who sent Lenin with fifty million dollars in gold and fifty or so men to Moscow to start the revolution.

But what does that have to do with you and the price of cheese or custody of your kids? Far more than you may realize.

Six or more months of your year are dedicated to the Banksters cause along with the tax on cheese. The State now claims to be your sovereign and places themselves at the head of your family to determine the best interests of your children over and above your authority.

The United States of America is now a Socialist State. And it was the same group of Banksters who drove the Bolshevik revolution and communism that control and own our government.

You would agree, that if the above statements are true, then it is in your interest to determine exactly what is going on.

The first thing you need to look into is money. What goes on with the U.S. dollar and where does the money you pay in tax go?

The U.S. Mint prints money. The Federal Reserve Bank buys the paper money at printing cost. They don’t pay anything for digital money, that they just enter into their accounts as easily as you type a letter. Then what happens?

The Federal Reserve Bank lends the money, plus interest, to member banks who lend the money to us, often at interest rates that reach and exceed 30%. So what happens next?

Well, that’s it, unless you don't pay the Fed's back real assets for their monopoly money, then they will foreclose on you and take your home.  Not bad getting a home with money you made out of noting.

The owners of the Federal Reserve Bank make trillions of dollars, out of thin air. Sometimes, if they feel like it, and to keep politicians subservient, they pay a token, a “franchise fee”, for having the exclusive right to ‘own the U.S. dollar franchise’.

Henry Ford put it most aptly: "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning". But is it well enough?

The next thing you need to ask is what happens to the money you pay in taxes?

Well it goes to pay the bankers who have loaned money to our government, which we gave them in the first place. What?!@^&*@$$$$$. Yes, most of the taxes you pay go to pay interest only on money the bankers lend back to our government after we gave them the money in the first place!

How come you don’t know about this you ask? Well who controls our government? Since these people own the bank, they can buy anything including the government and all the media channels. But why don’t politicians tell us what is going on, you ask? Why would they?  They are in on the crime, or they are simply really stupid.

There is one, or maybe two, politicians who do have integrity and are challenging the real issues.  Ron Paul is one such individual. But he virtually stands alone and the media companies are managing to keep him out of the limelight. "Out of sight = out of mind".  Ron Paul is however winning all the Internet polls, which tells us the significance of this new printing press, and the promise of the new renaissance that Internet brings.

So who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? The exact answer to that question only the privately held bankers know, because it is a private bank. We do however know that the Rothschild family, are the primary shareholders (Germany / England).  The top eight owners are:

  1. Rothschild's of London and Berlin

  2. Lazard Brothers of Paris

  3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy

  4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York

  5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany

  6. Lehman Brothers of New York

  7. Goldman, Sachs of New York

  8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York.

All the primary owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are branches of European establishments, foreigners, almost entirely Jewish.

That's right, the same people who funded Communism, the Rothschild's, own our country too.

That’s called the Hegalian Dialectic Process. You fund both sides and create conflict amongst them and you simply sit back and collect.

Have you ever stopped to ask what happened after the Federal Reserve Bank was formed in 1913? 1914 and World War I. Who were the primary beneficiaries of WWI? Yep, you got it, the Rothschild’s and their fellow Banksters who funded the war and even owned most of the companies on both sides making armaments for the war. Boy, have we all been stupid. And we thought we were fighting Hitler. Actually Hitler, who was put in power by many of these banksters, cut off the banksters after he started stealing his neighboring nations.  Hitler even made a horrific, futile and foolish attempt to eliminate banksters when he set about exterminating Jews on whom he accused Germany's woes.  However, the problem is not the Jews, it is us handing money making rights to private interests such as the Federal Reserve Bank.  Control of the problem lies completely with the consumer.  The banksters do however employ pretty murderous methods to protect their money tree.

Give it a decade or two after WW I, and they are back up to their crimes again. Their next project was to cause the Great Depression. At least the current Federal Reserve Bank Chairman has had the decency to admit that they caused it. He says they won’t do it again. However, we are not sure what would make us believe him though. It was simple enough to cause the depression, they devalued the dollar and failed to supply the banks with notes to make up the demand. When people went to their banks to get more notes to pay for coffee and other things, the banks had to tell them that they did not have any notes.  Panic naturally ensued, The Great Depression.

What an opportunity the Great Depression brought the Banksters. They could pick up land and companies for fire-sale prices. During this depression era the Banksters whom FDR worked for, took control of the U.S.A., literally implementing Socialism (Social Security), assuming control of media (FCC), control of private corporations (SEC) and unconstitutional socialistic taxation through a private company called the IRS. FDR even went as far as to literally steal gold from the people when he issued the clearly treasonous and unlawful Executive Order 6102.  And "We the People", like the poor Comrades fooled by Communism, thought our dear government was working for us.

Hitler showed us that criminals in government never have any problem employing lackeys to carry out their crimes. Stanley Milgram's experiments in the aftermath of the Nazi Holocaust revealed how far the average Joe is prepared to go. Milgram showed that the majority of people would electrocute their neighbor simply because someone claiming to be an authority tells them to. Makes one wonder about our politicians, cops, judges and DA’s, doesn’t it. Our officers of the law clearly do not follow the law.

So what’s up with our kids. Where does the custody issue come in. Well, in all good Socialist States, the State is head of family, the State is god. That’s why a judge believes he can decide over and above parents what the best interests of children are. Naturally the common pattern we se in divorce court are the State taking kids from the parent who earns the most money then forcing that parent to pay for a child they took away from them. And the government steps in and skims off 30% or so of the child support while lawyers milk the divorce for most of the money the couple had in the first place. Under U.S. law, not the Communist Law they are practicing, the father is the head of family, the kids first go to him, then the mum, then the god parents, then the grand parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, distant cousins or any relative.  When they are no more relatives, the State can step in and decide what to do with the kids. The State is at the bottom of the rung and not at the top.

Key to the Banksters dialectic process of induced conflict is to agitate divorce and split up the family.  Consequentially, the Banksters now control the custody of your kids and the price of cheese.

The real question we need to ask is what do we do now that we have been invaded by Banksters? We never went into all the other things the Banksters did, like WW II, Vietnam, Iraq, the 1993 World Trade Center bombs, crashing the stock market repeatedly or 9/11 etc. However, is it not time we all grew up and opened our eyes and used our brains? All the information and facts have been sitting right there in front of us for all our lives (unless you are 100+ years old).

The IRS is illegitimate, that’s been well established, they are no different to the Mob. So shut them down. As for the money we owe the Banksters, well they stole it in the first place, and they have been taxing us unlawfully for 100 years, so don’t you think it’s time to they paid it back?

Few people realize that the U.S. operated very effectively without taxes. Internet was built without taxes.  Dishonest Abe was the one who caused the initial problem when he refused to act with integrity and follow the law. And look what that fool caused, the death of 600,000+ citizens when there were only 30 million people in the country. However, it was the war debt that determined the ultimate victors of the so-called "Civil War", the Banksters. After Lincoln was murdered the Banksters quickly converted Lincoln's greenbacks into the interest baring war debt we have been paying ever since.

Bush isn’t doing too badly himself with 73,000 troops already dead and way more than a million troops disabled, heading that way fast, with uranium poisoning.

Time for a counter Bankster revolution? Start by turning off your TV and getting you news from independent sources such as Liberty For Life and other independent Internet sites. Don't pay tax until the IRS and County Tax collector show you the law that says you must pay.  Don't use Federal Reserve Bank notes, instead barter business.  Other tricks people have learned to avoid the Federal Mobsters are to pay in U.S. Mint gold coins (One official U.S. dollar in a gold coin is still one official dollar according to the law, however it purchases significantly more than a Federal Reserve Bank Note - Employees can reduce their teams salaries to a few dollars and you can buy houses with gold too).

MUST READ:  "Secrets of the Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins


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