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A Writ of Habeas Corpus, A Letter Pleading to Show Me the Body of The Crime I am Accused Of

April 17, 2009

Fourth Appellate District, Division Two (Riverside)

3389 Twelfth Street

Riverside, CA 92501

A Writ of Habeas Corpus,  A Letter Pleading to Show Me the Body of The Crime I am Accused Of, A Plea To Give Me Back My Children.

Your Honor,

I have been shot at in front of my children, repeatedly thrown in jail on absurdly false charges ordered not to communicate with my children and evicted from my homestead and office, my companies and career have been destroyed, everything has been taken from me. Please show me nature and cause of the body of any crime I have committed, please even show me how I have violated any code!

Ø   I was found guilty of rescuing my son off a learner ski run. I was sent to jail for 21 days[1]

Ø   I was found guilty of driving 27 mph down my private road before the sheriffs without lawful reason or probable cause attempted to blow my head off in front of my children. I was sent to jail for six months[2]

Ø   I was found guilty of driving with a license. I was sent to jail for five days[3]

Ø   I was just found guilty of identifying myself to a police officer who assaulted me.  Sentence?[4]

Ø   I am charged with setting up a meeting with sheriffs to discuss an apparent order to evict me from my homestead by the man I was suing on the day the man was attempting have himself dismissed from the case I was prosecuting against him. Sentence?  Based on a criminal order I am also charged with proving the order illegal.  Sentence?  And I am charged with owning guns I purchased with permits.  Sentence?[5]

Please at least let me talk to my children. I have not been able to communicate with my boys for eight months, not even wish them happy birthday, merry Christmas or Happy Easter.  They have taken my boys and handed them to a man of ill repute who is barred from contact with my boys by a stipulated court order recommended by the courts own psychiatrist!

The miscarriage of justice in my case is astonishing.  Everything is published on the web and it is being broadcast around the world.  Producers are making movies about my case, it is not going to go away, the crimes committed against me are not going to disappear and the more I am maliciously prosecuted the more outrageous the Courts look.  It’s time to stop the abuse.  Please give me back my children, steal my home and everything I own, but don’t kidnap my children!


CliveFrank Boustred

My Personal Assistant and wife’s lover Steffan Tichatchke bared from any contact with my children attacked me when I went to rescue my son and I GET SENT TO JAIL! And they hand my children to this immoral man of unclean hands!  A man who admits to problems with drugs, sex and pornography, an adulterer who is barred from any contact with my children by STIPULATED COURT ORDER is handed my children!  Judicial Notice: A Stipulated Custody Court Order cannot be modified in an ex-parte hearing for a non-emergency to grant this immoral man access to my children, the February 20, 2003 Exparte Order in FL 16029 is void and of no legal force.  Tichatschke continues to violate the July 12, 2002 Order (Exhibit A see also

The sheriffs who shot at me had no accurate means of measuring my speed and alleged that I drove around 40 mph down my private road, they never accused me of driving dangerously.  The Sheriffs NETCOM audio recording shows irrefutably the time and place where the sheriffs had setup the ambush to murder me when I passed a point at the bottom of my private road and when I entered my driveway proving I drove a slow 27 mph.  Neither 40 mph nor 27 mph along my private road is any crime at all.  The Sheriffs lied claiming that they were chasing me for a PC § 278.5 violation (feloniously and maliciously withholding custody) which I was never charged with because I never committed any such PC § 278.5.  To the contrary I WAS FOLLOWING THE LAW I filed a TRO and Verified Criminal Complaint which the Court to this day still refuses to follow despite it being the first matter that has to be addressed from a due process perspective.  and

[3] On the even of the 6th month anniversary of the sheriffs assassination attempt, the sheriffs came to arrest me at my church and the DA filed four more false charges against me (Santa Cruz Ct. # M19946) to coincide with the malicious prosecution they put me through an utterly sham trial in Placer County regarding [1].  I filed my lawsuit in Federal Court, fearing for my life, I moved to Marin County where an officer stopped me for allegedly making an illegal turn, fearing for my life I gave him another name.  What would your name be if you thought someone was going to kill you?

[4] See  and  for further information on the latest sham trial I was forced into without any right to counsel or any right to put the law before the jury or even the code I was accused of and where the government had a blatant plant/shill on the jury – How many more sham trials am I going to suffer?

[5] See  for the base crime committed by Commissioner Irwin Joseph and the Sheriffs for these new cases where the Santa Cruz DA is filing five false felonies against me based on the crime committed by Irwin Joseph!


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