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DA Files False Charges



Assault With A Deadly Weapon



The rigged jury even found Clive not guilty of this absurd charge.

Clive bumped Sgt. Christy & Dep. MacDonald with his vehicle when he drove past them at the speed of a slow walk or 'roll' No evidence.  Christy states in Preliminary Exam that she may have ran into the back of Clive's vehicle but denies this in trail (the judge refuses to let the jury know she changed her story)

Four months later in the Preliminary Examination Dep. MacDonald decides that his pants were torn when Clive 'stared him in the eye and ran him down'.  However, when asked where his pants were he said that he had lost them.  When pressed, he decided that he had given his pants to his friend, but that his friend would not know where they were.



The rigged jury found Clive guilty of this charge.

Clive drove feloniously with a 'willful wanton disregard to the safety of people and property with the intent to evade a police officer'.

Dep. Pool said that Clive drove around 40 mph.  However in trial when asked how fast Clive drove, Pool also said that he had no idea.

The police NETCOM recording proved that Clive drove 27 mph by taking the time of the alleged chase and applying it to the known distance along Clive's private road.  Judge Danner refused to allow the NETCOM evidence in trial.

The Sheriffs had no right or reason to case Clive in the first place.

The Sheriffs had no warrant or right to be on Clive's private property.

Clive was returning home from court and had no reason to evade - Evidence Judge Danner also refused to allow to be put before the jury.



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