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What Would You Do?

Cops shot at you & your kids without any good reason?

After shooting at you and your kids the cops mugged you?

The cops & DA filed false charge after false charge against you to cover up their crime?

Judges ordered that you not communicate with your kids for three years?

Judges gave you no fair hearing rigged the jury allowed the cops to lie and put hearsay and double hearsay before the jury then prevent you from putting any evidence forward that proved your innocence?

They lock you up in jail without any right to bail?

They refuse to file your legal documents?

Your lawyers sold you out to the system?

They keep on filing more and more false charges against you?

Cops break into your home, rip up your attic and steal evidence?

Judges refuse to allow you to clear the title on your home so that you can refinance and get money out of your home to survive?

When you sue the government they keep on throwing your case out?

You studied the law and found out that our government totally ignores the most basic law?

You find out that most of our government is a total sham?

Perhaps the question is not What would you do?  It's what will you do when it happens to you?

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