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Santa Cruz Sheriffs File False Reports

Key to covering up the sheriffs failed attempt on Clive's life, was the malicious prosecution of Clive.  However in order to arrest Clive, the sheriffs had to accuse him of a felony.  The two felonies the Santa Cruz Sheriffs cooked up the typical charge filed in most police abuse cases, the PC § 245 "Assault with a deadly weapon" (i.e. the police's victim is accused of bumping a cop with a vehicle, i.e. the vehicle is a deadly weapon).

The second false felony they files was a VC § 2800.2(a) charge: Driving with a willful wanton disregard to the safety of public and property with the intent to evade a police officer.  However for the VC § 2800.2(a) to fly, the sheriffs had to have a reason to pursue Clive in the first place.  So they simply invented another felony, a PC § 278.5 feloniously and maliciously withholding custody.  (opposite)

However, Clive was not only following the law by filing a TRO after Anamaria dumped William in the middle of the learner ski run and her boyfriend who was bared from any contact with William tried to start a fight with Clive, the Stipulated Custody Order Clive was under specified that Anamaria had custody of the children after school till 6:00.  The sheriffs shot at Clive at 2:30pm.  The DA never even bothered to charge Clive with the very reason they gave for chasing Clive in the first place!

The Santa Cruz Sheriffs who shot at Clive and his kids, filed absurdly false reports and charges against Clive to cover-up their botched hit job.  In a particularly nasty assault, the Sheriffs demand that Clive be prohibited from any contact with his children (opposite).

In their police reports the Sheriffs make up the ridiculous accusations that Clive ran them down with his vehicle.  However, the sheriffs naturally had no proof and their stories contradicted themselves while claiming the impossible, such as transposing themselves through trees, having lengthy arguments through closed windows etc. (Read later about MacDonald's 'lost pants').

To prevent Clive from being able to defend themselves they convince the court to set Clive's bail at $150,000 which is fifteen times the legal schedule for the charges the sheriffs filed against Clive (below).

In jail the Sheriffs literally opened Clive's legal mail then instead of handing it to Clive in jail, they mailed it back to Clive's home address.  At one time the Sheriffs even put Clive's home telephone number on the restricted number list so that Clive had no way of  conducting his defense from inside jail.  The Sheriffs even repeatedly refused to even give Clive a pencil and paper so that he could write pleadings, they refused to make photocopies of Clive's pleadings or to file his pleadings after Clive managed to get hold of a pen and paper.

After Clive was given a sham trial and remanded to custody without the right to bail, despite Clive having formally filed an appeal, the Sheriffs desperately tried to prevent Clive from filing a Writ of Habeas Corpus.  When the grand jury was inspecting the jail, the Sheriffs tried to block Clive from handing his Writ to a Grand Jury member.  Not that the filings did any good as the Courts do not follow the law.





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