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The Malicious Prosecution of Clive Boustred

Clive was forced to flee California after Judge Michael E. Barton, who is the primary defendant Clive’s lawsuit against California and the US, sentenced Clive to nine years in prison without a trial as Clive demanded the summary judgment he was entitled to against Barton and his co-criminals.
A summary of the situation:

Latest Assault on Clive -

There is a saying in Washington D.C.: "Forget the crime, it's the cover-up which causes the real damage".

If someone with a mission statement that reads: “To make the world a better place, showing respect for all creation, while operating with complete integrity, for it is in God we trust.”, someone who was actually making good on the mission, can be so viciously and maliciously treated by our government, then perhaps the only question remaining is when will it be your turn?

Chronicling the Malicious Prosecution of Clive Boustred following the attempted murder of Mr. Boustred by Santa Cruz Sheriffs:

After shooting at Clive and his children and missing, the sheriffs realized that neighbors were watching.  Next they closed Clive in his garage and assaulted him there after Clive showed the Sheriffs the TRO he had just filed.  What followed has been the ongoing malicious prosecution of Clive so as to silence Clive: 2 False Felonies; 9 False Misdemeanors; 7 False Cases; 4 False Arrests; 2 Sham Trials; around 100 or so Sham Hearings; 5 Months False Imprisonment:

As Clive learns to defend himself from false criminal charges, absurd Civil cases are filed against Clive.

  • Gate Crashers who intend to crash Clive's party and get in a fight before they get there sue Clive.
  • Twin Lakes Church Attack - Astonishingly, TLC who initiated the second false arrest of Clive on the eve of the 6th month anniversary of the sheriffs shooting at Clive, presumably, to prevent Clive from filing claims against the county, files a second case against Clive.  This time to prevent Clive from communicating with his children and any members of the Church.  The Church schedules the trial on Halloween.  They lost.

Opening Brief
This documents some of the sham trial Mr. Boustred was given showing where evidence proving his innocence is intentionally withheld from the jury by the judge, the prosecutor's malpractice and Mr. Boustred's testimony literally being struck from the record by the judge.  The judge who was a nationally renowned criminal, was rated as "not qualified" by California's Judicial Nominations Committee - regardless our courts allow such criminals to preside with criminal action and intent over cases.

Opening Brief

3rd Lawsuit filed against the State: Following the State's refusal to follow the law and pay out on Liberty For Life Chairman's first two lawsuits, Mr. Boustred and the companies he represents have filed a 3rd lawsuit to collect on the first two and to press charges that were not addressed in the first two suits.  Access the Lawsuit in Word Format here and HTLM here


NOTE: The extensive length the Government went to in order to maliciously prosecute Clive covers seven cases spread across California.  The amount of information available to expose the extraordinary criminal nature of the Sheriffs, District Attorneys, Judges and Commissioners fills fining cabinets of information.  Coupled with Clive's emotional and simple capacity limitations, the ability to keep this section up to date is tough to say the least.  Please forgive typing errors and missing sections, they will be completed as soon as they can.  Currently the government has locked up Clive's assets and has driven Clive into bankruptcy.

Forgive us the government's assaults on Clive have been so vicious and ongoing we simply can't keep these pages up to date!  Clearly the government especially the Santa Cruz New World Order government fears the truth getting out!

..."He ran up to the door of my car, aimed and fired.  The slug slammed into the door next to my shoulder.  Had he hit his mark, my head would have exploded and my little boys sprayed with a shower of their dad’s blood, brains and shattered skull. Considering that he missed, there was just as much a chance of the slug ripping apart my little boy’s bodies.  He raised his gun to take a second shot, I screamed “stop shooting, stop shooting” - Clive Boustred.

The Red Arrow indicates the location of Clive's vehicle at his home where the Santa Cruz Sheriffs tried to murder him.

At 14:42 Hours on March 10, 2003, from point blank range, Deputy Sheriff Michael Macdonald shot at Clive Boustred who sat unarmed, not threatening any one or anything in his car in the driveway of his home.  William aged three was sitting just behind his dad in the deputy's direct line of fire, Richard aged seven was two feet off the line of fire.

"The first question people ask in the U.S., is where did this happen?  I tell them that it happened at my home in Santa Cruz, California.  For those who have not had a brush with the system, a look of disbelief crosses their face." - Clive Boustred

However, what you will learn is that there is no denying by the authorities that they tried to blow Mr. Boustred's head off. The Sheriffs admitted in open court and in their police reports that they shot at Mr. Boustred and his children.   Perhaps they realized that they could not contradict the third party witnesses or the damage to the door of Mr. Boustred's vehicle where the round hit.  The next obvious question is why did they shoot?

Habeas - Note the government now refuses to allow Clive to even file any writ of Habeas Corpus.


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