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Part 5 - Sheriffs come to arrest Clive at his son's school

Santa Cruz County Tries to Arrest Clive @ Clive's Son's School In Front of Classmates; Sheriffs Steal Clive's vehicle; Santa Cruz DA Files 4 new false misdemeanors against Clive and threatens more felony charges; Deputy Michael Macdonald Tries to Have No-Bail Warrant Issued For Clive's Arrest; Placer County Co-conspirators Issue No-Bail Warrant For Clive's Arrest.
- Santa Cruz County County Superior Court Case XXX

In a story that reads a little like the arrest of Jesus, Clive's Twin Lakes Church School Principal, Ms. Simmons, betrays Clive and calls the sheriffs to arrest Clive at his son Richard's school in front of Richard and his classmates:

After the government shot at Clive & his kids, kidnapped the boys and threw Clive in jail under false charges, Clive was advised by lawyers to wait till the last moment to file a complaint against the Sheriffs, judges and County. The lawyers advised that they would go after Clive when he filed a complaint.

Sure enough, on the eve of the expiration of the so-called statute of limitations, they came after Clive again.  By then, six months after the cop tried to murder Clive, the order that Clive not communicate with his children had been replaced.  They realized Clive was not going to sign any waver and agreement that he only see his children for one hour every four weeks and the Court had reluctantly given Clive custody of his Children three weekends out of four.  The order barring Clive from communicating with his children had been set aside.

Clive tells the story:

  • Attempt of false arrest at son's school and church, then running around slandering and libeling Clive by asking people at school and church to identify the 'criminal Clive' from a mug shot lineup.
  • Stealing Clive's car off his church's property so that he is unable to get to Placer county the next day for more malicious prosecution there.
  • Filing four new false misdemeanors and 'potentially' more felonies against Clive; Allegation that Clive trespassed on his own church's grounds!; accuse Clive of violating three malicious court orders that had either expired or been set aside.
  • Issue of warrant to arrest Clive, employing the might of the California and U.S. identity and policing system to 'get' Clive.

The government had has instituted 'statutes of limitation' as short as six months to allow themselves to avoid the consequences of their crimes.  Counties claim that if you do not file a complaint within six months of the act committed against you, then the are immune - you lost your chance to be paid out damages. 

"My boys who where naturally extremely traumatized by being shot at by cops and being kidnapped from their dad and handed to a man they hated, were naturally desperate to see me.  So during my boys lunch hour at school, I would go and sit with Richard so that at least he could see me for a short while during the week.

One day the school Principal came to me and asked if I was allowed to see Richard.  Astoundingly, the Church School had done absolutely noting to help me.  As soon as I was released from jail after I had been shot at by the Sheriffs, I rushed to my pastors asking for their help.  Instead of helping me, the senior pastor of Twin Lakes Church, Rene Schlepfer, told me that I had to stay away from church for two weeks.  He said that he was concerned that I might run into the church and shoot up the congregation!  My jaw dropped open in disbelief, I was stunned, I was the one who was shot at!  After that, I lost faith in the leaders of the church, but felt a little of what Christ must have felt when his disciples abandoned him when they came to arrest him.  At least Rene had the decency to later apologize for his foolishness.  I told the School Principal that I had custody of my boys over the weekend and that the order barring me from communicating with my boys was set aside.  I offered to show her the new orders, but she declined my offer.

On September 9, 2003, the day before the expiry of Statute of Limitations for me to file my case against the Santa Cruz Sheriffs, I was sitting at an outside lunch table with Richard and his friends when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a sheriff enter the schools property.  By then, when ever I saw any sort of cop I headed off in the opposite direction.  When cops try to murder you, and the courts defend the cops, you tend to develop these sorts of aversions.  I said goodbye to Richard and headed off in the opposite direction. 

Sure enough, the cop came to the school to falsely arrest me again.  In a move similar to that of Judas who betrayed Christ, the Church School Principal, Mrs. Simmons, had apparently call the Sheriffs.  The Sheriffs literally went around my son's school, which was also the church I attended, with a mug shots lineup asking people to help them identify the criminal Clive from the lineup.  They also stole my car which was parked in the church's parking lot then filed four more false misdemeanors against me and issued a warrant for my arrest.  The Santa Cruz DA, Bob Lee, who is a regular member of Twin Lakes Church, filed misdemeanor trespass charges against me for being on my Church's property!  The other three misdemeanors he filed against me were for supposedly disobeying court orders that had either expired or had been set aside. All the information that I had not disobeyed any court orders, however outrageous they were, were readily available to Mr. Lee.  I wonder if Mr. Bob Lee considered it trespass when he entered his Church's property.

Stealing my car was particularly devious because Santa Cruz Ass. D.A. Stephen Drottar, who was leading the malicious prosecution charge against me, had persuaded his former class mate to file false charges against me in Placer county.  Placer County Superior Court Commissioner Trilla Barke had just given me a sham trial, literally throwing out any evidence that proved my innocence and ordering that I not put any law that was in my favor before the jury.  She also refused to let me bring my witnesses before the jury.  Read more about that just as outrageous story in Part 4 - Santa Cruz Ass. D.A's class mate files false charges against Clive in Placer County The Placer court had scheduled a sentencing hearing for me the next day which just so happened to coincide with the 6th month anniversary of the Sheriffs shooting, the day the statute of limitation would expire.  By stealing my car, the Santa Cruz Sheriffs made sure that I could not easily get up to Placer County.

I immediately called the Placer County Superior Court and told them that the Santa Cruz Sheriffs had just stolen my car and that I would have difficulty get up there for my sentence hearing the next day.  I also told the Placer Court that I wanted to have a lawyer represent me and that I needed time to line up a lawyer for the hearing which I promised to appear at.  I also sent the Placer Court faxes promising to appear.  I later found out that Commissioner Trilla Barke responded by issuing a no-bail warrant for my arrest (No-bail warrants may only be issued for serious capital 'murder' offences).

That afternoon I filed Claims against Santa Cruz County and the State of Caliornia (please excuse some of the grammar, the claim was submitted under allot of stress).

At this stage of the Malicious Prosecution, I was still trying to earn a living.  Earthwire, a music company where I was Chairman, was in the process of raising funds and a highly promising investor setup an investment meeting with our CEO.  I had to go up to Marin to manage the fundraising meetings with the investor.  In Marin, I learned from my lawyer, Paul Meltzer, that Santa Cruz County had 'probably' issued a warrant for my arrest.  Meltzer was particularly shifty in describing what I now know was information he was well aware of.  Meltzer had also refused to address the issue that the Judge assigned to the Santa Cruz Case was a nationally renowned criminal!  Meltzer had also refused to demand discovery on the Deputy, Brozozowski, who had violently assaulted me in my garaged after they shot at me.  So I was desperately trying to find a lawyer to represent me up in Placer County where they had just given me a sham trial, all that the same time of trying to secure funding for Earthwire.

Part 6: Clive fearing for his life is arrested on warrants issued by Placer and Santa Cruz.


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