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Part 2 - The Malicious Prosecution of Clive Boustred - Santa Cruz District Attorney and Sheriffs File False Charges to Cover Up the Attempted Murder of Clive Boustred.

- Santa Cruz Superior Court Case F 06858

Deputy Sheriff Michael Macdonald's first shot missed Clive, he was about to take a second shot while Clive screamed "stop shooting!" when Sgt. Amy Christy, who had setup the ambush, ran down and stopped him.  Perhaps the the Sgt. stopped Macdonald from taking a second shot because she realized that neighbors were witnessing the attempted murder.  No one would have seen anything were the sheriffs had setup the ambush just outside Clive's gate.  Had Clive not have decided to first put his children in their home out of harms way, he most probably would not be here to tell the story today and his ex-wife and her chosen beneficiaries would have walked off with one million dollars.

After the sheriffs shot at Clive and his children, and missed, they obviously had a problem.  Clive and the children needed to silenced.  Under the law, in order to arrest someone, it is necessary for an officer to have witnessed the person commit a felony in their presence.  Alternatively, a grand jury indictment can also be used for an arrest, but that would have been too slow for the Sheriffs.  The Sheriffs invent two false felony charges to allow them to arrest and silence Mr. Boustred on the spot. False Charge PC § 245: Typically, in these sort of situations, the police accuse the victim of crimes that are difficult to prove or disprove.  A classic charge is the "Assault with a deadly weapon" charge.  Police claim they were "struck" with a "deadly weapon".  In Clive's case, the Sheriffs accused Clive of bumping them with his vehicle - no injuries, no evidence, no proof, only the officers word claiming that they were bumped by Clive's vehicle. 

Both the gunman, Michael Macdonald and the Sgt. Amy Christy falsely accused Clive of bumping them with his vehicle.  Michael Macdonald attempted to embellished his story to make it sound better, however, in so doing he set himself up.  Macdonald's story was practically and physically impossible.  He claimed to have had a long argument with Mr. Boustred regarding property rights, but he forgot that Mr. Boustred's window was closed - the other obvious problem with this invention by Macdonald, was that the incident was automatically recorded on the 911 system.  In his story, Macdonald also magically transposes himself around 50 yards through a tree.  Macdonald's allegations went so far as to claim that Clive stared him in the eye while he drove him down.  When questioned six months later, Macdonald added the new allegation that his pants were torn by Mr. Boustred's vehicle.  However, when asked where his torn pants were, Macdonald at first said that he had given his pants to his colleague, then when asked if his colleague would know where his torn pants were, Macdonald decided that he had lost his pants...

The extreme irony of the Santa Cruz Sheriffs false "Assault with a deadly weapon" charge against Clive, was that the Sheriffs literally assaulted Clive with a deadly weapon, however, the California Courts and District Attorney decided to ignore that fact.  Even when Clive approached the Santa Cruz Grand Jury and asked that they investigate the sheriffs shooting, they responded that they don't investigate that sort of thing.  At that time, the Grand Jury was investigating the Santa Cruz Harbor's "waiting list"... The Santa Cruz Sheriffs internal affairs investigator also refused to return any of Clive's calls regarding the sheriffs shooting at his children and self.

2nd False Charge: "Driving with a willful wanton disregard for the safety of public and property, with the intent to evade - VC § 2800.2(a), a Felony":  Santa Cruz Deputy M. Pool accused Clive of driving around 40 mph along Clive's private road.  What is interesting here, is that Clive, along with his neighbors, typically drives around 40 mph along their private road every day. Even this unsubstantiated allegation was not a crime!  However, when questioned in trial, Deputy Pool said he had no idea what speed Clive was traveling at (opposite).

The judge specifically prohibited Clive from presenting any evidence in the form of the Sheriffs 911 recording, from which the time of travel could be taken and applied to the known distance which irrefutably proved that Clive was actually driving at horrendous 27 mph!

Vol 3 P582: Ass. DA Steven Drottar Questioning Deputy Pool:
18 Q And where did you see the Mitsubishi?
19 A It was coming up Hidden Valley Road from North
20 Rodeo Gulch.
21 Q Can you describe the speed it was traveling?
22 A It was -- it was driving over the speed limit.
23 MR. GUY-SMITH: I'm sorry. I will object.
24 THE COURT: Okay. And so without foundation I'm
25 going to sustain it.
Page 581:
1 Q Do you have any estimate of what the speed was?
2 A No, I didn't.
3 MR. GUY-SMITH: Objection. Speculation. I'm
4 sorry. Withdraw.
5 THE COURT: He answered. You don't really have
6 any idea how fast it was going?
8 THE COURT: All right.

  The Californian judges however, decided that because Clive was accused of driving at 40 mph along his private road, that Clive should be sentenced to six months in jail, that Clive's DNA and Name should be filed in California's Central Felons Index, and that Clive should be ordered to not communicate with his children for three years.  Oh, and Clive's drivers license and 'driving privilege' also be denied for one year.  Seriously, all actually carried out!

What is interesting regarding the trial judge, Mr. Art Danner, is that he, the judge that is, was a nationally renowned criminal (Danner recently died of a hart attack and is I suppose now facing the ultimate judgment.  Unfortunately Clive will never have the opportunity of putting Danner on the stand) The California Judicial Nominations Committee, who would generally approve a dog to be appointed as a judge, and whom had only turned down 2 of 678 nominations for judgeship by California Governor Wilson, rated Mr. Art Danner as "Not Qualified" to act as a judge.  Two Grand Juries that were formed to indict Art Danner for crimes everyone knows about, both mysteriously disappeared.  Clive's attorneys refused to address the issue that the judge was a criminal, the Courts and the Attorney General also refused to address the indisputable fact that Mr. Art Danner was totally unqualified to act as a judge.  The trial record reflects the criminal behavior of Mr. Danner.  Danner rigged the jury, literally struck Clive's testimony from the record, prevented any relevant evidence proving Clive's innocence from getting before the jury, allowed irrelevant misleading evidence to be put before the jury, and allowed the sheriffs to repeatedly submit hearsay (and double hearsay) and known lies before the jury.

3rd False Charge: "Child Endangerment": The choice of Santa Cruz District Attorney, Bob Lee, to charge Clive with "Child Endangerment" after Deputy Macdonald literally shot at the children is as absurd as the "Assault With A Deadly Weapon" charge.  This lunacy, maliciously prosecuted by Ass. D.A. Stephen Drottar, is apparently based on the allegation that because Clive was accused of driving at 40 mph along his private road with his children in his car, then Clive "endangered his children".  Or perhaps the DA felt that because the Santa Cruz Deputy shot at the children and Clive, Clive should be charged with "Child Endangerment".  Santa Cruz's Child Protective Services also stepped in, they filed Clive's name with California's Central Child Abuse Index - Seriously they did!  Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Michael E. Barton ordered that Clive not be allowed to communicate with Richard and William, who lived with Clive, for three years!  Despite all the facts proving Clive's innocence being brought before Barton, Barton repeatedly refused to remove the order that Clive not communicate with his children.  Barton even went as far as to deny Richard and Williams grandfather from talking to his grandchildren!  The Sheriffs and Court handed the children to their mother, who made the false 911 call, and to her lover, Steffan Tichatschke (Clive's former Personal Assistant).  The fact that a lawful Stipulated Order barred Tichatschke from contact with Richard or William was of no importance to the Sheriffs, DA or Court.  In a letter to Anamaria, Tichatschke states regarding himself: “Through frequent beatings I found that the best way to achieve things was by being deceptive. I was rebellious and learned how to lie…. I fled into Alcohol and Sex. I was literally addicted to sex and pornography. When I came to the US marijuana was added to the mix. …… I learned that being smart and selfish is a way to get through life pretty well and conveniently”.  Clearly Tichatschke gets on well with the types of individuals employed by our local government.  However, such characteristics are hardly suitable for raising a former boss's children after those children were shot at and kidnapped from his former boss.

One month after kidnapping the children, while Clive was barred from communicating with his children, Santa Cruz Ass. DA, Steven Drottar, and Santa Cruz Investigator XXXX with Anamaria's cooperation interrogated Richard so as to eliminate Richard as a witness.  XXXXXX Click here to hear the interrogation, notice the leading questions.  Clive was only informed of the interrogation months later.  Richard and William have naturally been desperate to come home to their Dad, the boys requests have however been ignored by the court, therapists and 'Child Protective Services'.  In the following video, the boys ask a Federal Court Judge to allow them to come home - however, the Federal Court Judge would not allow their Father to make a presentation.  Learn More About the Federal Case Clive filed

4th False Charge: "Resisting Arrest": Again the Santa Cruz DA chose one of the favorite bogus charges the police employ to cover up their crimes.  What is interesting in this case however is that after shooting at Clive and his kids they locked Clive in his garage then violently assaulted Clive after they learned Clive had just filed a TRO against his ex-wife and her lover.  Deputy Brozozwski came up behind Clive while Clive was calmly showing Deputy Pool the TRO he had just filed, Brozozowski grabbed Clive's writs twisting it behind Clive's back and ramming on a handcuff so hard that it cut Clive's flesh.  At the same time Brozozwski used his other hand to drill his knuckles into the nape of Clive's neck.  In jail the nurse treating Clive's handcuff injury commented that the injury was the worst handcuff injury she had ever seen - a Deputy standing by commented that that was noting, that Clive was lucky to be alive as they were planning to shoot Clive.  When seeking discovery on Brozozowski, the Santa Cruz Court allowed access to the other Deputies files except for Brozozowski's file.

See: Clive's Federal Case

At Clive's arraignment for the above listed false charges, Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Michael E. Barton immediately ordered that Clive not communicate with William and Richard for three years, he would not even allow the boys grandfather to talk to them. Clive's bail was set at fifteen times the legal schedule, $150,000.  A family friend of Clive came to his rescue and bailed him out.  Clearly, the Santa Cruz Court who had already tied Clive's assets up in a "no-fault Divorce" proceeding did not expect Clive to post bail.  The next times these criminals arrested Clive they issued No-Bail warrants, blatantly violating the law which only allows no-bail arrests for serious capital offences.

Part 3: Clive submits evidence before the court proving his innocence - the Courts go silent, read more>>


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