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Santa Cruz Sheriffs Do Not Deny Attempt To Murder Clive Boustred

There is no dispute regarding the fact that Deputy Michael Macdonald shot from a point blank range of five to seven feet directly at Clive Boustred with the intent of killing Clive Boustred.  Deputy Macdonald has admitted to this fact in his police report and on multiple occasions while under oath, both in preliminary examinations and in trial.  MacDonald's police report is shown opposite.  Other than admitting to shooting at Clive, the report is full of blatant lies and utterly impossible claims made by a deputy sheriff sent to murder a man in front of his children.

MacDonald was fully aware of the fact that Clive's children were in the car before he shot at Clive: "I could see as the children were staring at me from the back of the vehicle". The weapon MacDonald used was more deadly than his sidearm at the range he shot at Clive and Clive's children.

Opposite Clive's vehicle is show in the position it was when Deputy MacDonald attempted to murder Clive.  The red arrow shows where the round struck.  The light blue arrow illustrates where Clive sat, the next blue arrow where William sat, the dark blue arrow where Richard sat.  The image below show where the round struck the vehicle door just below Clive's shoulder.  The deflected impact knocked a 12mm hole in the most solid section of the door. Had the bullet hit a thumbs width higher, the window would have exploded and glass shrapnel would have ripped Clive and his children to pieces with a high likely hood of killing Clive.

If you think this site contains a large amount of files & paperwork, it only represents a small fraction of the paperwork Clive has been subject to as a consequence of this so-called divorce that 'escalated' into multiple assignation attempts, kidnap, hostage taking, grand theft auto and grand theft house and what we believe is the underlying goal, to undermine InfoTelesys, the technology company Clive was building that had probably the most effective means of setting aside the astonishing amount of corruption associated with the people who make money out of nothing, the Federal Reserve Bank owners.

Clive, who architected the systems for some of the largest banking systems and networks, is clearly one of the world's leading strategists and no ordinary person to shoot at. This assassination attempt, like all the ones carried out on those who threaten the criminal enterprise of the US government and bank, is invariably 'complex', or is it?

The Illuminati / Vatican operates in this way.  At first they try to destroy a person’s reputation, then their family and relationships, if that does not stop them they send their assassins.  Recognize the US government, military and police all work for the Vatican whether they know it or not.  The US Federal Reserve Bank is owned by the Vatican’s bankers.  They make money out of nothing an own the US government.


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Had the bullet hit Clive in the head which was the only part of Clive's body that was fully exposed, from that range it would have shattered Clive's scull like a watermelon hitting the floor, and sprayed Clive's little boys with their fathers skull, blood and brains.  Had the round hit the children it would most likely have killed them or blasted off one of their their limbs.

Deputy MacDonald is the Santa Cruz Sheriffs shooting instructor, he would be fully aware of the deadly nature of the weapon he chose to blow Clive's head off with. MacDonald has now been promoted to Sergeant. He is brought into almost every hearing they bring against Clive and often ordered to stand right in front of Clive as a warning to Clive as to how these criminals in Santa Cruz County government operate.

When one considers the nature of Judges like Michael E. Barton, Robert B. Atack, Samuel. S. Stevens, Art Danner, John Salazar, Ariane Simons and Commissioner Irwin Joseph, who have teamed up to outrageously and maliciously prosecute Clive, the conscience is shocked. Santa Cruz District Attorney who invented this barrage of outrageous cases and sarcastic charges brought against Clive along with his Assistants Stephen Drottar, Gretchen Brock, Jeffery Randolph and other associated DA's illustrate a level of depravity in the District Attorney's offices that is hard to imagine.

Perhaps the behavior of these government officials, who whether they knew it or not, work for the private Federal Reserve Bank criminals, could be expected from people who are profiteering from crime. However, Clive's adulterous ex-wife Anamaria Tichatschke, who made the false 911 call the sheriffs used to setup the ambush, exhibits behavior that is hard to fathom. This woman who worked a total of six months for half a day in her nineteen year marriage to Clive praised and apparently loved her husband. In the card show below she writes: "To my Darling Vee (Clive), Some bunny loves you! Thanks for being such a Wonderful father to our precious little boy. He is truly blessed to have been born as your son, as I am truly blessed to be your wunny. I love you Goo n' Me XX." In years of what was a happy marriage she would write many things things like the note opposite "To my Darling Vee (Clive) May our love outlast the Redwoods - thank you for making us such a magical home in them! Your Wunny".

What we must ask possessed Anamaria to make such an astonishing u-turn? Is she perhaps possessed? At one point when Clive was rushing off to Russia to acquire Space Station Mir for his company InfoTelesys, Anamaria was purposefully getting in his way, Clive, to Clive's surprise, blurted out "Get behind me Satan!" Anamaria cowered off like a woman possessed. More of these strange factors would occur. The Santa Cruz Court almost always would schedule hearings and trials against Clive on full moons and dates associated with Satanic rituals. Twin Lakes Church who rushed to assault Clive with the adulterous Anamaria, even sued Clive. The day Twin Lakes "Christian" Church chose for their trial in their strange suit against Clive? Halloween!

One must however ask what on earth a sheriffs shooting instructor is doing running down into a driveway and up to the side of Clive's car and shooting at Clive. This sort of behavior simply cannot be rationally explained. Clive's home is a large executive home overlooking Monterey Bay. From the evidence we know the Sheriffs knew the following:

  1. Clive was returning home from the courthouse - Clearly indemnified on the 911 tapes and recordings of sheriffs radio communications.
  2. That Clive had no criminal record or record of any element that would raise any suspicion or concern by the sheriffs.
  3. That the sheriffs had already responded to a blatantly false 911 call made eight months earlier by Anamaria - the sheriffs would have known from this that Anamaria was ordered out of the family home as a consequence - making it even more strange that the Sheriffs would behave they way they did.
  4. That the sheriffs were aware that Anamaria had a stolen million dollar life insurance on Clive's head and had threatened Clive's life - as recorded in the written report to the Sheriffs by Clive in this regard.

At first Clive presumed it was the stolen million dollar life insurance policy that was the reason the sheriffs shot at him. However, as Clive appealed up through the courts and into Federal court he expected to obtain justice. The opposite was the case, the Federal courts abandoned all form of due process and the law and denied the most rudimentary and automatic motions Clive made. This lead to Clive studying what was going on in politics and the court and the development of this Liberty For Life web site. However, as Clive, one of the worlds leading strategists, delves deeper into research more of these strange factors come up. Why is Clive a mirror image of Thomas Jefferson not only physically but even more so from a political and philosophical perspective? Is Clive Thomas Jefferson reincarnate? Is reincarnation reasonable? Why do Christians accept the reincarnation of Christ but shy at the reincarnation of others? Surely if they believe God could have Jesus born a baby once, doing it a second, third or fourth time is obviously feasible. Why do Christians recognize angels but not aliens? Is the Origin of Species Philosophy viable scientifically? Who could be behind the motivation of shooting at Clive? Why is there a high incidence of dead animals on the road when Clive goes to court to be prosecuted by these criminals? Why does the Court schedule hearings around full moons? Why on earth did Twin Lakes Church sue Clive and call for the trial on Halloween? How is it that a shooting instructor misses from a range of five to seven feet with a rifle? How is it that other assassination attempts on Clive also mysteriously failed? What is the meaning of life? How on earth did Anamaria become so evil? Why do people refuse to accept facts that are in their face? Why do people seek to blame victims? Who killed Kennedy? What was the Morrill Tax? Why do the public refuse to do anything about the blatantly treasonous Federal Reserve Bank Act? How come people cant put 2 and 2 together? Are the people drugged through the water supply and Chemtrails and programmed through the TV?

These are the sorts of questions one asks when you are shot at. In this, one realizes that good things can come from bad things and that the future is bright, however, somehow we need to wake the public up...