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Santa Cruz Sheriffs violently assault Clive after shooting at him and his children.

After shooting at Clive, the Sheriffs locked him in his garage.  After Clive showed the Sheriffs a copy of the Temporary Restraining Order and Criminal Complaint Clive had just filed against his ex-wife and her lover for abandoning his son William in the middle of a learner ski run and to stop his ex-wife from resuming making false 911 calls, Deputy Brozozowski assaulted Clive. Brozozowski grabbed Clive's wrist, placing a handcuff on his wrist and crushing it closed with one had while Brozozowski drilled his knuckles into the name of Clive's neck with his other hand.

The pictures opposite show Clive's wrist one week after the assault.  The would is mostly healed.  In jail, a nurse who treated Clive's wrist said that it was the word handcuff wound she had seen.  A deputy standing nearby said that it was noting, that the Sheriffs had intended to shoot Clive and that Clive should not complain because he was lucky to be alive.



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