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Why did the Deputy shoot at Clive & his kids?

Deputy Michael MacDonald, who shot at Clive, claimed to be acting on hearsay from Clive's ex-wife and her lover.  More frighteningly, the sheriffs were aware of the following:
  1. Clive's ex-wife was in the possession of an illicit million dollar life insurance policy on Clive's life which she had stolen from Clive's office.  The theft was actually reported to the very same Sheriffs office that shot at Clive and his children.
  2. The Sheriffs were aware that Clive's ex, Anamaria, made false police calls and was ordered out of the family home eight months earlier after making false calls to Child Protective Services (CPS) and 911.
  3. That Clive and his children were returning home from the Santa Cruz Superior Courthouse.
  4. That the children were in the car with Mr. Boustred.
  5. That based on the custody agreement the Sheriffs had in their hands; it was questionable if there had even been any child custody deprivation, which whatever way it was taken could only have involved a couple of hours if any.
  6. That Clive & his ex were actively engaged in custody and settlement issues in Court.
  7. That Clive had no criminal history or any history of violence what so ever that might in the slightest infer anything Deputy MacDonals suggested.

Ironically Clive had just filed a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO Opposite) seeking the courts protection from his ex-wife and her lover who had resumed making false police calls.  The Sheriffs naturally failed to obtain any warrant to enter Clive's private property.  Had the Sheriffs followed the law and obtained a warrant, they would have received a copy of the TRO Clive had just filed and the matter would have been forced to a peaceful resolution in court.

When Clive returned home unaware that a sheriff had followed him along his private road he arrived home to see a Sheriffs Patrol Car parked in his driveway.  Clive also saw a deputy who was some distance off the road half hidden in a bush.  The deputy was holding a large gun.  Clive expecting the sheriffs to act the same way they did during the first false calls his ex had made, chose to first put his children in their home and come out and show the sheriffs the TRO he had just filed.  While waiting for his garage door to open, the deputy ran down into Clive's driveway and tired to blow Clive's head off.  Had he hit is mark, Clive's children would have been sprayed with their father's blood. 

The deputy's first shot missed by inches, slamming into the door next to Clive's shoulder, he was about to take a second shot when the Sergeant in charge, Amy Christy, who must have realized that neighbors were watching, stopped him.  Had Clive stopped outside his gate where the sheriffs had set up the ambush, which was out of view of any neighbors, he most likely would not be here today to tell the story.

The sheriffs then closed Clive in his garage where Clive showed the Sheriffs the TRO he had just filed.  The Sheriffs took Clive's children out of the garage then assaulted Clive by drilling their knuckles into the nape of Clive's neck and cutting his wrist with handcuffs.  They then locked Clive in a patrol car parked just outside Clive's gate.  From the patrol car Clive saw Deputy MacDonald, the gunman, chasing William across his garden.  William wet his pants, Clive knows this because the sheriffs came to Clive demanding he give them the keys to his house so that they could get William dry pants.

Months after the incident the gunman, Deputy Michael MacDonald, came up with the new invention in a Preliminary Examination, that his pants had been torn by Clive's vehicle.  However, when asked if he had handed in his torn pants after the incident he said that he had not handed them in, he also did not know why he had not reported that his pants were torn in his police report or any time before the examination.  When asked where his torn pants were, MacDonald said that he did not know, he then said that he had given them to a friend. When asked if his friend would know where his pants were, MacDonald was sure his friend would not know where his torn pans were.

When the Sheriffs came to arrest Clive on the eve of the expiry of the Statute of Limitations, MacDonald rushed to the Court demanding that a no-bail warrant or a quarter of a million dollar bail warrant be set for Clive's arrest.

In MacDonald's police report he said that he shot at Clive because:  “I feared that if the door completely opened, Clive would drive into the garage with the children and then barricade himself in the house. I feared this would lead to either a hostage situation involving the children as the hostages or it might even lead to a homicide of the children and a suicide by Clive.” - What drove MacDonald to make this conclusion no one knows.  Perhaps it was the tweed jacket Mr. Boustred was wearing.  Or perhaps it was Mr. Boustred's nice home that lead MacDonald to believe that Mr. Boustred who has absolutely no criminal record nor any history of violence would want to blow his own head off and his kids head off.  Obviously MacDonald thought that was normal behavior to blow peoples heads off in front of their children (forgive the sarcasm).

Santa Cruz Sheriffs Do Not Deny Attempt To Murder Clive Boustred >>

Santa Cruz Superior Court Refuses to hear Temporary Restraining Order & Criminal Complaint: Mr. Boustred had in fact spent the morning of March 10, 2003 at the Santa Cruz Superior Court with his children preparing a Temporary Restraining Order and Verified Criminal Complaint against his ex-wife, Anamaria, and her lover, Mr. Boustred's former Personal Assistant Stefan Tichatschke, to prevent them from resuming making false police calls.  The day before, Anamaria had abandoned William, aged three, in the middle or a learner ski run in an attempt to setup a situation to make another false police call.  When Mr. Boustred went to rescue his son, Tichatschke, who was barred by Court Order form contact with the children, skied down and tried to start a fight with Mr. Boustred.  Mr. Boustred picked up his children, returned to Santa Cruz and spent the next morning in court preparing and filing the TRO.  It was on his way home that the cops shot at him.  The Santa Cruz Superior Court to this day refuses to hear the properly prepared and filed TRO Mr. Boustred filed hours before the Sheriffs shot at him and his children.

What followed the shooting incident is unfortunately typical of our U.S. government today.  Government officials banded together to maliciously prosecute Mr. Boustred so violently and outrageously so that Mr. Boustred and the terrible crime they committed against him and his children would be silenced.  There is a saying in Washington D.C.: "Forget the crime it is the cover up that causes the real damage".  Following the shooting Incident the government has filed false charge after false charge against Mr. Boustred, given him sham trials and repeatedly thrown him Mr. Boustred in jail, often without even any right to bail.  However, the most heinous and evil assault against Mr. Boustred was concocted by Santa Cruz Superior Court Judge Michael E. Barton.  Barton ordered that Mr. Boustred not communicate with his sons Richard and William for three years!  Of all the terrible crimes committed against Mr. Boustred the kidnap of his children by the state has been the most cruel and devastating.  The government took the children and handed them to the very person who lied to setup the police ambush and murder attempt and to Tichatschke who was barred by court order from contact with the children.



Coming soon.  What would you do if you thought the authorities who had just tried to murder you issued a warrant for your arrest?

Hear about Clive's next experiences.




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