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Part 1 - Sheriffs setup ambush and attempt to murder Clive Boustred


Introduction to the EVENT:

On March 10, 2003, on his return from court where he filed a Temporary Retraining order and Verified Criminal Complaint against his wife and her lover after they resumed making false police calls for divorce positioning, Clive Boustred and his children were followed down their private road then shot at in front of their home by Deputy Michael McDonald.

At all times, Mr. Boustred followed the law and acted in his children’s best interest. Mr. Boustred was neither armed nor acting aggressively, to the contrary, Mr. Boustred drove slowly and carefully. Mr. Boustred has no criminal record and is an outstanding leader in the local and international community – see:  The Sheriffs neither followed the law or the most basic ethical process.  More frightening, however, is what the Sheriffs did know verses what they did not know.

After arriving at home and seeing a sheriff off the side of the road and a patrol car parked on his driveway, Mr. Boustred went to first put his children safely in their family home. On July 9, 2002, when Mr. Boustred’s wife made a previous false 911 call, Mr. Boustred’s son, Richard, aged six, was so frightened by the sheriffs, that Mr. Boustred had to take him to the emergency room to be treated for shock. As a result of this event in 2002, or by something his mother had said, Richard was also having nightmares that the police would come and take his father away.

While Mr. Boustred and his children sat in their vehicle waiting for their garage door to open, Deputy McDonald ran down into the Boustred’s driveway and shot from a range of five to seven feet, directly at Mr. Boustred. William, aged three, was also in the direct line of fire, Richard was only two feet off the line of fire. Deputy McDonald’s first shot missed. Sgt. Amy Christy stopped Dep. McDonald from taking a second shot at Mr. Boustred and his children.  Why did the Deputy Shoot?>>>

After the shooting, Sgt. Christy alone spoke to Mr. Boustred for about a quarter of an hour in Mr. Boustred’s garage. In his garage, Mr. Boustred showed Sgt. Christy the TRO and Verified Criminal Complaint he had just filed and explained the situation with his wife whom had resumed trying to employ the sheriffs to better position herself for divorce by making false police calls. Deputy Pool then spoke to Mr. Boustred for another quarter of an hour on the same subject matter. While speaking to Dep. Pool, Dep. Brozozowski entered Mr. Boustred’s garage and assaulted Mr. Boustred by grabbing and cutting Mr. Boustred’s wrist with a handcuff while drilling his knuckles into Mr. Boustred’s neck.

Mr. Boustred was placed under false arrest and locked in a sheriff’s patrol car. From the patrol car, Mr. Boustred witnessed Dep. McDonald chasing William aged 3, around the garden. William wet his pants.

The Sheriffs threw Mr. Boustred in Jail and filed false charges against him.  In an attempt to prevent Mr. Boustred from getting out of jail and initiating his defense, they set bail at 15 times the legal limit.  Sheriffs at the jail opened and mailed back to Mr. Boustred's home legal documents sent to Mr. Boustred so that he could not use them in his defense.  At one time the jail even put Mr. Boustred's home phone number through which Mr. Boustred was conducting his defense on the jail's restricted number list so that Mr. Boustred had no way of calling for help.

At Mr. Boustred arraignment, Judge Michael E. Barton totally ignored any of the facts Mr. Boustred brought before the court and ignored the fact that the Sheriffs presented absolutely no credible evidence regarding the alleged crimes.  Barton also ignored the fact that the Sheriffs had literally, without any probable cause, shot at Mr. Boustred and his children.  Barton went on to order Mr. Boustred to not communicate for three years with Richard and William, Mr. Boustred's sons who lived with Mr. Boustred.

Part 2: Read about the first round of false charges the Santa Cruz District Attorney and Sheriffs filed against Mr. Boustred >>